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The Fashionistas of Australia

I still have no real idea how I ended up backstage at Sydney Fashion Week, but I was mesmerized by every minute of it. It had nothing to do with the clothes. Let me explain why the Fashion Folk completely stole the show when it came to my entertainment at this year’s premier National Celebration

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What Happened With Fashion

The change of season is upon our doorstep, and my Snuggie is being dusted off for evenings by the fire. I thought it might be apt to share a little research I have done lately to celebrate Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, which starts next week. So hitch up your britches ladies, and grab a notebook

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Packing For Style – Travel Fashion Tips

Worst part of going away? Packing. Worst part of being away? Finding you haven’t got anything you need but still have a full suitcase. Help, I either overpack or underpack. You travel a lot, tell me the tricks of your trade?  Dear Julie, Recently I arrived in a wet and chilly San Francisco to discover

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Hitting the Runway This Autumn

In a clear case of consumerism gone mad, at this point of the year, Autumn, we are bombarded with messages that we, as women, need to change up our wardrobe to reflect the new seasons. Not only are we expected to take stock of what we already own, but also we need to add to

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London’s Body Shaping Underwear

How do you steal a Londoner’s style? Begin with her secret weapon – body-shaping underwear, says Jenny Valentish in this extract from The Holiday Goddess Handbag Guide. “Perhaps inevitably in a city dedicated to Guinness and Cornish pasties, there is a huge (too huge) demand for magic knickers. And who can refuse a magic padded,

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What Is A Skort?

The year was 1987. Bob Hawke was our Prime Minister. It was the year Kylie Minogue released her first single, I Should Be So Lucky, and it was the year that Vietnam Vets were finally recognised for their service, albeit 15 years too late. And it was the year that I first clapped my eyes

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