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We Magazines, publisher of The Hoopla and Birdee, believes in creating magazines that talk back. We strive to have lively, honest, and smart online conversations that inform, infuriate, illuminate and entertain our readers on a daily basis.

We are 100% independent and we pay our contributors for their journalistic, writing and artistic talents. We are very proud of our lively salon of evocative, witty and often naughty news and opinion writers.

A message from co-founder of The Hoopla, Wendy Harmer:

“The Hoopla is an online news and magazine site for a community of wise, warm, witty and wonderful women.

“I believe that the views and concerns of mature Australian women are increasingly overlooked in a landscape of celebrity, youth and sensation. In what many have termed “a race to the bottom”, where can we see ourselves?

“In this outing I’m joining forces with Jane Waterhouse who is the head of her own powerhouse company, Sister Communications, which specialises in marketing to women.

“If you take this leap of faith with us, I can assure you that we will repay you with our time and energy in the creation of an independent, intelligent and unique voice for Australian women.

“Here’s hoping that The Hoopla becomes a daily habit. We’ll be doing our best to inform, entertain and delight every one of you, every day.

“We’re expecting a ride of thrills and spills, however as we are already fond of saying here at The Hoopla… Alley–Oop! 

“And, if you like what you see, please take a moment to send us to your friends.”



 width=Wendy Harmer – Editor In Chief, Co-Founder

Wendy’s media and entertainment career spans almost four decades. She has worked as a journalist, radio broadcaster, television host and stand-up comedian.  She has written plays, stage shows and is now a highly successful author of children’s books and adult novels.



 width=Jane Waterhouse – Publisher, Co-Founder

As CEO of We Magazines, publisher of The Hoopla and Birdeemag.com , Jane is also the founder of Sister Communications a strategic consultancy for brands wishing to engage women. Jane has worked across leading brands including Weight Watchers, Woman’s Day, New Idea, The Australian Women’s Weekly, Bonds, Berlei, Country Road, Mount Franklin, and Diet Coke. Her 25 years experience spans publishing, advertising, marketing, web development and design, for companies such as Ogilvy & Mather, The Campaign Palace, DMB&B, ACP (now Bauer), and Pacific Magazines and she was the co-founder of award-winning design company Moon Design (formerly New Moon).


kath-kennyKath Kenny – Acting Editor

Kath Kenny has contributed comment pieces, book reviews, features and news stories to the Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, The Melbourne Times and numerous other publications. In two decades working in the media she has had stints as an award-winning author with Lonely Planet, taught journalism at universities, worked as a media advisor for non-profit organisations and contributed to numerous books. She was a contributor to the book DIY Feminism (Allen & Unwin). You can follow Kath on Twitter @kathkenny_


hayley2Hayley Gleeson – Managing Editor

Hayley is passionate about publishing positive, real content for women and girls. Her background in marketing, advertising and design has seen her work closely with many brands for women, including a collection of titles at Pacific Magazines. She f*cking loves science, cycling, cats, fibre media, eating and cooking good food, and women doing great things. She is also the Editor of BirdeeMag.com.





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