What’s happened to Kate? What’s happened to the duchess?

We’ll tell you what’s happened to Kate. She’s had a gutful of STOOPID stories speculating about the way she looks with a new baby keeping her up at night.

Greying roots, a bit puffy, a few wrinkles. Last year she was smiling. Two weeks ago she’s not. She may be frowning, or they may be wrinkles that are there forever. Forever! Whatever the case, it’s the photo that shocked the world!!

Thank God for Woman’s Day for pointing out what a woman looks like on very little sleep.

kate woman's dayIs there anyone anywhere on the planet, even in weekly glossy magazine reader land, who cares that Kate Middleton has grey hairs coming through her part, a few wrinkles on her forehead, and looks a bit tired three months after having a baby?


No seriously… really.  This sort of hounding of a woman about the way she looks after having a baby is a 20th Century disgrace. Very last Century. Surely we are all finished with this crap by now?

Isn’t it refreshing to see her looking normal?

This is a quote from Woman’s Day magazine, decrying the criticism from the UK press, taking the moral highground while just throwing in a bit of criticism of its own:

“The criticism has come at the worst possible time for Kate as her friend reveals the 31-year-old is ‘already much too hard on herself because she thinks everyone expects her to be the perfect mum.

woman's-day“For example, she had real difficulty learning how to swaddle George. For some reason she could never get it right and an arm or leg would always poke out or come unravelled.”

Who is this ‘friend’. What is her or his name and why is she telling Woman’s Day about Kate’s attempts to swaddle George?

It seems commenters on Facebook are similarly uninspired by the cover story. Remarks on Woman’s Day’s post about its cover on Monday include:

“Very low Woman’s Day!
Kate is not dying her greys because she is breastfeeding and does not want to have any chemicals go into her body. I think she is wonderful and refreshing, and represents real women!”

“Really woman’s day… She is the mother of a newborn and is breast feeding. Are you nuts. No wonder mothers feel hopeless and useless when you report like this. Disgusted!”

“Really pissed off when I saw this in Coles last night!!!!!!! SHE HAS A NEW BABY! How dare you, so obviously she’s not getting a full nights sleep as any good mother with a newborn wouldn’t be. VERY VERY VERY LOW! It’s called reality, we are not always picture perfect. All this says to me is Kate will feel unsupported by Australians in her endeavour to mother her baby naturally. Should she rely on nannies and bottle feeding just so she looks “perfect” in any stolen shot you take?? Will never ever buy this magazine again!!”

Hands up Hooplarians – do you find this stuff interesting?

Why, after we all watched Princess Diana’s sad fate, are women’s magazines still spewing out this rot?



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