Guide: How To Use A Hair Straightening Brush

how to use straightening brush

If you would like to straighten your hair regularly and use the shortest time possible to do it with compromising the quality of your hair, you need a hair straightening brush. Unlike the typical brushes, these tools use heat to straighten your hair. You, therefore, need to know how to use them properly to avoid damaging your hair.

Hairbrush straighteners are very simple to use once you perfect the straightening skills. You will not only produce salon level results but also save the time you use to straighten your hair. In this guide, we are taking you through the best steps on how to use a hair straightening brush to produce sleek, smooth and shiny hair.

Prepare Your Hair

The first and most important thing is to prepare your hair. Before you start with straightening, ensure that your hair is thoroughly cleaned. So, take a shower and use the recommended products for your hair type. There are many shampoos for your hair type to select from.

protect hair by spray

Washing hair before straightening helps to remove residues of hair styling products you used earlier. You will also be able to remove dust, dirt and debris that you could have collected since the last shower. It has also been proven that washing your hair before styling helps to make your hair stay fashionable for longer.

Protection is a Must

Once you have washed your hair, you need to wear heat protection. As mentioned earlier, a hairbrush straightener uses heat, and this means you need to protect your hair from heat damages. That’s why you should get the recommended heat protectant before using the brush. The heat protector could be in the form of spray, oil or serum. These products give your hair thermal strength to withstand the heat produced by the straightening brush.

The application of the heat protector must be done properly to protect your hair. For proper application, apply the protectant in your hands, if it’s oil or serum, and then use your fingers to spread it through your hair. For the sprays, apply it directly to the hair and used fingers to spread it in the hair. Make sure the ends are well applied with heat protectant as they are the most fragile.

Thoroughly Dry Your Hair

With the heat protectant applied, the next step is drying your hair. You cannot straighten a soaking wet hair since the hairbrush straightener temperature might damage it. There are two effective ways that you can dry your hair. One of the quickest methods is using the blow dryer. Set the blow dryer at medium speed and blow the hair out to dry it. Remember to attach a comb to the dryer to avoid detangling the hair when blow-drying.

young woman dry hair

If you have time or don’t have a blow dryer, wrap the hair with a towel for about 10 minutes. Wrap the hair with a microfiber towel and not cotton as the latter can cause hair breakage.

Section Up Your Hair

To ensure proper, fast and effective hair straightening, section up the hair. The number of sections that you make will depend on the type of hair. If you have a slightly curly or wavy hair, then you can have just a few sections. But if you have the thicker hair types, you will need to a larger number of sections for effective straightening.

The best way to section up your hair is by dividing it into three main section- right, left and back. Then you can have each of the three sub-divided into several sections depending on your hair type. This is a tip that will enable faster straightening of the hair faster.

Set the Right Temperature

With the hair dry and sectioned up, the next thing is getting the hairbrush straightener ready. Setting the tool’s temperature is the most important thing in this step. Depending on the brand and model of the straightening brush types you are using and the hair type, you need to get temperature settings right.

If you are using these brushes for the first, the ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ buttons provide the temperature control. If you have fragile hair, you need to work with the most minimal temperature and expand as you monitor the straightening. But for thicker, tangled and kinky hairs, you need a higher brush temperature for proper straighten.

Start Brushing

To do proper straightening of your hair, you need to brush systematically. Be guided by the sections that you made earlier. Hold the pack in one hand and place the straightener brush at the roots of the hair. The trick is to have little hair packs at a time for effective straightening.

woman use straightening brush

If you cannot see bristle tips through the hair pack, then you have a huge bunch of hair, and this will make the brushing ineffective. You should also brush through the hair at a medium speed to ensure proper heating of the hair. TIP: Starting from the back always work magic.

Set Your Style

Now that you have finished straightening all sections and the hair looks great, it’s time to set your hairstyle. But first, switch off the brush and give it a minute or two to cool down. Then set your favourite hairstyle or a style that compliments your outfit using the straightening brush. There are plenty of styles you can choose from.

After setting a new hairstyle, treat your hair with products that will ensure your style will stay for a longer time. Sometimes, there are heat protectant sprays that can also be used for hair treatment after styling.

Hold the Style Longer

Our last tip on how to use a hair straightening brush is holding your style for longer. Although hair straightening makes you look nice, it can also damage your hair if done daily. So, you need to find a way that you can maintain the style longer to keep healthy hair.

Beautiful hair woman healthy hairstyle

The best way is to avoid washing the hair every day but after several days. In case you notice that your hair is springing back without washing, just do a quick touch up at a lower temperature to maintain the style for longer.

These are the best tips on how to use a hair straightening brush. However, you need to use a quality brush for a better experience. Ceramic and ionic brushes with nylon bristles are the most recommend as they produce sleek, smooth and shiny hair. The nylon bristles do not hurt your scalp or break the hair.

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