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17 July 2020

Best Hair Straightening Brush

Best Hair Straightening Brush 5

Jess Sanderson

Your Guide for this review today is our resident natural beauty editor Jess S.
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    Best Hair Straightening Brush

    By now you will have heard of the straightening brush. Whether it’s the ceramic hair straightening brush or the rounded hot air brush, it seems everyone is going crazy for these at the moment. That’s not surprising given their many advantages over flat irons, and their many uses.

    The best hair straightening brushes, as seen on TV and Youtube, doesn’t only straighten: it can also curl, and help protect your hair’s long term health. With so many options on the market and new products hitting the shelves, it’s no use reading out of date reviews and listings – you need the most up to date information to find the best hair brush straightener Australia has to offer you.

    Read on and we’ll give you all you need to find the best tool for you, with our buying guide and our top straightener brush reviews.

    Hair Straightening Brush Reviews

    1. ghd® Glide Hot Brush - Premium Choice

    Best Hair Straightening Brush 6
    Best Hair Straightening Brush 3

    The ghd Glide is our Premium Choice for a reason – hands down the best hair straightening brush of 2019, this thing of beauty nearly broke the internet on its release. With nothing yet challenging the Glide’s supremacy, this remains the best straightener brush in Australia, and possibly the world.

    If money is no obstacle then nothing quite touches the Glide for smoothing dry hair, nor deals with second-day hair as quickly and beautifully. Like all ghd products, the ghd hot brush is designed and built to the highest quality, for professional use. No other brush straightens as well, as fast, as the glide.

    With inbuilt ioniser and ceramic technology, the ghd glide straightening brush heats consistently to 185ºC, the perfect temperature to style quickly, whilst maintaining healthy-looking hair. High bristle density, and variable bristle lengths, allow you to style larger sections of hair at once, saving time and leaving your hair smooth and natural-looking.

    On top of all this, Ionic technology eliminates frizz as you straighten, meaning within a few strokes your hair is straight and frizz-free. If your budget allows it, we recommend the Glide for all round performance.


    • Ceramic Technology
    • In-built Ioniser
    • Variable Density Bristles
    • Optimum Styling Temperature
    • Automatic Sleep Mode


    • Most Expensive

    2. Dafni Original Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush - Editor's Pick

    Best Hair Straightening Brush 8
    dafni brush
    Our Editor’s pick is the original, and the best hair straightening brush of 2016 for anyone’s money. If the Dafni hair straightener brush reviews are to be reckoned with, many still believe Dafni’s ceramic straightening brush to be the benchmark. So it certainly deserves special mention here.

    Pioneering the idea of the straighten hair brush, the Dafni ceramic brush’s unique 3D ceramic surface design was one of the first to allow you to straighten your hair by simply brushing. This soon brought the Dafni hair straightener brush Australia-wide fame, and the appeal hasn’t faded. Slightly cheaper than the ghd, and the only real drawback vs the ghd is its looks. Still a great all rounder, the original and (nearly) the best.


    • Unique 3D Technology
    • Maintains Optimum Temperature
    • 50 Second Heat Up
    • Protects Scalp


    • Not As Stylish As Ghd

    3. Hairstyla Straightening Brush - Best Value Product

    Best Hair Straightening Brush 9
    Hairstyla Straightening Brush

    Looking for the best hot brush but working on a slightly tighter budget? The Hairstyla Straightening Brush could be the answer to your prayers. And without putting your style at risk – even compared with the ghd, the Hairstyla Straightening Brush reviews well.

    With no costs cut on performance, this hot hair brush features 16 heat settings, ranging from 80 degrees right up to 230. That makes the hair styler brush compatible with most hair types, meaning that this is suitable for nearly anyone. Considering how much cheaper it is than some of its rivals, the Hairstyla stacks up on nearly every front.
    Ionic technology is included, and coupled with sleek styling and very cute touches like the accessory pouches and stylish packaging, this is actually a great option whatever your budget. It also turns itself off after 60 minutes if you leave it out on the side, very useful if you tend to forget stuff like that!


