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Hairstyla Straightening Brush Review

Hairstyla Straightening Brush

Product Overview





At half the price of some of its competitors, and with customers raving about its effectiveness, the Hairstyla Straightening Brush rivals its competitors on price and performance. This brush flat iron combo uses the same tech and theory as its counterparts, but manages to beat most of the others on price.

By now we’re probably all familiar with the concept of the straightening hairbrush, our savior having toiled with flat irons and claims of combs that straighten hair in vain. Finally, a product that can straighten hair without damage in a fraction of the time.

But why should you choose the Hairstyla hot hair brush? What separates it from any other ceramic hair brush which claims the same things? To save you reading endless Hairstyla hair straightening brush reviews, we’ve not only done that for you, but we’ve thoroughly road tested the brush on all hair types, so you can work out if this is, as it claims to be, the best hair styler brush for you.


  • Variable Temperature - 80-230 Degrees Celsius
  • 3d Ceramic Heat Technology
  • Smoothens And Removes Frizz
  • Ionic Technology
  • Salon-like Styling


  • Not Ideal For Very Thick Hair

How it works

The Hairstyla is a ‘traditional’ flat paddle hair straightener, if you will. All the tech and science you expect is present: using the same type of ceramic hair straightener plates under the bristles, this ion hair brush is fitted with its own generator to help your hair stay both static and frizz free.

Which pretty much means that the Hairstyla works in the same way as the majority of paddle shaped straighteners. So far then, it’s probably hard to differentiate this from any other brush that straightens hair’s reviews.

Hairstyla brush
Of course though, even with the same technology, there are subtle differences that are apparent from brand to brand and model to model. The original straightening brushes had a set temperature of 185°, whereas the Hairstyla features 15 different settings.
The Hairstyla claims to be able to perform the same job as more expensive ceramic brushes at a fraction of the price. Hairstyla ceramic straightening brush review sites are overflowing with customers who testify to this, but of course, we needed to put these claims to the test.

Product Review

First Impressions

So, first off here’s a few features that stand out. Number one is looks – The Hairstyla is gorgeous, and the packaging is spot on. The addition of a travel bag is a nice touch, as the Hairstyla should be very useful on the road.
hairstyla brush
The temperature settings on the Hairstyla mini straightening brush range from 80-230°C, giving the Hairstyla the widest temperature range of all the brushes we’ve reviewed here. And why is that important? Well, lower temperatures will be a lot more forgiving with fine or easily heat damaged hair, which theoretically means that the Hairstyla should be able to straighten the most delicate of hair. And higher temperatures mean it should be able to cope with unruly, wavy-er, or thicker hair types as well.
With 15 different modes, it seems on paper that flexibility is one of the key selling points of this brush, and Hairstyla ceramic straightening brush reviews do seem to reflect this, with people with all hair types extolling the virtues of this brush. Of course, it’s an ionic hair brush to boot, so it should deal with frizz and static effectively too.
That’s all well and good, but how well does it actually work? In use, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that the majority of the claims made online were true. We found however it worked better on some hair types than others. Here are the results of our tests:


The Hairstyla is one of the best hair straightening tools for fine hair. Ceramic plates and ionic technology, combined with super low temperatures, mean this is perfect to control and protect fine, and often easily damaged hair.
But that’s not why it’s so good for fine hair. Unlike some brushes, and especially flat irons, it retains the hair’s natural volume, meaning those with fine hair can straighten without devolumising and flattening their air. If your hair tends to look limp after straightening, this could well be the tool for you!
black long hair


Works excellently on short hair, as well as any comb straightener, and effectively removes the need for a dedicated hot air brush for short hair. If you want sleek, smooth results, in a fraction of the time you would need for a round hot air brush or flat irons, the Hairstyla is a great (and affordable) option.


Finding the best round brush for thick hair is easy, but doesn’t necessarily save time. For many though, it seems like the only option. A common gripe in heated brushes reviews is that many brush straighteners don’t have the heat range to deal with thicker hair. This is understandable as the heated brush was developed with more easily damaged hair in mind, but those with thicker hair should find an ally in the Hairstyla. Higher temperatures not only reduce the styling time for their hair, but make it much easier to control.


Hairstyla makes good straighteners for curly hair, and are up there with the best hot brushes, especially given the huge temperature range available. As the brush head is so large, you can straighten a large section of hair at once, so those with very curly hair that takes some effort might find you can save time with this.
If your hair is especially thick and curly, you may not achieve perfectly straight hair, but if you want to control and reduce curls and frizz quickly, this is perfect.
Hairstyla Straightening Brush Review 1


Although probably not the 100% the best hairbrush for frizzy hair, at such an affordable price this really does do the job on low to medium frizz, and with a little extra work will combat the frizziest of frizz.


For those with fine or easily damaged hair, with a straightening brush natural hair can be hard to achieve. The Hairstyla incorporates super low heat settings, meaning that natural looks are easier to achieve. Low heats don’t devolumise hair in the way hotter brushes and tongs might.

hairstyla in a box

Editor's Verdict

4.7 – Nice Heat Settings & Nice Price

The Hairstyla brush, on the surface of it, is best suited to finer hair, or any hair which is prone to heat damage, as it is especially. However, its wide heat range means it really is a very good all rounder too.

For those with thick and curly hair, who might normally require a hot air hair brush to calm their locks, the Hairstyla ceramic straightening brush can also be very effective, and especially good as a travel or last minute option.

hairstyla brush

Hairstyla Straightening Brush