Lovely Stella… I can’t quite believe it.

You’re gone?  How did that happen?

By turns, Miss Naughty and Miss Demure. The ‘crip’ and the most able. The atheist with an utter faith in humanity who urged us believe in ourselves.

The hopeless, yet cynical romantic. The shy one. The show off. The dancer. The lover of a fine pair of polkadot shoes.

The professional woman. The eloquent, determined advocate. The lawyer. Teacher. The comedian out for a laugh.

The plain speaking firebrand activist who assumed her place alongside the nation’s leaders, hoping she too had something to say.

And who always did. Had the measure of all of them.

The lyrical, fine writer… who’d rather be knitting.

Who will we ever meet who can match your witchy ways, lovely girl?

It has been my utter privilege to know you, work with you, offer a kiss and bestowed with one in return.

So many will be grieving your leaving … but you haven’t left us. At all.

Where to start with what you have given us? Where to call an end to your remarkable achievements?

There is no sense to it, just a stillness of clicking knitting needles and we are a ball of wool, unravelled… for now.

Your life’s work was to knit us into a whole.

So, we’ll take your legacy and make into a cardigan with a nice collar and raglan sleeves. (Cleckheatons, Wool Mohair, 12 ply.)

And we’ll say – when complimented on our handiwork- Stella gave us the pattern.

It’s an original. Hand-made. A one off.

Just like Stella was.



For more on the  life and times of Stella Young… go here

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