    • Variable Temperature - 80-230 Degrees Celsius
    • 3d Ceramic Heat Technology
    • Smoothens And Removes Frizz
    • Ionic Technology
    • Salon-like Styling


    • Not Ideal For Very Thick Hair

    4. Dyson Airwrap Styler With Straightening Brush

    Dyson Airwrap Styler
    The Dyson Airwrap Styler is the cream of the crop when it comes to hair stylers, especially for hair prone to damage. What makes the Dyson Airwrap Styler stand out, in our opinion? Check out its efficient, powerful airflow and intelligent heat control for straightening. You won’t even need to dry your hair before styling or straightening, saving you precious time in those bleary mornings.
    With multiple attachments for straightening, blow-drying and curling, the smoothing brush attachment creates straight, smooth hair with a blow-dried result. Say goodbye to frizz and those dreaded static flyaways! Gentle on your scalp, the smoothing brush with negative ions helps reduce static electricity when it comes to your hair.
    Like all Dyson products, the Airwrap Styler comes at a premium price. For a styler that does absolutely everything, saves you time and protects your hair, we think it’s worth it. You’ll never need another styler or salon trip once you purchase the Dyson Airwrap. Now, you can get a salon-quality blow-dry at home and look your best every single day.


    • Curls, Waves And Smooths
    • Use On Damp Hair
    • 30mm Airwrap™ And 40mm Airwrap™ Barrels
    • Intelligent Heat Control
    • Powered By Dyson Digital Motor


    • Top Of The Price Range

    5. Silver Bullet Hybrid Ionic Ceramic Straightening Brush

    Silver Bullet Hybrid Ionic Ceramic
    Silver Bullet’s Hybrid Ionic Ceramic hair straightener brush might sound complicated, but it’s refreshingly easy to use. As above, essentially a flat brush that straightens hair with heat, it is of course packed with tech.
    This professional flat iron brush comes with a ceramic plate and separate ionic generator, meaning all static is removed as you straighten, resulting in frizz free hair. The adjustable temperature control ranges from 160-210°C and can be controlled on the nifty LCD display, and the heated bristles are designed with round tips which easily glide through your hair.

    In use, all this, combined with the inbuilt anti-frizz ionic technology, produce undeniably great results. The Silver Bullet ionic ceramic brush is perhaps not quite as fast as some of its top end rivals. However, at less than half the price of some its competitors, the Silver Bullet is still a tremendous option for those balancing budget with quality.


    • Ceramic Plate
    • Ionic Generator
    • LCD Digital Temperature Display
    • Adjustable Temperature Control – 160-210°C


    • Not The Fastest Straightener

    6. VS Sassoon Intelligent Sensor Hot Air Styler

    VS Sassoon Intelligent Sensor
    What if you have long wavy hair to control, and the ceramic plate brushes are either ineffective, or too pricey? There is a hair brush straightener for you. In fact, there’s a whole other breed of straightening brush, which owes as much to the curling brush as it does anything else, the rounded straightening brush. The VS Sassoon Intelligent Sensor Hot Air Styler can deal with the thickest and most unruly, combining ceramic bristles with hot air to effortlessly straighten and smooth your. And dry it at the same time!
    Incorporating hot air not only makes this a great hair brush straightener for longer, thicker hair. The VS Sassoon is also great for tangled hair. So, a detangler hair straightener brush and dryer, which is great for difficult hair, and at a reasonable price. And that’s not all: read our buying guide below to find out how to use a rounded electric straightening brush like this to curl too.


    • Even Flow Technology
    • Motorised Rotating Brush
    • Dries And Styles
    • Detangles And Adds Volume
    • Ionic Frizz Control


    • Not Ideal For Short Hair

    7. Silver Bullet Mini Hybrid Hot Air Brush


    Far more than just a brush that straightens hair with heat, the Silver Bullet Mini Hybrid Hot Air Brush uses a ceramic plate, alongside hot air and ionic tech, to produce great results in a lightweight travel size hot air brush. The Silver Bullet Mini Hybrid Hot Air Brush is rounded and produces hot air, so not just a hair straightener brush: like other hot air brush products, this also moonlights as a dryer, and a curler.

