8 Easy Flat Iron Hairstyles

best flat iron hairstyles

One of the easiest ways to get the most out of your hair is by mixing up your look now and then using different flat iron hairstyles. If you primarily use your flat iron for straightening your hair, then there is a whole world of untapped potential at your fingertips in terms of styling options.

Whether you’re in search of flat iron hairstyles for medium hair, flat iron hairstyles for long hair, or even bob hair styling options, there are several different possibilities available for a wide variety of hair types.

Read on to discover new ways that you can get the most out of your flat iron by breaking the mould with straightener hairstyles that you may not have had a chance to try out yet.

Flat Iron Curls

A huge part of knowing how to style your hair with a straightener is being aware of what styling options are available to you. Of all the flat iron style choices, flat iron curls are one of the simplest and easiest ways to add a ton of personality to your hair in no time. The best part is that you don’t need a bunch of special tools or an expensive styling iron to get them; this look and more can be achieved by using a standard flat iron.

With a bit of practice, it becomes so easy to curl hair with a flat iron. See our guide on How to Curl Hair With A Flat Iron Straightener to learn more about how to flat iron your hair like a pro and get this look for yourself.

Flat Iron Hairstyles for Long Hair

women flat iron hairstyles

The classic full straightening — having sleek, flowing hair that has been perfectly straightened is timeless. This look can be used for medium-length hair as well, but there is something about having long hair that will allow you to take it to the next level.

Full curls — having a long head of hair full of bouncy curls is sure to garner attention. Twist and curl using your flat iron and be sure to add some holding product once you’re finished so that you can enjoy showing off your curls as long as possible.

Flat Iron Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Styling your bangs — if you love your bangs but you also like to mix things up on occasion, then knowing how to style long bangs with a straightener will make a big difference for you. By straightening and curling them, you can have them spring up and out of the way for a new look.

Flat iron waves — getting waves in your hair with a flat iron makes for a fun, carefree look that is sure to brighten your day. The technique for this one is more straightforward than it looks:

● Prepare your hair for straightening as you usually would

● Clamp a strand of hair and twist your wrist 180 degrees

● While continuing to hold the strand, work your way down

● Repeat while twisting your wrist the opposite direction

The result will be a head full of fun, bouncy waves. Try it out and see for yourself!

Flat Iron Hairstyles for Short Hair

There is also a wide range of choices for how to use a flat iron on very short hair. Here are a couple of favourite examples:

Framing — knowing how to style bangs with a flat iron can allow you to go for several fun looks like this. Choose smaller strands of hair that frame your face, twirl them between your fingers, and use your straightener on them in a sweeping motion as you work your way down. The result should be a stylish, curved frame of hair around your face for a cute, pixie-like look.

Smooth it out — keep the flat iron extremely close to your head (while being careful of the heat, of course) while smoothing over all sections of hair. This will give you a stylish, sleek look that is suitable for several different occasions.

Flat Iron Hairstyles for Black Hair

Full curls — this is a great look for black hair, and you can get it in a matter of minutes. After sectioning your hair, go strand by strand and twirl your hair around the flat iron while moving down. Repeat as necessary until you have a head full of lively curls.

Flipping at the end — using a larger flat iron, work down a strand of hair in the same manner that you would if you were straightening by normal means. Only at the very end should you then use your opposite hand to create a curve and flip out the end of the strand. In the end, you’ll have a head full of mostly straight hairstyling that ends with a playful flip.

Different Ways to Style Hair With A Flat Iron

woman curl hair

Here are a few of the most popular ways to style your hair with a flat iron. Regardless of length or thickness, you’re sure to be able to adapt these styles to work for you.

Perfectly Straight — Learning how to straighen your hair should be your starting point. This is the most popular style that you can achieve with a flat iron, and with good reason. It’s classic, timeless, and works for just about any occasion.

The Inward Bob — this one has a chic, flapperesque look to it which can work very well for short and medium-short hair. Work down each strand as if you would be straightening it normally, but gradually rotate your wrist inward as you get to the end. This creates a fun bob style that looks great.

Curling — you can achieve fantastic-looking curls simply by using your flat iron. As they say, it’s all in the wrist. After securing your hair, aim to grasp each strand close to the root and twist it around the flat iron. Make sure to do this quickly to prevent heat damage and work your way smoothly from the root to the end. For different-sized curls, experiment by using a larger or smaller flat iron to find the look that best suits you and your hair.

How To Crimp Hair With A Flat Iron

If you’re looking for a way to mix things up while still maintaining the fun essence of waves or curls, crimping is an excellent alternative.

According to Stylecraze, Using your straightener, grab hair close to the root and move your wrist in alternating directions as you pull the iron through the strand. This will give you a cute crimped look so that you can mix things up a bit without spending a lot of time on your hair.

Get Beach Waves with A Hair Straightener

If you’re looking to get lively, beachy straight iron waves, then you’ll be happy to hear that it’s quite a simple style to learn how to do for yourself. Waving hair with a flat iron is a trendy style choice, and we’ve prepared a guide on how to get beach waves hair just for you. Master this popular look and use it whenever you feel like changing up your style, whether for casual or professional situations.


woman straight hair

If you’re tired of straightening your hair all the time, remember that you don’t have to invest in a bunch of styling tools to get a different look on occasion. You now know just how much you can do with a flat iron, and that it’s an essential staple in your arsenal of hair care tools.

Get the most out of it by experimenting with these awesome styles that can be achieved with a bit of practice and a good-quality flat iron. Regardless of whether your hair is long, short, thick, thin, or anywhere in between, you can tweak these styles and inevitably find a few that will become new favourites for you.

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