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Remington Keratin Straightening Brush Review

remington keratin straightening brush review

Product Overview





If you have hair that’s prone to heat damage, and you’ve ever used flat tongs or a straightening comb, you’ll know that as great as these tools are, overuse can come at a price. Just like when using tongs or an electric straightening comb, there is still a real risk of harming extra sensitive hair.

Enter the Remington straightening brush. This as seen on tv hair brush straightener incorporates the healing powers of Keratin, with the aim of producing affects akin to straightening hair without heat used at all. So how does this hot air brush review vs others that don’t contain Keratin, and can the claims really be true?

How it works

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There are many ionic hair brushes on the market, and the heated ceramic hair brush, although relatively new, is so successful that it’s hard to pick apart what’s effective and what just claims to be.

The Remington however truly is a ceramic brush with a difference, building in the healing powers of keratin and almond oil to not only straighten your hair at low heat, but add an additional layer of protection via the keratin and almond oil infused plates and bristles. Keratin is known to not only boost hair health but reduce frizz too, so an ionic hair brush with this built in is, in theory, a godsend for those with ultra frizzy hair.


  • Wide Titanium Plates
  • Rounded/Curved Edges For Curling
  • Ion Boost Technology
  • Temperature Control
  • Dual Ceramic Heating System
  • Reduces Damage, Hair Is Healthier
  • Affordable (Below $200)
  • 4-Year Warranty


  • No Auto-Off Function
  • Single Voltage - 110 Only, Needs Converter For Travel

Keratin and Almond Oil

remington straightening brush

Keratin is a protein naturally present in hair, skin, and nails, but it can also be found all over your body. The reason keratin is prevalent in parts of the body that are exposed to outside conditions, is that Keratin proteins are less prone to scratching or tearing than other cell types.

Luckily, Keratin isn’t unique to human biology and can be found in the feathers, horns, and wool of different animals. Keratin is the building block used to make many of our outer body parts, including hair, so it makes sense that scientists believe keratin to supplement and treat hair effectively.

Almond oil, an emollient, in theory can fill in gaps in your hair at a cellular level, helping smooth and remove kinks. Used as a balm or supplement, it is known to give a softer texture over time.

But can these treatments be effective when infused into a brush as it is in the Remington? Well, there’s only one way to find out. We tried it on all hair types to see the results for ourselves.

Remington Straightening Brush Review

review remington keratin straightening brush

So, the Remington immediately distinguishes itself from other products like the instyler straight up on paper. No other brush seems to be conceived with protecting hair in mind, and so we expect the Remington to be good on especially sensitive hair. But that’s not all: the same principles should make the Remington as good with hair that’s especially hard to tame, without too much loss of shine or volume.

Unlike some, the Remington opts for less control and instead offers three settings, on par with most hot air brush dryers, interestingly enough. With the heat settings ranging from 150°C – 230°C, this does cover most hair types, but we would worry that there’s maybe not enough flexibility for those with especially difficult hair.

So, with all of this in mind, does it actually work? And how does the Remington straightening brush review when used on different hair types?


Remington Keratin Straightening Brush Review 1
The addition of Keratin and Almond OIl make the Remington especially good straighteners for curly hair, as they offer an additional level of both protection and anti frizz. This means that even if your hair needs a little extra work to get it straight, it’s being looked after the whole time. So, perhaps not the optimum way to straighten curly hair fast, but this heating brush will make sure your hair is still looking great when you’re done, and will outpace any tongs or flat irons.


As above, whether or not this makes the best hair brush for thick hair depends on how easily your hair damages. If you want something that’s extra smoothing and protects your hair as you work, it’s a great choice.


The Remington, like most straightening brushes, excels with short hair, and again is especially good for hair prone to damage. If you find straightening short hair can lead to extra dry brittle hair, this is the best hot air brush for short hair that damages very easily, and so well worth a look.


remington brush review
Not the quickest, or perhaps the easiest to use, but definitely up there with the best hot air brush for fine hair if yours is prone to heat damage. The Keratin and Almond Oil really does seem to add an additional layer of protection and fine hair is left looking healthy and with it’s natural volume preserved.


Looking for the best brush for frizzy hair, but worried about hair damage? Keratin repairs breaks in cells and is central to binding and strengthening bonds, so it makes a lot of sense that the best hairbrush for frizzy hair would contain it. Prevents frizz while protecting your hairs natural cell structure, which promotes long term hair health.


Combined with the other tech, the additional infused elements mean that when using this straightening brush natural hair is easily achieved. The Remington might not straighten as completely as other brushes, but the shine and overall look is excellent, and totally natural looking.


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Editor's Verdict

4.4 – Extra Heat Protection For Hair Prone To Damage

The Remington Hair Straightener brush offers something the others don’t, an extra layer of protection. For many who have struggled with flat irons in the past, the idea of the
Remington conditioner brush, infused with both Keratin and Almond Oil, is very appealing. Although it won’t straighten as fast as some of the other brushes we’ve featured, it’s extra healing and defrizz properties mean this is a great choice for those with especially sensitive or difficult to control hair.

remington keratin straightening brush review

Remington Keratin Straightening Brush