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what types straightening brush

What Types Of Hair Straightening Brushes Are There?

Are you planning to buy a hair straightening brush but can’t figure out the best type for your hair? Well, that’s something most people go through, especially the first-time buyers. With so many brands and models in the market, it can be a bit tricky to select the best hairbrush straightener. Straightening brushes should be

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how to clean your hair straightening brush

How To Clean Your Hair Straightening Brush

Whether you are using a hair straightening brush at home or in a salon, you must learn how to keep it clean. Cleaning these hair tools is one of the general maintenance tips. By cleaning the brush, you make it work better, enhance its straightening efficiency, and improve its lifespan. But how you clean your

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should you buy a straightening brush or flat iron

Should You Buy A Straightening Brush Or Flat Iron?

When buying hair styling tools that use heat, you have two main options to select from – straightening brush and flat iron. But these tools do almost the same thing but vary in different ways. This means choosing one means that you forego the benefits the other offers. But which one should you choose between

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how to use straightening brush

Guide: How To Use A Hair Straightening Brush

If you would like to straighten your hair regularly and use the shortest time possible to do it with compromising the quality of your hair, you need a hair straightening brush. Unlike the typical brushes, these tools use heat to straighten your hair. You, therefore, need to know how to use them properly to avoid

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where to buy the best straightener

Where to Buy the Best Hair Straightener

There are so many different types of hair straighteners on the market that it can be challenging to choose one. In addition to different brands, there are various plates, different widths and plenty of features that all claim to do unique things. And all you really want is a simple hair straightener that won’t damage

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straighten your hair well

How to Straighten Your Hair

Many beauty enthusiasts dream of having sleek, perfectly straightened hair. Fortunately, you don’t need to go to a salon or spend an excessive amount of money to get the smooth, straight hair of your dreams. There are a few tips that you’ll want to keep in mind as you aim to make your hair flawlessly

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fix damaged hair

How to Fix and Prevent Heat Damaged Hair

We’ve all heard about the damage that heat does to hair, so much so that we buy heat protecting sprays before using blow dryers and curling irons. We’ve also all seen the results of fried hair, and we definitely want to avoid that happening to us. You may be wondering why heat damages hair and

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How to Get Rid of Grey Hair

This week in her A to Z of Beauty and Style, Jess S talks grey hair and miracle cures… and why there’s absolutely no point in worrying about either. Dealing With Grey Hair One of the more common and obvious signs that we are entering our mature age is the fact that for many of

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best flat iron hairstyles

8 Easy Flat Iron Hairstyles

One of the easiest ways to get the most out of your hair is by mixing up your look now and then using different flat iron hairstyles. If you primarily use your flat iron for straightening your hair, then there is a whole world of untapped potential at your fingertips in terms of styling options.

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beach waves hair

How to Get Beach Waves Hair with A Flat Iron Straightener

If you’re looking for a great style to spice up your hair for any occasion, beach waves are an excellent way to deviate from basic straightening or curling. Beach waves hair styles exude a carefree, fun-loving vibe which is sure to add a bit of flair to your look, whether it be for a night

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natural hair straightening method

Natural Hair Straightening Methods

Do your locks make you want to pull your hair out? We understand. As women, we spend a lot of time— and a fortune— trying to attain that perfect style. For women of colour, it’s even more problematic. Chemical treatments work, but they leave the strands dry and damaged. Besides which, chemical treatments are permanent.

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keep your hair straight overnight

Keep Your Hair Straight Overnight

You’ve straightened your hair, but now what? If you’ve taken the time to properly prepare your hair for straightening and do it in a way that gets you great results while still protecting the well-being of your hair, you know that it’s a time-consuming but worthwhile process. Then maintenance mode comes into play; you must

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curly or straight hair

What Makes Hair Curly or Straight?

There are many types of hair. Curly, straight, wavy, dry, frizzy, oily, or some combination of all. Everyone’s is different. But did you know that the biology of a hair follicle has a lot to do with the formation of your hair? These follicles shape the look of your hair during your entire life, and

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Hair 1

How to Curl Your Hair with a Flat Iron Straightener

Once you’ve bought yourself one of the top hair straightening tools, you may be surprised to find out how versatile it is to curl or straighten hair. Not only does it give you the straightest, glossiest hair you can get without going into the salon, you can also use it as a curler. While you

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Hair 2

5 Celebrity Hairstyles You Can Do With A Hair Straightener

So you want to wear the trending hairstyle? Well, we’ve got you covered. This guide has five celebrity you can do at home with a hair straightener.   If you want to wear the trending hairstyle, just look around to see what celebrities are wearing. They are constantly featuring flawless hairstyles that define the beauty

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Hair 3

9 Useful Tricks For Anyone Who Uses A Hair Straightener

You’ve been having problems with hair straightening? Read through this guide to learn 9 tricks for using a straightener.   Contrary to what some people believe, using a hair straightener requires some skills. Otherwise, you might end up messing up your hair or fail to get a sleek and chic look. That is why you

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Hair 4

7 Ways of Making Homemade Hair Straightener

You don’t need chemicals to straighten your hair. This handy guide will help you make homemade hair straighteners naturally.   Straight and shiny hair is what everyone wants. However, not all of us own this kind of hair naturally. That’s most people turns to chemicals products to straighten their hair. But the side effects using

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Hair 5

Top 10 Tips on How to Clean your Hair Straightener

How do you keep your hair straightener clean? Regardless of your hair type, a new hair straightener will do wonders in styling it. But after using it for a while, it will stop heating quickly as it used to as well as make a weird burning smell while using it. What most people may not

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