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ghd Glide Hot Straightening Brush Review

ghd glide hot brush review

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Since its release in 2019, the ghd Glide brush has turned the straightening world on its head. People were already very familiar with the ceramic hair brush straightener, but customers have been blown away by its speed and great results. Many still simply can’t quite believe a brush could make such a powerful straightener. On its release it broke the internet, it’s been sold out more times than we’d care to mention, and is now among the most popular of ghd brushes in Australia.

Customer reviews have been glowing. The boffins at ghd have designed the ghd hot brush in such a way that not only does it straighten like a ceramic hair straightener, it protects your hair, reduces frizz and static, and generally does everything you need it to, and in a fraction of the time of it’s rivals.

We all know that ghd brushes, straighteners, curlers and hair dryers are among the best on the market. The ghd brand is synonymous with salon quality straightening brushes. So perhaps it’s no surprise this ghd ceramic brush has also been well received. But how much of it is because of the quality, and how much because of the name? With few rivalling ghd brushes in Australia, of course it would be natural that people might look more favourably on a ghd product given their track record. So is this heated ghd hair brush as good as everyone says? With the ceramic hair iron’s days numbered, how does the Glide compare to its rivals, and should we believe the hype?


  • Ceramic Technology
  • In-built Ioniser
  • Variable Density Bristles
  • Optimum Styling Temperature
  • Automatic Sleep Mode


  • Most Expensive

How it works

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Like all panel straightening brushes, the ghd glide professional hot brush generates heat in the ceramic plate at the base, which in turn heats the bristles. Mounted on the ceramic hair straightener plate, are bristles of two lengths, the shortest of which heat up. The outer, longer bristles are cooler and help protect the hair and scalp.

Like in all ionic hair brushes, the ghd has an inbuilt ioniser which bombards the hair with negative ions, which, because of science, reduces frizz. All of that is very impressive, but many a ceramic hair straightening brush maker can make similar claims. And with the Glide topping the charts in terms of price, it needs to outperform its rivals. What actually makes this ceramic hair brush special? As always, the proof is in the pudding, so we put this much heralded ghd brush to the test.

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ghd glide hot brush product

The first thing that strikes you when you open the box, or even before, is that the ghd glide hot brush looks great. Once again, ghd has produced a super stylish styler. In fact, at a glance it would be hard to tell it’s a straightening brush at all. So, full marks there.

It also feels great, and it seems every detail has been catered for. The handle’s matte finish makes it easy to hold and cool to the touch, adding to the sense that this is made by people who really know what they’re doing.

Although a tiny bit slow to heat up, it’s unfair to compare to tongs as all brushes will need more time to heat. A minute waiting it turns out is nothing compared to the time you save using the brush.

I was amazed by how well this straightens, and so quickly! Even with the warming light still on (i ran out of patience) it glided through hair effortlessly. The ghd’s round brush head seems perfectly contoured to work for as many people as possible. As the longer bristles are cooler they protect your hair and scalp making the glide the most comfortable to use of all the brush straighteners we tried.

We tried a few different types of hair to try and cover as many bases as possible. The maximum time spent using the brush was 11 mins, and that was on particularly long, frizzy hair which would normally be next to unworkable with tongs.

Medium length hair can be straightened in as little as 5-6 mins, and short hair might only need 2-3! The glide really is incredibly effective. The finish after use is also the best we have seen: hair looks glossy, shiny and completely frizz free, so it seems those ions are really working. It’s so much more than just a ceramic brush that straightens hair – it adds so much more, and your hair remains looking great all day long.

All round, the glide really is as good as everyone says it is. It is also the most expensive, but you very much do pay for what you get here, and that’s exactly why it’s our Premium Choice.

Is GHD glide suitable for short hair?

brush hair

One of the reasons the ghd Glide stands out above its rivals is that it seems to be suitable for nearly all hair types. The ghd uses a range of sensors and onboard diagnostics to ensure the panel remains at a constant 185° C, which protects short, fine hair from heat damage. So the ghd is perfect for styling and straightening short hair.

The ghd is one of the quickest straighteners around, and on testing we found that short hairstyles could be straightened in as little as 3 mins, and with flawless results. Even long, thick curly hair can be straightened in as little as 10-15 mins, and without the need to resort to rounded brushes which are slower and more cumbersome to use.

The ghd is good enough that it is perfect for nearly all hair types, and those who might not have imagined that a straightening brush would have the power to tame their hair should prepare to be surprised!

Can GHD glide be used on wet hair?

wet hair brush

We do not recommend using the ghd, or any other flat panel hair brush straightener, on wet or damp hair. Applying heat directly to wet hair is almost guaranteed to cause damage. It is best that you at least towel dry your natural hair before using the ghd, but if possible blow dry and apply heat protecting serum before straightening.

Although the glide is built with numerous safety features, it shouldn’t be exposed to wetness if possible, as there is still a small risk of damaging the brush, or worse.

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Editor's Verdict

4.9 – Salon Quality, Perfect For All Hair Types

Best looks, best build, best styling, and hands down the best results for all types of hair: the Glide is top of the pile.

ghd glide hot brush review

ghd Glide Hot Straightening Brush