9 Useful Tricks For Anyone Who Uses A Hair Straightener

You’ve been having problems with hair straightening? Read through this guide to learn 9 tricks for using a straightener.


Contrary to what some people believe, using a hair straightener requires some skills. Otherwise, you might end up messing up your hair or fail to get a sleek and chic look. That is why you need to learn a few tips and tricks about using a hair straightener.

In this handy guide, we are providing you with everything you need to know to straighten your hair correctly. These are tips that will equip you with skills to straighten your hair like a professional.

Here are 9 useful tips and tricks for anyone who uses a hair straightener.

1. Figure Out Best Size for Your Hair Type

The first thing should be figuring out which size of hair straightener works for you. You will find various sizes in the market, but you need to get the perfect one depending on your hair type. However, it is very easy to figure out which size works for you. If you have pixie cuts and bangs, ½ “flat iron is a perfect choice. For those with short and fine hair, 1” hair straightener is what you need.

If your hair is shoulder-length, medium-thick, you should buy a 1¼” hair straightener. For those with thick, curly hair longer than the shoulders and those with thick, very long hair, they should go for 1½” and 2” flat irons respectively. These are measures that will guide when buying a hair straightener.

2. Understand the Difference between different types of Straighteners

The material used for constructing plates is a crucial factor while buying hair straightener. There are three main types of materials used. Each of the material is unique, and your hair will react differently to each of them. That is why it is essential to understand the different types of hair straighteners while shopping.

Ceramic plate straighteners are very common due to their even distribution of heat, and they are unlikely to burn your hair. However, you must ensure that the plates are made fully out of ceramic. Avoid cheap options which come with a ceramic coating since they do not last for long.

The second option is titanium plates. They heat very fast and transfer heat to your skin faster than the ceramic ones. That is why they are popular with professional hair stylists. If used properly, you will never have a problem with damaged hair as a result of excess heat. However, you should never leave the plates on your hair for too long because they can cause damages because heat transfer is very high.

The third option is the tourmaline plate straightening iron. The plates are made out of crystallized mineral which is used to coat the plates of the hair straightener. The main reason why these flat irons are popular is that they make hair shinier, straightener and less frizzy than the other two.

So these are three things that you need to know before going shopping. Check the type of plates to get the right gadget.

3. Heat Settings

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is during the setting of their gadgets’ heat. Some set very high temperature and end up burning their hair. On the other hand, you can have too low settings that do not straighten your hair properly. The most important factor to consider is your hair type and the right heat for it. If you have no idea, please ask your hair stylist about the best heat set while using the straightener. But good practice is that you should never set you gadget heat any higher than 365°C.

4. Always Start With Applying Heat Protectant

Burning hair is one of the major challenges with people straightening at home. What most of them might not figure out is that they have been doing it wrong. You cannot put 365°C directly on your hair and expect it not to burn. That is why the first thing before clamping your hair in the flat iron should be applying heat protectant spray on the skin. The protectant spay creates a barrier between the flat iron and your hair to avoid dryness and burning as well as breakage.

5. How To Straighten Your Hair Properly

To straighten your hair correctly, you need to understand the various parts of it. There are two main parts- the side hair, and the crown/top. For the side hair, flat-iron it towards your shoulders onwards. But for the crown, straighten it up and towards the ceiling. That is how you get the volume. Always keep that in mind.

6. Combine A Straightening Comb And Flat Iron

If you are having problems straightening tough hair, then a comb is what you need. The comb is used to separate hair strands to make flat ironing much easier. You can start by combing all the hair, then start to straighten it. However, the two should be used at the same time. Pick a small section of your hair, run the comb first followed by the flat iron. Repeat the same process with other sections until you the whole head is covered and you will be impressed by the results.

7. Have Ear Covers To Avoid Burning Your Skin

If you are straightening your hair at home, you are likely to cause small accidents such as burning the ears. It is very common with starters. But you can avoid it by buying ear cover. These are special plastic covers that coves that are designed to fit protect the ear robe skin from burning.  Don’t forget to check the size while buying.

8. Make Curls with a straightener

Curls are some of the popular hairstyles even with celebrities. Do you know that you can make curls with your hair straightener? Well, it is not difficult. In fact, you can comfortably make them at home with just a flat iron. To curl your hair, clump a small section of the hair and rotate the iron and move down slowly. The speed and direction of rotation will determine the kind curl that you make.

9. Always Clean Your Hair Straightener

A new hair straightening iron works very well, but as time goes by, its performance will start reducing. In most cases, dirt and hair products’ build up on the plates is usually the main cause. That is why cleaning the gadget on a regular basis is highly recommended. The good news is that cleaning a flat iron is very simple. All you need is to rub it with some alcohol to clean the buildup off your plates.

These are 9 useful tips and tricks for anyone who uses a hair straightener. With these tips, you can more than just hair straightening. You can do different hairstyles and maintain your gadget in good order.

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