    Cheaper than many a flat iron brush and perfect for travel, for those with unruly hair who are on a budget, this “seen on tv” brush straightener is a great pick.


    • Ceramic Plate
    • Ionic Generator Technology
    • Adjustable Temperature
    • Lightweight
    • Perfect For Travel


    • Takes Longer To Straighten Due To Smaller Size

    8. Remington Keratin & Argan Oil Nourish Straightening Brush

    If your hair is particularly prone to damage then you might still be wary of using a straightener brush. Of course, there are hundreds of treatments and serums on the market which could help, but it would be even better if the brush itself could nourish while you straighten, right?
    If your hair is particularly prone to damage then you might still be wary of using a straightener brush. Of course, there are hundreds of treatments and serums on the market which could help, but it would be even better if the brush itself could nourish while you straighten, right?


    • Straightens And Nourishes Hair
    • 30 Second Heat Up
    • Variable Heat Settings From150-230C
    • Advanced Ceramic Technology
    • Even Heat Distribution


    • No Dedicated Ionic Anti-Frizz Tech

    9. Cabello Glow Straightening Brush

    cabello brush
    If you’re on a budget, the Cabello Glow packs all the features you’d expect from this style of brush, into a very affordable package. Although not quite as sleek looking as its rivals, it still features ceramic bristles and an LED temperature display, with a range of temperature settings to suit various types.
    The Cabello Glow also features super fast warming which is great if you’ve snoozed your alarm clock one time too many! All round, not as glamorous as some of the heavy hitters here, but if you only straighten once in a while or you’re just curious about this electric straightening comb thing you keep hearing about, you might not need the best straightener in Australia. But you could do much worse than invest in this sturdy little number.


    • LED Temperature Display
    • Adjustable Heat Settings
    • Ceramic Finish Massage Points
    • Anti-Scald Bristles
    • 360 Degree Anti-Wind Cable


    • Not As Sleek As Rivals

    10. Cabello Ionic Straightening Brush

    Cabello Ionic Straightening Brush
    The Cabello Ionic Brush is another great buy thanks to its affordability and no-frills design. With adjustable heat settings and suitability for any hair type, this product promises to straighten in seconds. The star feature is its ionic generator – your hair will be silkier and shinier after straightening! It’s also super portable thanks to its small size. If you’re deciding between Cabello Glow and Cabello Ionic, it’s worth forking out a little more for the ionic generator. Cheers to silkier, shinier straight hair!


    • Ionic Generator
    • 360 Degree Cable
    • Insulated Inner Sleeve
    • Adjustable Heat Switch (Up To 200°C)


    • Not The Best Looking

    Honorable Mentions

    We also reviewed some top hair straightener brushes that didn’t make it to our top 10 because they are hard to find. These popular products are past favorites and often discussed on forums!

    Instyler Straight Up Brush Comb

    Best Hair Straightening Brush 10
    Next up, the Instyler. Once again the in styler brush has all the tech you expect, with ceramic heated plates surrounding individual bristles which use negative ionic charge to section, smooth and straighten. And all at a very reasonable price.
    Users’ Instyler straight up reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, with many people lauding its great value and results. The only negative, it seems, is that it might not be as effective for those with very thick or curly hair. It is, however, especially good at removing frizz and works extra well on straight to wavy hair, so it seems the instyler straight up brush is the best option for those who don’t need anything too heavy duty to tame (and don’t want to break the bank).

    Babyliss Pro Rotating Hot Air Styler

    Babyliss Pro Rotating
    The Babyliss PRO Rotating Hot Air Styler is designed to give you total control over your hair, no matter how unruly. With rotating ceramic bristles, ionic technology and consistently tempered hot air, you can not only straighten: you can achieve a range of styles, and even curl. If you’re not going for a particular style, you can simply use the brush in place of a blow dryer to ensure you remain frizz free.
    Like many of its rounded counterparts, the Babyliss is not great for shorter and finer hair, but is Ideal for medium to long. WIth the addition of two way direction control, 2 temperature settings and epoxy tipped bristles for de-tangling and control, this is one of the best products on the market for controlling difficult hair.

