I’ve just come back from a week of very hot, humid, tropical weather to more of the same in my own beachside ‘hood.

I always struggle in this kind of weather and swing between dropping any pretence of grooming and style, to pulling up my hypothetical socks and just getting on with it.

I think the swing is ok. And I also think it’s totally okay to drop the ball all together.
But (there’s always a but). If you have to go out and present yourself in some way to the big wide world, it helps to have some beauty tricks up your sleeve.

Here’s a glimpse of my hair beauty tricks I call on during such extreme weather conditions.


It is a rare person indeed whose hair does not start to frizz at the mere thought of a humid day. If that is you, I do not want to know you and your perfect hair. For the rest of us, come join me at the battlefront.

I can’t say that I ever win the battle but I do give the war a damn good go.

Unless I’m getting my hair done at the salon, I rarely wear it down at this time of year. No air-con at home makes for a very sticky bathroom experience at the best of times, let alone standing there for 15 minutes blow-drying, followed by another 15 ironing.

Should I subject myself and my hair to such summer absurdities, I end up standing in a pool of sweat, dripping from places no lady should have sweat dripping from.

Every summer I say to myself I will get creative at doing different up-dos. Truly, I need to give up such lofty ideals and just buy cute hair ties for my every day pony or low-knot (I know every sweet young thing out there loves a top knot but have you tried to put a hat on your head while one is in place? Yep, it’s not pretty).

On our holiday we were in and out of the pool the entire week. Don’t hate me. We had our own pool and good supply of duty free gin – I wasn’t moving unless absolutely necessarily.

And I’ll let you in on a little secret … I don’t think my hair actually dried out until I got home. I’m good and lazy like that.

Here’s what I had on high hair rotation:


1. Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash ($32.95)

I have a lot of hair. And when that hair gets wet, it’s not pretty when it comes to getting a comb or brush through it. The rounded bristles just glide through my hair. Easy to clean out the hair afterwards and simply stand it up on the sink to dry. No more tears. You can find stockists here.

2. Kerastase Aqua Seal ($44)

My hair stylist thrust this product in my hand the day before I flew to Bali. Bless her cotton socks and know-how. You put it on to dry hair BEFORE stepping into a pool or the ocean. It coats your hair and protects that sizeable investment you make on a regular basis to keep your hair looking “natural” in colour and texture. You can find stockists here.

3. O&M Frizzy Logic ($31.95)

Just the smell of this hair serum will transport you to a tropical island but the good news is that while you’re there it will help you fight the frizz thanks to certified organic cold-pressed Australian Argan Oil and Evening Primrose Oil. Stockist here.

4. O&M Original Detox Shampoo ($29.95)

Hair can take a bit of a battering over summer from salt water and chlorine – AND all the products you put in your hair to prevent damage from said salt water and chlorine. You need a detox or clarifying shampoo to bring your hair and scalp back to ground zero. This is my fave. I actually use it all year round as it helps keep my angry psoriasis scalp in some kind of check. You can find stockists here.


How does your hair hold up in the humidity? What lazy-girl tricks do you employ?




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*Nikki Parkinson was never allowed a Barbie doll as a child. Her politically correct mum thought Lego and Tonka trucks were more fitting. Now the Queensland-based blogger advises women what to wear and put on their face for a living. The former journo and magazine editor manages an award-winning blog Styling You – offering real world fashion and beauty advice for busy women. Don’t tell anyone but she’s secretly a closet dag who likes nothing more than relaxing at home with her family… but open a champagne bottle and she can have her heels on and hair done in minutes. You can follow Nikki on Twitter @stylingyou and Facebook.


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  • Reply January 31, 2013


    I have naturally curly hair and had all but given up on taming the frizz until I found marrocan oil curling creme! Love it and it loves my curls!

    • Reply January 31, 2013

      Nikki @ Styling You

      Good to know!

  • Reply January 31, 2013


    I go on holidays in two weeks and I think I now need ALL these products!!

    • Reply January 31, 2013

      Nikki @ Styling You

      Oh, happy holidays!

  • Reply January 31, 2013


    As a retiree, my budget doesn’t run to $44 for the Aquaseal and as a regular lap swimmer with coloured, naturally curly/frizzy hair, I’d be interested to know if anyone has any cheaper alternatives to protecting my hair from the ravages of chlorine (especially the bits that escape from around the edges of the cap). Someone suggested putting conditioner before the cap. Any suggestions?

    • Reply January 31, 2013

      Nikki @ Styling You

      If you wet your hair first, then add conditioner and then your cap, that will definitely help. Wetting the hair first means that it’s less likely to absorb the chlorinated water because the hair cuticle is already saturated.

  • Reply January 31, 2013

    Lisa Mckenzie

    No you don’t have to hate me Nikki,i have naturally curly hair that frizzes in the humity and when it is raining,I have found Morracanoil to be a help ,but not when it is too damp or humid,I love the eco store shampoo and conditioners and also like Matrix Biolage thermal active repair serum,for when I am going for a swim or need a bit of extra conditioning.I am also going to try John Friedas smooth start frizz free shampoo ,that is my next one to use and see how it goes.I will let you know if it any good,today I am rocking a high pony cause I am cleaning the house and always get sweaty when vaccuming.

  • Reply January 31, 2013

    Nikki @ Styling You

    Thanks for your hair tips, Lisa.

  • Reply January 31, 2013

    Aeron Winters

    I have a similar type of pain free de-tangling brush for thick hair from Michael Mercier (I got mine at Priceline for about $20). I have recently had the opportunity to to trial an absolutely brilliant multi-use product that has tamed my wild summer hair and repaired it in the process. It’s called Extraordinary Oil from L’Oreal Paris Elvive. I use it mostly as a leave in because it smooths my hair, relaxes my frizzy curls and makes it shine…and it doesn’t make it oily at all (Moroccan Oil always migrated to my scalp by the second day). It also works great to protect your hair from the chlorine or salt water (I tried that too) and helps with protection from heat styling if you want as well. The best part though is that it only costs $20 at the supermarket and the 100ml bottle is going to last me months. Now I only need the one product and I’m good to go all summer. It’s made from 6 flower oils so it smells divine too. I was at the hairdressers for a cut last week and she could not believe the difference in my hair…no more frizz.

    • Reply January 31, 2013

      Nikki @ Styling You

      Brilliant – thanks for sharing what works for you!

  • Reply January 31, 2013


    To get clean squeeky hair, removing all the chlorine and built up chemicals add a tablespoon of bicarb soda to your shampoo, mix and then apply like a normal shampoo. ( it is also good for baby’s cradle cap) .

    • Reply January 31, 2013

      Nikki @ Styling You

      Not so good for my dodgy scalp unfortunately!

  • Reply January 31, 2013


    I have fine, shoulder-length curly hair. I gave up on wasting money trying commercial products that just don’t work for me. So I simply take a little coconut oil, rub it in my palms, and then scrunch it into my curls. Smells wicked and works a treat in combatting the dreaded frizz!

    • Reply January 31, 2013

      Nikki @ Styling You

      Coconut oil is the new black, that’s for sure DJ

  • Reply February 3, 2013


    If you dont have the time (or funds) for a regular anti-frizz regime, take Nikki’s tip about the creative up-do! Sweep your locks into a chic french roll and secure it with a stylish African hair-comb from These combs are fabulous for holding thick unruly hair and are so comfortable you can sleep in them. (Dont be tempted by cheap imitations – the combs from zawahdee are the best) My long, thick hair lives in these combs all summer long, with creative styles suitable for work or play.

  • Reply February 28, 2013


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  • […] Hair Tricks for Extreme Weather […]

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