Where to Buy the Best Hair Straightener

where to buy the best straightener

There are so many different types of hair straighteners on the market that it can be challenging to choose one. In addition to different brands, there are various plates, different widths and plenty of features that all claim to do unique things. And all you really want is a simple hair straightener that won’t damage your hair and will leave you satisfied. Luckily, our guide on where to buy the best hair straightener is here to help you navigate what might otherwise be a very tricky purchase.

Where to Buy the Best Hair Straightener?

As with so many products, when you buy a flat iron, your two options are to go into a store or to buy a straightener online. A store can be nice when you’re looking for advice and recommendations from a salesperson but do remember that they’re going to try and sell you the most expensive product they have. It might not actually be the best option for your needs. They also don’t give you much time to compare hair straighteners and will never give you advice on other stores if you ask where to buy hair straighteners. And they will never actually explain how to choose a hair straightener yourself. women shopping

When you shop online, you have all the same choices as in a store, plus the extra convenience of not having to leave your house. You also have much more time to check out flat iron prices and find the best straightener to buy without the pressure of making a purchase immediately.

If you’re looking online for where to buy a hair straightener, check both the manufacturer’s website as well as any beauty-type store sites. These tend to have straight to the point prices and give you the chance to compare flat iron prices while looking for the best flat iron to buy.

When you finally decide to buy a straightener, don’t just buy it immediately, even though it might be tempting. Websites tend to have sales, which can give you a significant discount off of top styler prices, allowing you to stretch your budget a little bit further.

Just a quick word of warning — when you’re looking for sites where to buy hair straightners and the straightener price looks too good, this deal may be misleading. Many sites sell knock-off hair straighteners that may seem similar to top brand-name models but are far inferior and are more likely to damage your hair.

What is the Best Flat Iron Hair Straightener?

Before we dive into our top pick for flat irons, we should probably talk about what is a good flat iron and how you can tell the good ones from the bad. The first step should always be to research the brand. Some brands, like CHI and GHD, are well known over the world, and you usually won’t go wrong with their products. They typically come top in ‘What’s the Best Flat Iron?’ lists and are recommended by both salons and DIY stylists.

But you didn’t come here for us not to tell you what are the best flat irons, you want recommendations. So without further ado, our top pick for what is the best flat iron to buy is the GHD V Gold Max Hair Styler. GHD Gold Styler

What makes the GHD V Gold Max Styler special is the extra-wide plates combined with titanium and gold technology. The gold titanium plates are excellent at heating up and retaining that heat, while the gold allows the plates to glide effortlessly even through extremely thick or curly hair. Unlike ceramic plates that can take up to a minute to heat up, the GHD V Gold Max Styler is ready to rumble in less than 30 seconds.

Because of the wide plates, hair takes much quicker to straighten than before. Even people with fine hair can benefit from wide plates because the plates can hold double the hair of a thinner plate. The only drawback of wider plates is that it’s harder to make curls and you can only really make gentle waves. If you have shorter hair and want curls, you may need to invest in a curler.

How Much Does a Flat Iron Hair Straightener Cost?

When shopping, the most common question tends to be, ‘How much does a flat iron cost?’ And the answer is, of course, it depends. Prices can vary greatly between brands and even between models of the same brand.

A good hair straightener doesn’t have to be the most expensive straightener on the market. There are plenty of high-quality flat irons in the $100 – $300 range. Some of the highest rated hair straighteners actually fall within this range, so you don’t need to break the budget to get good quality hair straighteners that will still give you high-end hair straightener results.

But if money is no object and you want a tool that will last you for years and protect your hair while you style, there are $300 hair straighteners on the market just for you.

Most Expensive Hair Straightener

When deciding how to choose a flat iron, price, unfortunately, does play a role for most of us. While it’s tempting to stick to the average straightener, some people would rather view their tool as an investment that can help protect their hair.

The GHD Platinum+ is over $300, which is a hair-raising amount for most of us. However, the price does take into account the fact that this is a high-quality hair straightener that features some of the most innovative technology on the market. ghd Platnium+ straightener

It’s fitted with SMART technology that adapts the amount of power to the hair straightener as it goes over your hair. This means that it maintains a constant temperature regardless of how thick your hair is or how fast you’re styling. Having a constant temperature means you’re less likely to harm your hair with excessive heat.

The GHD Platinum+ protects your hair while you style it. Heat is usually very damaging to hair, so investing in a product that not only saves you time but also nourishes your hair will save you money in the long run.

Best Cheap Hair Straightener

While the more expensive hair straighteners do more for you in the long run, there are still plenty of good, cheap flat irons out there. If you do your research to find the best cheap hair straightener, you can easily find a good deal on a tool that will do the job until you can save up for something fancier. You’ll be surprised how many cheap straighteners have premium features.

You can keep an eye out for hair straighteners sales and get a good cheap hair straightener to use in the meanwhile. Two products stand out as the best inexpensive hair straighteners on the market currently: the GHD Original IV Styler and the Silver Bullet Keratin. Silver Bullet Keratin straightener

The GHD IV Styler (See Full Review Here) is under $200 and is still one of the best cheap straighteners on the market. It uses floating ceramic plates to protect your hair while you style and has an automatic sleep mode in case you’re the forgetful type. It does take a while to heat up though and is limited to 185°C, which may be too cool for thick hair. It is still one of the best affordable flat irons you can buy, particularly if you’ve got finer hair. GHD IV styler

The Silver Bullet Keratin hair straightener offers the benefits of more expensive models since it’s designed to be used with keratin treatments. Keratin treatments help repair damaged hair and protect your hair during the styling process. This means that you can get one of the best inexpensive flat irons on the market and it comes with premium features such as gold-plated titanium plates.

Best Quality Hair Straightener

Salon professionals know which stylers are the best in their class, and many of them recommend GHD stylers. Spending that bit extra on a high-quality hair straightener means that you save money in the long run and you can be assured of the quality of your product.

When you buy a salon professional hair styler from GHD, you’re investing in a brand with a known track record for quality products designed to meet every individual’s particular styling needs. They have straighteners for all types of hair, so you’re certain to find something that meets your goals.


When shopping around for a hair straightener, you’ve got to keep in mind both your budget and your needs. Even if you’re on a budget, it’s not smart to buy no-name products in the hopes of saving money. The best affordable hair straighteners are made by reputable brands like GHD and Silver Bullet. They may cost more than some other flat irons, but you can be assured of a quality build and manufacturer’s warranty on all GHD products.

If budget is not a concern, then it’s worthwhile investing in a higher quality product. Not only do you get a longer warranty, but more expensive hair straighteners tend to have the latest technology and are more likely to protect your hair, saving you time and hassle in the long run. On a mission to improve your hair – see our hair library here

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