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Silver Bullet Titanium 230 Elysium Infrared Straightener Review

Silver Bullet Titanium 230 Hair Straightener

Product Overview





By using the Silver Bullet titanium hair straightener with infrared, you’re using the best straightener for damaged hair that will, over time, help reverse the signs of damaged hair.  The wide titanium plates and adjustable temperature settings ensure that this hair iron is perfect for thick, curly hair, as well as fine or thin hair.

  • Infrared heat smooths hair from the inside out 
  • 38 mm wide titanium infused plates for faster, smoother straightening 
  • Heats from 130°C to 230°C to style all hair types 
  • Advanced Surround Heat for faster curls, flicks and waves 
  • Professional length cord with 360° swivel 
  • Dual voltage for worldwide use 
  • 2-year warranty 

Silver Bullet Titanium 230 Elysium Infrared Straightener Review

Flat irons are starting to sound more and more like they’re from a sci-fi movie. From ceramic and titanium plates, digital heat settings and now infrared, they seem to be getting more advanced each year. You already know the benefits of titanium plates, so what does infrared have to offer?


  • Infrared Keeps Hair Healthy, Smoothens Hair
  • Reduces Damage, Hair Is Healthier
  • Wide 38mm Titanium Plates
  • Temperature Control
  • Dual Voltage For Travel
  • 2-Year Warranty


  • No Auto-Off Function

Infrared Heat Smooths Hair From Inside Out

The main difference between a traditional flat iron and an infrared flat iron is the way the plate is heated. Traditional hair straighteners use elements similar to the ones used to heat an electric stove to generate heat. An infra red flat iron has two strips that generate infrared waves instead.

Infrared waves are long waves with deep penetrating qualities. If you’ve ever been warmed inside out by the sun, you’ve experienced infrared heating. Many beauty and wellness practitioners have spoken about the benefits of infrared and its ability to stimulate cell repair and detoxify the body.

That does sound very fancy and good, but how does an infrared hair straightener affect the quality and health of your hair? Surely, heat is heat, right? Due to the longer wavelength of infrared, manufacturers say that infrared penetrates directly into the centre of a hair cuticle which relaxes and softens the hair. They also claim that because the hair is heated evenly, it requires less heat overall to straighten and smooth your hair. You can style your hair in half the time it would normally take you. Moreover, the less time your hair is exposed to heat, the less damage it takes from the styling process. It also retains moisture better, which further protects your hair from damage and creates a healthy shine.

Many Silver Bullet hair straightener reviews about Silver Bullet infrared straighteners show significant improvement in hair quality and shine. Some people even observed their fine hair getting thicker the longer they used the product. So if you want to take care of your hair while you style, infra red flat irons seem like the way to go.


Get Healthier Hair with Reduced Hair Damage

Everybody has a story of flat iron hair damage. You know the time when you got distracted and by the time you noticed you were still using the flat iron, you had already fried off some of your hair. It’s almost enough to make you swear off using hair straighteners ever again.  

The main reason for why hair straightener damage happens is because direct heat affects the cuticle of your hair, making it rise up and become brittle. Too much heat can make this permanent, resulting in damaged and frizzy hair.  

If you’re looking to reduce the damage done to your hair, there seem to be two options. Either invest in keratin treatments that fill in the raised cuticle and add extra body to your hair, or find the least damaging flat iron possible. 

Infrared technology makes it possible to design straighteners that don’t damage hair due to their deep penetrating qualities. Because the heat goes deep into the cuticle and heats from the inside out, there’s less surface heat and less damage to the keratin plates on the surface of the hair cuticle. An added benefit of infrared heat is that it allows the cuticle to trap moisture more effectively, which helps protect the hair from negative heating effects as well as giving it shine.  

