How To Clean Your Hair Straightening Brush

how to clean your hair straightening brush

Whether you are using a hair straightening brush at home or in a salon, you must learn how to keep it clean. Cleaning these hair tools is one of the general maintenance tips. By cleaning the brush, you make it work better, enhance its straightening efficiency, and improve its lifespan.

But how you clean your hair straightening brush is the most important thing. For proper cleaning, you need to follow a process that guarantees your safety and that of the brush. In this guide, we have put together 7 steps that will enable you to clean your hairbrush straightener like a pro:

1. Remove Strands the Right Way

The first steps should be getting hair strands off the brush bristles. When the strands accumulate in the brush, they make it hard to straighten your hair since they absorb most of the heat. All the hair that breaks when straightening usually gets tangled between the bristles of your hairbrush straightener. Getting rid of these strands can be a bit tough, depending on the kind of hair it has been straightening. But you can make it easy by using the right tools.

Make sure that brush is unplugged and cooled. Then hold the brush in one hand firmly and pull up the strands carefully using a closed scissor or a rat tail comb. Make sure that you are avoiding breaking the bristles. Ensure that most of the strands have been removed before processing to the next stage.

2. Blow Dry the Brush

The second step is blow drying the straightening brush after you have removed most of the strands. Hair strands are not the only thing that sticks to the bristles. There are also dust, dirt, and build-up from hair styling products that may not be removed using the scissors and other tools. You can easily remove these things by blowing them away with your blow dryer. This step is very crucial, especially for a brush that has not been cleaned for a long time.

hair dryer

For you to blow dry your straightening brush properly, plug in your blow dryer and set it at medium speed. The mistake some people make is setting maximum speed. When the speed is too high, the blow dryer may generate a lot of heat, and this could damage the brush. With medium speed, you will give your straightening brush’s bristles a proper blow-dry that to remove build-up.

3. Use a Brush

Blow drying will not remove all debris and strands in the straightening brush. So, you need to find another more effective method to remove the small debris and dirt still attached to the plates and bristles. A brush that contains thin bristles is the best tool to handle this step. The thin bristles work perfectly in collecting most of the remaining hair strands and small debris in the brush. They are also harmless and will not cause scratching of the brush.

However, do not use a toothbrush for cleaning. Their bristles are usually hard, and they can cause scratches. If you have a pipe cleaner or dental floss, they have the perfect bristles for this cleaning. Ensure that you have all the spaces between bristles are cleaned thoroughly.

4. Clean With a Soft Cloth

The brush will remove most of the small strands and debris the blow dryer couldn’t. However, it will not remove most of the tough build-ups and residues of hair styling products on the brush. What you need to clean off such build-up and residue is a small, soft microfibre cloth. The cloth will remove most of the residue still stuck on the bristles and the plates.

Dampen the cloth in lukewarm water so that the small rise in temperature can melt dirt build-up and hair treatment residues. Then wipe the brush properly with the cloth. While wiping, you can keep dampening the soft microfibre cloth in warm water. This will help to maintain a temperature needed to melt build-ups and residues.

5. Use Wet Tissues with Cotton Buds

This step is necessary for the cleaning of the plates. What you need is a wet tissue and cotton bud to clean the plates. The cotton bud helps you to reach the plates through bristles, something that tools in previous steps couldn’t. The facial tissue enables you to scrub your plates without caused scratches.

wet tissue with cotton bud

Start with dampening the tissue in lukewarm water for a little while. The warm water helps to melt build-ups and residues still attached to the plates. Then wrap the wet tissue around a cotton bud and gently clean the spaces between the bristles. You should see the straightening brush plates start gaining their original form.

6. Use Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning solutions are simply chemicals that help to clean off the remaining build-ups and residues from hair styling products. Even with the use of brushes, wet clothes, and cotton buds, you cannot get rid of all the dirt on. However, you need to choose the cleaning solution carefully because some can damage your brush.

Mild cleaning solutions such as rubbing alcohol, liquid Castile soaps, and clarifying shampoos are recommended options. You only need to mix a drop or two drops of cleaning solution with lukewarm water. Then dip a cotton bud or small fibre cloth on the solution and wipe the brush. Do not use the cleaning solution frequently because it can damage the brush. Use it only when the brush has not been cleaned for a long time.

7. Let the Brush Dry

Now that you’re finished cleaning the straightening brush, you need to dry off the cleaning solution. You can use your blow dryer to dry it if you want to straighten hair with it immediately. But if not in a hurry, sun-dry it. If possible, don’t use the brush that day.

hair straightening brush

If your hair straightening brush has become ineffective because of the dirt, strands, and residues from hair styling products, use these steps to clean to restore it. By cleaning your brush regularly, you will find the process very simple, and you might avoid some steps, such as step 6, most of the time. Need more tips on using your straightening brush? See this article.

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