7 Ways of Making Homemade Hair Straightener

You don’t need chemicals to straighten your hair. This handy guide will help you make homemade hair straighteners naturally.


Straight and shiny hair is what everyone wants. However, not all of us own this kind of hair naturally. That’s most people turns to chemicals products to straighten their hair. But the side effects using chemicals to treat your hair can be harmful to your hair and skin. That’s why going for homemade hair straighteners is the smartest decision you can make.
The good news is that most of the natural homemade hair straighteners’ ingredients are readily available in our homes. In this guide, we have rounded up some of the most effective natural homemade hair straighteners. Read through it to learn how you can easily achieve straight and shiny hair without using chemicals:

Here are the 7 best homemade hair straighteners.

1. Hair Straightener Comprising of Yogurt, Banana and Olive Oil

You can never doubt a hair product with such healthy ingredients. It does not only straighten your hair but also makes it looks healthy and fresh. The natural protein in milk prevents the hair from drying. Banana, on the other hand, helps in hydrating the hair and keeping it healthy. Additionally, olive oil provides vitamin A and E which straighten the hair, strengthen it and also keeps it shiny.

  • Slice two overripe bananas and munch them.
  • And four tablespoons of olive oil and ½ a cup of yogurt to the munched bananas and mix them.
  • Apply the mixture on the scalp uniformly and let it remain for about 45 minutes.
  • Then wash and rinse it using a mild shampoo. For a great result, repeat this twice a week.

2. Hair Straightener with Lemon Juice and Coconut Milk

Coconut milk and lemon juice are extremely nourishing to the hair. The coconut milk offers antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties that function well in hair straightening. Lemon also works wonders on itchy and dry scalps while also getting rid of dandruff. That makes it a perfect hair straightener product that also nourishes your and scalp.


  • Acquire a cup of coconut milk, a teaspoon of olive oil and ¼ cup of lime and mix them.
  • Heat the mixture for a few minutes and then allow it to cool
  • Take the mix and massage it on your hair for a few minutes and then leave it for about 1 hour to work its magic.
  • Finally, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and rinse it.

3. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is known for its amazing properties on hair growth. It has a number of an enzyme that functions in smoothing the hair and making it have a soft texture. Experts advise on the use of aloe vera gel since it easily penetrates the hair strands and hydrates it. Aloe vera gel is also highly nutritious for the hair and the scalp.


You will require the following:

A ¼ cup of either coconut oil or olive oil and also a 1/4 cup of Aloe vera gel.

  • Gently heat the oil and add it to the aloe vera gel and mix thoroughly.
  • Apply the mix to your scalp uniformly and leave it for about 45 minutes.
  • Wash your hair with cool water and a mild shampoo
  • Repeat the method once in a week for a perfect

4. Whole Milk and Eggs

Proteins in eggs and milk are among the healthiest ingredients that you can use on your hair. However, you must ready yourself for a bit of foul smell when applying this solution. The smell will then disappear after you rinse it off and the outcome is incredibly great.


You need to half 1 cup of milk and 2 eggs.

  • Mix the milk and eggs and whip the mixture for about a minute
  • Wash or dip your hair in the mixture for about 10 minutes. It is at this stage that you have to bear the foul smell.
  • Squeeze the excess mixture off your hair and then tie it with a bun and cover it for about an hour.
  • Finally, wash it with a mild shampoo and rinse it.

5. Honey and Raw Milk

Another great homemade combination for making hair straightener involves honey and raw milk. While milk provides a variety of beneficial proteins and vitamins for the hair, honey is gold in emolliating. It seals moisture in hair hence keeping it moist and control frizzing.

Homemaking process:

You will require a ¼ cup of milk and 2 teaspoons of honey

  • Thoroughly mix the honey and milk for about 1 minute.
  • Properly apply the mixture onto your hair
  • Leave it for about 2 hours before rinsing with cool water and mild shampoo
  • For amazing result repeat the process once per week

6. Avocado and Banana

Another great mask for hair straightening. We all know the numerous benefits that avocado offers to the hair and scalp. Banana and avocado nourish the healthy through their rich content of healthy fats. They great for deep conditioning and produces amazing straight and shiny hair.


You will need 1 banana and half an avocado.

  • Mash the banana and avocado in a bowl to form a paste.
  • Apply the paste on the hair while massaging thoroughly
  • Allow it 1 hour before rinsing it off.

7. Hot Almond Oil

Hot almond oil is another effective homemade product for hair straightening. It contains a variety of vitamins such as vitamin A, B1, E and D which aid in healthy growth of hair. The oil also strengthens the hair strands hence preventing hair breakage. The process for homemaking of this hair straightener is as follows:

  • Acquire a half cup of almond oil
  • Pour the oil in a safe bowl and place it in a microwave. Heat it for about 10 seconds
  • Empty the hot oil into another bowl to avoid burning yourself and then apply the oil uniformly onto your scalp.
  • Perform a gentle massage on your head for about 10 minutes before allowing it to last 1 hour.
  • Finally, wash and rinse with a mild shampoo.

These are some of the best homemade hair straighteners. You can easily make them at home since ingredients are readily available. Try them, and you will be amazed by the result.

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