    Types Of Electric Hair Straightening Brushes

    From the flat iron hair brush, the best paddle brushes about right to round brushes, we’ve already covered a dizzying array of options. And all you want is a brush that straightens your hair! Selecting the best hot brush straightener for you might seem like a complicated business, so along with our own hair straightener reviews, we’ve read what feels like all the other hair straightener reviews in Australia’s cyberspace, and put together this buying guide.
    So if you’re looking at a brush straightener and all you see is a flat iron with teeth, or wondering if it’s even possible that a hot brush that straightens hair actually exists, this is for you. Below is all the information you need to select the very best hot hair brush straightener for you.

    Ceramic Hair Straightening Brushes

    For years we’ve known that ceramic hair straighteners are the future, and the best way to straighten short curly hair fast. Used in flat irons (as well as dryers) and ceramic styling products, to reduce frizz and create a shiny, smooth finish, this same technology is applied to the ceramic hair straightening brush.
    The advantage of the ceramic brush is, as the bristles can be coated in the material too, the surface area is greater. This means more ions, which is always good, as we’ll get to in a second. This is absolutely perfect for curly hair and can straighten as quickly as in 30 seconds.
    wpma with straight hair

    Anti-Static Hair Straightening Brushes

    If you have frizzy or curly hair then you’ll know full well how problematic static can be, especially when you’ve set out for a smooth, sleek look. What’s the point of all that effort if it’s going to take on a life of its own anyway? How do you stop static hair after straightening?
    When deciding between a brush or iron straightener, it’s worth considering that the former has more anti-static tech built-in. Whether it’s ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium, the plates are all made from materials that reduce static, and therefore, the dreaded frizz.

    Ionic Hair Straightening Brushes

    We won’t bore you with the science at play too much, but the reason the ionic hair brush can reduce static is due to the ionic technology they utilise. We know you’ve seen that word before, so to give you a basic understanding: ions help the static charge in the air to dissipate naturally.
    Materials like ceramic used in ion hair brushes promote the flow of these particles, and so help remove static charge from both the air and your hair. In use, the straightener combs ions through the hair. That’s why you see this word in use so often in hair technology, because the ion straightening brush is among the best brushes for curly hair.

    Round Hair Straightening Brushes

    Slightly different to the usual style of hot iron brush, and also known as “barrel” or rotating hair brush straighteners, these have the added advantages of being able to detangle. They produce hot air as you use them, so they are sometimes called a hair brush dryer. The best straightener brush of this type can also curl, as well as straighten and add shine and volume. Adding hot air to your hair as they are rotated, they have a volumising effect which is especially good for those with fine hair.
    These are also good if you have long, wavy hair that’s hard to tame. With a little practice it is also possible to curl with round straighteners, meaning so if from time to time you like to go in the other direction and curl up, you can save yourself some money with a two in one straightener and curler.

    What Is The Best Hair Straightening Brush?

    When choosing a straightener brush, you really need to know which is the best straightening brush for your type of hair. We’ve touched on the best straightening brushes for different folks, which will work better for you depending on your hair type, and what you are trying to achieve. No amount of hot brush reviews will tell you what works for you as everyone is different.
    The best way to straighten short hair might be less effective for long wavy folks. One would respond best to a heated comb, and the other a rounded brush. If you want more than just straightening from your brush and want to curl as well, then that’s another factor to consider.
    If your hair is frizzy then you should look for a brush with a ceramic plate and ionic boosting technology first and foremost, so you can gently heat comb without causing damage. Short and curly will react best to a flat ceramic brush, but long thick hair might respond best to a round hairbrush straightener. Our reviews give you a great idea which products work best for different types and some products can straighten hair in 30 seconds, so be sure to check them out.
    Best Hair Straightening Brush 11

    Do Hair Straightening Brushes Really Work?

