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GHD Original IV Professional Straightening Styler Review

GHD Original IV Professional Straightening Styler Review 1

Product Overview





For those who want a cheaper GHD hair straightener with the same quality manufacturing, the Original IV is a great option. It works well on thin or fine hair with loose curls. It can also help beginners move slowly into the world of hair styling tools.
  • Ceramic heater heats up quickly 
  • Sleep mode switches off after 30 minutes unused
  • Round barrel 
  • Salon professional quality 
  • 2.8m swivel cord 
  • 2-year warranty 

GHD Original IV Professional Straightening Styler Review

Sometimes you just have to get back to the basics. GHD has several newer products on the market, but they all started in the same place with the GHD Original IV styler. It’s among the best professional flat iron tools on the market, and you’ll soon see why. 

The IV flat iron is the original GHD straightener and the most affordable in the GHD lineup of styling tools. Despite the plain design, it comes in a variety of premium colors like several other GHD products, so you can choose one that suits your personality. 

The specifications are very similar to other GHD products in terms of the warranty, universal voltage, automatic shut off, and single temperature. It features basic technology according to today’s standards; however, when it first came out, it completely changed the game.  

The GHD Original IV is a great premium straightener for fine or short hair that’s not too frizzy or damaged. It’s also a great tool for beginners and works well as a premium straightener for teenagers to get their feet wet in hair styling without causing excess damage. 

Should you buy this GHD hair straightener? The GHD Original IV styler is a great value. Read about the ceramic heaters and curved plate edges to see if this a tool for you. 


  • Auto-Off Function
  • Ceramic Plates
  • Rounded/Curved Edges For Curling
  • Dual Voltage
  • 2-Year Warranty


  • No Temperature Control

Great Value and Quality From GHD

GHD hair straighteners (like this one) are not the cheapest on the market. However, for the quality you get and the long life span, they are a great value. This is the most affordable GHD straightener you can buy, and it offers fantastic performance on thin or slightly wavy hair.

As technology changes, you can be overwhelmed by the extra features, high heat, and other add ons that you may not need for your hair. The GHD Original IV offers stylers a basic tool at a great price.

With a couple of quick passes, you’ll be able to achieve completely straight hair or perfect curls. If you think about GHD straighteners in terms of cost per use rather than upfront cost, they offer the best value of any other brand you can buy.

girl curling hair of mom using hair iron

Round Barrel Helps Create Curls

The GHD Original IV is perfect for creating curls. It doesn’t feature some of the advanced technology that subsequent releases have, but it is a simple tool that’s easy to use if you want to curl or straighten your hair quickly.

The curved edges of the plates, as well as the rounded barrel, make it easy to create loose curls or flip your hair. With a consistent temperature setting of 185 degrees, you can easily manipulate thin hair in any way you like.

You can make fun flips, loose waves, or tight curls depending on how you maneuver the tool through your hair. The swivel cord makes it easy to turn the straightener in any way you need and then set it down when you’re not using it.

Ceramic Heaters Heat Up Quickly

GHD irons heat up really quickly, so you’ll waste no time getting your hair straight in the morning.

Once you flip the switch to turn the ceramic flat iron on, you will wait no more than about 20 seconds for it to reach its maximum temperature. This temperature setting makes it much easier to prevent damage to your hair because it doesn’t get as hot as some other straighteners.

With that being said, this ceramic hair straightener is best suited for people with thin hair or beginners because it only heats up to 185 degrees. A person with thick or excessively curly hair won’t be able to get much out of this iron because it will take quite a long time to straighten or curl. People with thick or curly hair need a bit of extra heat to penetrate the hair and change the curl pattern.

However, don’t let the low heat setting deter you from purchasing this quality straightener. It’s a fantastic product from GHD and is the best ceramic flat iron for thin or fine hair types. It also protects a teenager who is new to the world of straighteners from causing long-term damage to their hair.

2.8m Swivel Cord

Every GHD straightener is fastened to a swivel barrel, allowing the cord to rotate 360 degrees. This gives you the added flexibility of flicking your wrist or turning the straightener in any way you need to create those beautiful curls, without worrying about getting wrapped up in the cord.

No matter how you use the GHD Original IV, the cord will never be in the way. The swivel cord is also very convenient when you need to lay the straightener down on the counter for a moment or store it in tight spaces.

It also makes a convenient travel buddy. You won’t have to worry about kinking the cord when you shove it in the corner of your suitcase. Swivel it any way you need to make it fit in the tightest spaces for easy packing.

Auto Off Mode For Peace of Mind

Auto shut off flat irons give you peace of mind, so add that to the list of great things about the GHD Original IV. Having a quality flat iron with auto shut off means you don’t have to fret if you think you accidentally left it plugged in.

After 30 minutes of inactivity, this GHD hair straightener will turn off on its own so you won’t come back home to an emergency. Once again, this is another excellent feature that makes this a perfect beginner tool for teenagers or a convenient travel solution.

Travel-Friendly With Universal Voltage

GHD Original IV Professional Straightening Styler Review 2A dual voltage flat iron allows you to enjoy the same performance you get at home while traveling. Getting halfway across the world and realizing your styling tools don’t work like you thought they would is a huge disappointment. There’s nothing like wanting to look good and discovering you can’t. You wasted room in your suitcase for nothing.

The GHD Original IV is the best dual voltage flat iron because no matter where you go, you’ll get the same performance you get at home, as long as you have the correct adapter. You will never have to travel without your styling tools again.

Who is This Flat Iron Best For?

GHD is one of the top manufacturers of flat irons today, and as technology improves, GHD seems to lead the way in the production of quality hair straighteners that offer the best performance. They make premium products with high-quality materials, offering long-lasting performance for years to come.

The Original IV was the first GHD flat iron to hit the market. At the time, it featured advanced technology never seen before. It was nearly the best hair straightener you could get, and it put GHD on the map.

Since its release, flat iron technology has changed quite a bit, and there are certainly better GHD products out there now. However, this flat iron is still a fantastic tool for many people, and it comes at a great price. If you have mostly straight hair that needs touching up every morning, it’s definitely the right tool for you.

The GHD Original IV is also great for those with thin, slightly wavy hair. You can achieve a quick, easy straightened style with just a few quick passes through your hair. You can also flip or curl quickly.

Fine hair benefits the most from this hair straightener because it doesn’t get as hot as some of the more advanced stylers on the market, so you won’t accidentally damage hair that’s already very thin or fragile.

If you have a teenager who is just entering the world of hair products, this is a great solution for them, too. The minimal heat prevents them from damaging their hair until they have more experience. It also has an auto shut off feature to compensate for their forgetfulness.

At the price, it’s also the perfect tool for those who only straighten their hair every once in a while. At a lower heat setting, it may take a bit longer, but if you don’t mind, and you’re looking for a more affordable product, it’s a great option.

Editor's Verdict
4.25 – Ideal As A Quality Budget Straightener

GHD produces high-quality, professional hair straighteners so you can leave home in the morning feeling like you just walked out of the salon. The GHD Original IV is a high-quality flat iron that will last a long time.

For those who want a cheaper GHD hair straightener with the same quality manufacturing, the Original IV is a great option. It works well on thin or fine hair with loose curls. It can also help your beginner move slowly into the world of hair products.

Hair straightening technology has improved over the years, but for basic straightening and delightful curling, enjoy this excellent straightener at a great value. You can’t go wrong with GHD. It is one of the leading manufacturers of hair straighteners today.

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GHD Original IV Professional Straightening Styler