Our Favourite Eye Creams & Masks – Going for Gold Medal Beauty


As long as the coronavirus doesn’t ruin the party, We’re just under 5 months away from the Tokyo Olympics so I thought I’d do a bit of an eye check with you to see if your sufficiently stocked of eye cream, masks and concealer to make it through the long olympic nights!

  1. Under-eye bags bigger than my New York suitcase? Check.
  2. Red-rimmed eyes redder than after a long lunch that turns into a long night? Check.
  3. A general haggard-type appearance that comes from staying up too late to watch the heats of the swimming, only to set your alarm a couple of hours later for the finals? Check.

Answer “yes” to any one of the above and I would suggest you have The Fever. Olympic Fever.

Once The Fever sets in, it’s pointless to fight it.

Instead, arm yourself with these five eye products. They won’t cure The Fever but they will go a long way to disguising the symptoms. Don’t forget to try this list of best night creams for optimum effect. There’s nothing worse than rocking into work with puffy eyes.

Oh, and just quietly … the below suggestions come in very handy should you partake in one of the long-lunch-turns-into-a-long-night sessions I alluded to above. The fight against bags under your eyes is real and neverending!

While you’re sitting on the couch watching the world’s best athletes fight it out, scoffing down a glass of red wine and a block of chocolate, give your eyes a fighting chance by applying an eye mask. Look for soothing, cooling and calming formulas.

pretty woman wearing eye mask

Estee Lauder Stress Relief Eye Mask (Pack of 10) $65

I’ll always apply some sort of eye cream as part of my morning skincare routine in the vain hope that it will make a scrap of difference. Well, even if the wrinkles and dark circles persist, having a cool, soothing roll-on formula to apply to your under-eyes is the bomb. Don’t just do it first thing … keep applying all day.

NIVEA Visage Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Plus Eye Cream $18.97

Concealer has been my makeup best friend since giving birth for the first time 17 years ago. Well, not actually right from the moment of birth … but you know, that really ugly time afterwards when babies think that it’s super fun to wake every few hours during the night? Yes, that time. That’s when the dark circles moved in, set up camp and they’ve refused to budge since.

Napoleon Perdis The One Concealer (new) $36

Shhh, don’t tell concealers but illuminators are my second-best makeup friend and fast vying for best makeup friend status. Feel the top of your cheekbones, underneath your eye socket? That’s exactly where you want to paint a line of illuminator to brighten up your eyes when they feel anything but bright. Blend using your fingertips otherwise it will look like misplaced luminescent zinc cream.

Australis Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Brightener $11.95

This is a little makeup artistry trick that I don’t use everyday but pull out on-demand as required. By required, I mean whenever the rims of my eyes are looking like I’m a member of the Cullen family.  I find the white waterline pencils a little neon and too obvious on my eyes but a pencil with a pinkish tone works wonders to brighten things up without making me look like the toy doll I never had as a child. If your eyes are a little sensitive, it may tickle … you need to draw the pencil on top of the inside lid at the bottom. If you’re really tricky, pull out your top lid a little and draw inside that too.

Benefit Eye Bright Pencil $37

Check out all of these recommendations, and let me know what you think in the comments! Also check out more of our beauty recommendations.

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