    Once known as the iron brush, or electric straightening comb, the as seen on tv hair brush straightener is famous for a reason: it really works. Unless the thousands of positive hot air brush reviews are all just hot air.
    When it’s the hot comb vs flat iron, there’s only one winner. The electric hair brush not only works, it’s easier to use than flat irons or tongs, meaning most people can get great results right away.
    This is because of how a straightening comb works compared to hot plates: rather than clamping the hair to a hot ceramic surface, the heated bristles are passed through which is not only much more gentle, but a very familiar movement.
    How well they work will depend to an extent on your hair type, but with such a range on the market there is something for everyone, and most people who find it difficult to straighten swear by a heated straightening brush. Definitely, if your hair suffers easily from heat damage they are a one-up on more standard methods, as it is exposed to less heat and more ions. And if your priority is to straighten your hair fast, you can save time over straightening tongs.

    Are Straightening Brushes Better Than Flat Irons?

    For those with dry or easily damaged hair then this is a definite yes. Straightening brushes are far gentler than flat irons. We’ve all seen the results of overusing them, but for years no one really knew how to straighten hair without a flat iron, and so we were stuck.

    Until the straightening brush came along, the situation was bleak. Or at least, curly. But if you were set on your look, how could you straighten hair without a heated straightening brush? Many of us bit the bullet, knowing we would regret it later.
    That’s why, when videos of electric hair straightening brushes started appearing a few years ago, interest was understandably huge. The idea of a brush iron, for use on hair more prone to heat damage, was an obvious winner. Manufacturers soon took note and as soon as they hit the shelves, consumers voted with their feet (or clicks). And it seems for many, the straightening brush is now the only way to go.

    How To Use Hair Straightening Brush

    Although this will vary slightly depending on your hair type, this is roughly the same if you’re using the brush on short hair, long hair, wavy or frizzy hair. For the best results, you should always wash your hair before using your straighteners. If you’re using them on the move this may not always be possible.
    If you can though, then make sure your hair is completely dry before you begin, if using a flat ceramic type hair straightening brush. After washing, apply some heat protecting serum to protect it. Section your hair out into manageable segments, and draw the straightening brush through the segments slowly. The segments need to be quite small, to make sure every individual strand is straightened.
    Draw the brush downwards slowly, but be careful not to linger in one spot or move too slowly as you can burn your hair. A smooth, steady motion with your heated straightening brush will do just fine. Keep sectioning and repeating until you are done. To avoid heat damage, start on the lowest possible heat settings and work up at first to find what works best for you.
    Best Hair Straightening Brush 12

    How To Curl Hair With A Straightening Brush

    To use a round hot air styling brush to curl your hair, you need not repeat all of the steps above, up to where you are separating your hair into sections. You can use it to dry as you curl. The only difference is you might want to apply some volumising serum to your hair before you begin.
    Brush each section of hair first, and then curl around the hair straightening brush. Beginning near the roots, work outwards towards the tips, slowly turning the brush inwards. When you reach the end, take the next section and repeat.

    How To Clean Hair Straightening Brush

    As the brush is heated, you certainly don’t want old product coating the bristles on your brush. Luckily they are super easy to clean and maintain. Always clean when cool and unplugged from the mains. After you’ve removed any hair that may have become tangled, simply use a damp cloth to remove any residue between the bristles and leave to dry.

    Where Can I Buy A Hair Straightening Brush?

    Hair straightening brushes are a great way of keeping your locks in check, especially for those with dry or damaged hair. Cheap, easy to use and clean, and safer for you too. Whatever your type, there is something that will suit your particular needs, so you can save time and protect your hair’s health. If you’re looking to buy a hair straightening brush, be sure to check out our full range, and reviews, to find the best hair straightening brushes for you.
    Best Hair Straightening Brush 5

    Jess Sanderson

    Your Guide for this review today is our resident natural beauty editor Jess S.