Hitting the Runway This Autumn

In a clear case of consumerism gone mad, at this point of the year, Autumn, we are bombarded with messages that we, as women, need to change up our wardrobe to reflect the new seasons. Not only are we expected to take stock of what we already own, but also we need to add to it in a most considered way.

I thought I would de-code a few fashion buzzwords, and help you navigate what they say is the AW14 Collections.

And what does AW14 mean? Well, it does not mean AHHH WONDERFUL A SIZE 14! Simply put, it heralds the arrival of designers’ Autumn Winter Collections of the year 2014. SS14 would be the Summer/Spring collections. Are we confused yet? But it’s with great pleasure that I have discovered many designers adding up to an 18 in their range, because guess what?

Chunky ladies like nice things too, and are willing to exchange money for goods. Who knew? Let’s scoot around some of our Australian Designers and see what has inspired them for AW14.

chick-afriqueJayson Brunsdon, I love you! His collection is called CHIC AFRIQUE, a marvellous play on the word. Afrique is the way Africa is pronounced if your are French, a nation who are known to be very chic. What struck me about his collection was the emphasis he has placed on the humble track pant. This made me love him even more.

So I went investigating, only to find these trackies will set me back $349.00, a cost I cannot justify for essentially wearing my pyjamas in public.

The design team at Manning Cartell has released their range called The Art Of Assemblage. They describe their collection as Feminine/Masculine. I describe my reaction to that as Dazed/Confused.

“Sophrosyne” is a Greek philosophical term etymologically meaning “healthy-mindedness and from there self-control or moderation guided by knowledge and balance.” And according the to the label Morrison, it also means relaxed, minimal and layering.

I had a scoot around the retails offerings recently, and came out empty handed and despondent, because everything in the shops was grey, although it can also be labeled ash, charcoal, slate, light, dark, steel and pewter, all which makes my mood go… well, grey, I suppose. Over time these trends will filter down and trickle into cheaper versions of the designer’s original vision, and into the bargain chain stores.

But they don’t care because it is at that time they are finishing up what they would like us to wear at Christmas. It is called the Fashion Cycle, like the menstrual cycle, and equally as moody, one would suspect.

And in case you are interested, SS15 is all about the pastel. Think Miami Vice working in the local florist. That is the look we are striving for.

Something else I noticed was that the Homewear retailers have jumped on the trend of bringing out collections to match the seasons. When did THAT happen? Unsurprisingly, the Homewear trend of AW14 is… Moody Grey.


Furniture giant Freedom has leapt onto the bandwagon, and also includes a Mixed Metal element in their range.

“Breeze into Autumn with the latest looks for your living space this season.”

I suspect what homewear shops want you to do is to store away all of the colorful summer crap that you shelled out for six months ago, and replace it with some rustic, grey scatter cushions and a sheepskin rug. The reality of my place is that I dust off an ancient set of flannie sheets and hunt down the hot water bottles and VOILA! My version of AW14. Timeless, classic and practical, if not a little pilly.

But for all my fashion loving Hooplarians, I have got some practical advice for those of you who update your wardrobe seasonally. Fresh from the Paris AW14 runway, I give you the top 10 trends happening RIGHT NOW. You may want to grab a dictionary…

1. Gloves – things that go on your hands
2. Leopard Print – does it ever go out of style?
3. Pharrell Hats – stupid looking big hats.
4. Teenaged Angst Sleeves – sleeves that cover your hands, fingers and beyond
5. Zips – a device used to bring together fabric
6. Corsages – what your Formal date gave you awkwardly
7. Shearling – furry stuff from sheep
8. Fringing – scraps of fabric that dangle down
9. Supermarket Chic – leggings and trainers with an expensive parka
10. Belts – a device to keep one’s pants up.

Which trend will you adopt this season? Do you “dress” your home according to the weather?

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