yellow and green colors

This week parcels have been arriving at my door every day containing carefully selected gifts for my close friends and family.

As I tore open each box, I tried hard to remember what I had bought for whom. I shopped online and found myself in a deep, deep trance of transactions. My list existed in my head, filed neatly next to other files that were in my cerebral vortex for safe-keeping, undoubtedly having little chance to ever see the light of day.

Yes, I was organized enough to do my shopping early, but now I was stuck with two dozen gifts, two dozen gift recipients and not a hope in hell of remembering who was bought what.

A few hours later, and after playing my own personal version of Guess Who, I had it pretty much sorted out. Apart from one problem… that will no doubt make itself obvious on Christmas Morning.

christmas shopping list


This was leftover.

This lovely, understated, dainty necklace, which we now call MY NEW NECKLACE. My default gift. To myself.

I tend to shop for other people like I might shop for myself, and I was drawn to this particular piece of jewelry because of the colour, a colour I believed to be “On Trend”, according to fashionistas.

Trendy is no longer trendy. We now say On Trend. Got it? Good.

So after wearing it for a day or two, you could imagine my dismay when this headline reached out from my computer screen and slapped me across my daggy face…


No, that cannot be right…. I am seeing yellow everywhere right now. I dug a little deeper to find that indeed, just when I thought I had caught up to the world when it came to colour and trends, I was still in the starting gates, perhaps even going backwards a bit.

We have the Person of the Year, so having a Colour of the Year just makes sense I suppose? And can you guess who is responsible for bringing this colour out of the closet?

emerald gems

The Duchess of Cambridge wears an Emerald dress and now we must all follow suit, wearing it, decorating with it and even eating it. Think broccolini. Think Bok Choy. Serve these up and you will not only appear healthy but also in vogue. And go and hide those bananas. Yellow is OUT!

Not only is yellow out but a quick bit of research shows, that according to the good folk at Pantone, it has not been on trend since 2009! And they did not even call it yellow. It was to be known as MIMOSA.

Mimosa. Aka Yellow.

Those in the know will know that Pantone is not a Christmas Dessert, but an actual organization that basically owns colour. Pantone is to colour what Psy is to One Hit Wonders, the go-to authority, who next year will tell us…


But not really green. Emerald. And not even Emerald. Pantone 17-5641.

Interestingly enough, I got married in Emerald’s more demure cousin, known as Basil 624. That was 11 years ago so I think I can consider myself a colour renegade, or an incidental trend-spotter at the very least. Or just horribly advised and misguided.

What about you? Will you be wardrobe-embracing Emerald?

Or does the thought make you green at the gills?


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