What Types Of Hair Straightening Brushes Are There?

what types straightening brush

Are you planning to buy a hair straightening brush but can’t figure out the best type for your hair? Well, that’s something most people go through, especially the first-time buyers. With so many brands and models in the market, it can be a bit tricky to select the best hairbrush straightener.

Straightening brushes should be an essential tool for all hair conscious women. The fact that you can use these brushes at home and get salon-quality results is what you make them popular. But you must get a brush that is suitable for your hair type for an amazing experience. In this guide, we have put together all the best types of brushes in the market for you:

According to the Literal Shapes of the Brushes

When it comes to shapes, there are two main types of straightening brushes that you can select from. They include:

Regular Brush Shaped

These straightening brushes can be confused with the typical brushes. They have the same shape as the regular brushes, and you straighten your hair just way you do with the typical brushes. The only difference is these brushes have temperature settings and heating facility that produces salon-level results. However, you cannot use these brushes like a flat iron. So, you will need to brush a portion several times to straighten your hair. But these handy brushes are pocket friendly and good for starters.

Flat Iron Shaped Brushes

use hair brushes

As the name suggests, these straightening brushes resemble flat iron. Just like the flat iron, they are designed with two plates. To straighten your hair, you have to put a portion of it between the plates and press them as you move down slowly. Unlike the regular brush shaped straightening brush, this version is fast since you don’t need to brush a portion several times straighten your hair. They are a bit expensive, but the cost is worth it.

Depending on Hair Types and Lengths

The length of the hair is a crucial factor when buying straightening brushes.

Whether you have medium, short or long hair, you need you a brush that is designed for your hair type. There two main basic shapes you can select from- handy or big brushes. Handy brushes work for short and medium hair while the latter work long hair. There are two main options for two brushes that you can select from:

Circular or Round Straightening Brush

These brushes are circular with bristles all around the straightening brushes. They work well for people with long hair. Due to their circular shape, they have a larger surface area compared to flat brushes. This means they can cover larger hair portions, hence quick straightening for people with long hair. If you have short or medium hair, these are not the kind of brushes for you.

Flat Brush or Paddle Straightening Brush

healthy hair using straightening brushes

These brushes are smaller in size and smaller in surface area compared to the round-shaped brushes. They are, therefore, perfect for short and medium hair lengths. They can also be used by people with long hair but will take a longer time to finish straightening their hair. But if you want to straighten smaller portions of your long hair, you can go ahead and buy these brushes.

According to The Bristles

The choice of the bristles can determine the experience and quality of hair straightening. There are three main types of straightening brushes based on the bristle types:

Boar bristles

Boar bristles are the most common of the three types of bristles in the market. They are very popular with hair experts because of their versatility in use. With these straightening brushes, you can run them on various hair textures and still produce salon level results at home. Boar bristles also help to increase blood flow in your due to its massage effect. That’s how they boost hair growth and overall health of hair.

ball-tipped bristles

Ball-tipped Bristles

One of the major reasons why ball-tipped bristles straightening brushes are popular is lack of tangling. Nothing can be frustrating while straightening at home than tangling and hitching of the hair. To avoid this problem, you need this brush. In addition to straightening hair, the brush has a massage effect, which improves blood flow in the scalp for healthy hair. However, these brushes may not work for people with thick hair.

Nylon Bristles

Nylon bristles are highly recommended for people with highly sensitive scalp and those with thick hair. Because of the soft natures of heated nylon, it will not hurt your sensitive skin. For

those with thick hair, the nylon bristles can penetrate easily into your hair and straighten it nicely. However, you might find these bristles a little stiffer than the other two.

According to Plate Materials

There are various materials with each them offering different hair straightening experience. So, you need to be cautious when buying to get what works for your hair:

Ceramic and Ionic Straightening brushes

Ceramic and ionic hair brushes are increasingly growing popular with hair conscious women. They are extremely safe, making them perfect for thin and fragile hair types. The most widely used ionic material is tourmaline. The ceramic hair straightener plates boost the heating of the brush, while the ionic plate releases the negative ions that make your hair silky and smooth. Therefore, ionic and ceramic brushes quicken the process of straightening and produce sleek, shiny straightened hair.

type of straightening brushes

Titanium & Nano Titanium Straightening Brushes

Brushes with these materials not only heat up quickly but produce very high temperature enough to straighten very thick and kinky hair. So, if you have thin or fragile hair, these brushes can damage your hair. Don’t use these brushes on kids.

Due to the different hair types and sizes, straightening brush companies are designing tools that suit the market’s needs, including flat irons and straightening brushes. The basic thing before buying a straightening brush is to know your hair type. Is it soft or thick, coarse, long or short? These are the questions that will help you get an ideal hairbrush straightener for your hair.

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