Wide 38mm Titanium Plates

If you’ve recently gone shopping for a hair straightener, you’ve most likely noticed manufacturers make a ton of different options, each suitable for a different hair type. Not only do you have to choose between titanium vs ceramic plates, but you also need to look at the width of the plates as well. Wide straighteners are becoming more and more common on the market, with flat iron manufacturers bringing out wide flat iron and thin flat iron options of the same product.

Wide plate hair straighteners are also starting to become more common, due to their benefits for long and thick hair. Wide flat irons mean that more hair is exposed to the flat iron at a given time, so it’s more efficient at dealing with long and thick hair. Wide plates grip thick hair well and are more effective than thinner plates.

If you’re looking for a wide flat iron straightener that’s also an infrared straightener, the Silver Bullet titanium Infrared Heat hair straightener has you covered. If you want keratin protection, check out this model.. This wide straightener can handle a huge volume of hair at one time, reducing the time you spend styling your hair in the morning. Also, the titanium plates will ensure that you don’t waste time waiting for it to heat up.

Ceramic or Titanium Hair Iron?

Without considering these factors, you may end up spending money on a ceramic or titanium curling iron or hair straightener that isn’t right for your hair.

Let’s first talk about plate types. The two most common types are titanium and ceramic plates. The main difference between the two is how well they conduct and retain heat. Ceramic plates take a longer time to heat up but offer a more even heating pattern and produce more negative ions, which help protect hair from static. Titanium plates, on the other hand, heat up quickly and can retain their heat for a long time.

So when choosing a ceramic vs titanium flat iron, you need to take into account your hair type. Ceramic plates are great for fine hair that doesn’t need much heat to straighten, while titanium plates are excellent for thick or coarse hair that needs more heat before it does what you want it to. If you’ve got fine hair, titanium plates may generate too much heat and damage your hair, while lower temperature ceramic plates take too long to heat up and you need multiple passes to deal with thicker hair.

Temperature Control is Ideal for All Hair Types

You may notice that we talk a lot about temperature when discussing flat irons. This is because different hair types respond differently to different flat iron temperatures. Fine hair needs lower temperatures while thick hair needs higher temperatures.

The best thing about digital flat irons is that you can know the exact temperature of the plate to a single degree and you can adjust it to your hair type. This means that you will never again have to worry about your iron overheating and damaging your hair. So, if you find the temperature too low, you can easily turn it up with the push of a button.

Having a flat iron with temperature control gives you options no matter what hair type you have. If you’ve got fine hair, you can set it to a low temperature, and you can crank up the heat if you’ve got thick hair. Temperature control is also incredibly useful for people who have unique hair that isn’t considered fine or thick. If you’ve got hair that doesn’t fit in any category, you can use the temperature control function to experiment and find the perfect setting for your hair.

Silver Bullet Titanium Elysium Straightener Review

Dual Voltage Makes It Travel-Friendly

International travel is great for a variety of reasons, but it doesn’t come without its frustrations. Different countries use unique electrical systems with various voltages. This means that there are devices that you can use here but can’t use abroad without having a plug adapter as well as a voltage converter.

Plug adapters for international travel are cheap and easy to find, but voltage converters are a different story. Different devices may need different voltage converters and finding out which one you need to buy can be an extremely frustrating experience. So much so that you decide to leave your single voltage hair straightener behind.

Dual-voltage straighteners are ones that can take voltages anywhere around the world. You still need a plug adapter, but you don’t have to hunt for a voltage converter if you’ve got a dual voltage flat iron. This makes dual voltage flat irons excellent for travel, as you can use it anywhere in the world, especially if you plan to move to a different country or you purchase this hair iron while travelling.

Who is This Flat Iron Best For?

The wide titanium plates and infrared heating system make this the perfect flat iron for people with thick hair who also want to give their hair some loving care.
Editor's Verdict
4.55 – Ideal For Improving Damaged Hair

Infrared technology is going to become more common due to its health benefits. If you want to stay ahead of the curve and to see the results for yourself, the Silver Bullet Titanium Infrared hair straightener is a great place to start.

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Silver Bullet Titanium Infrared Straightener