This week, I slept so deeply one night that I managed to get myself into some sort of very twisted position where I proceeded to stay for 7 hours. I woke refreshed, stretched out luxuriously, pondering my day ahead.

I like to lie in bed for a few minutes each morning; mentally checking off important things like: “What Day is it?

Or: “Am I supposed to be somewhere right now?

Once I had done this, on this particular morning, I swung my legs out over the bed, where they proceeded not to work.

A searing pain in my lower back alerted me to the fact that all was not well in my world.

I lay there, on the floor dressed in my old grey t-shirt and a pair of Reg Grundies, whimpering like a kicked puppy.

A short time later, one of my sons came in, saw me lying there and proceeded to yell “Stacks on Mum” before flinging himself like a high jumper onto my cushioning curves.

It was a low point and I had only been awake for 6 minutes.

I managed to get myself to the chemist, demanding something for pain relief.

young woman having a back pain

Here is an interesting fact!

Do you know one of the major pain relief capsules on the market is totally blindsiding us? I now know this because I asked for this brand’s BACK PAIN relief tablets, only to be told by the chemist on duty that what was in it was exactly what was in the normal tablet, but because it had BACK PAIN RELIEF on the box, I got to pay twice the price?


It was bad enough that I was walking around with my upper torso bent at a precise 45-degree angle, but now I needed to pay double to stand up straight? I do not think so, the Pharmaceutical Company Marketing Department. I am in your tricky ways.

A few hours later, a couple of tablets and some deep and meaningful time spent with a heat pack, my spine gradually straightened up and gingerly, and very tentatively, I was able to resume a stance that made me look less neanderthal-like.

But my short and vivid experience has taught me something.

Back pain is a bitch.

According to The Australian Prescriber, 25% of us suffer from lower back pain, costing $1 billion annually. That is a lot of chiropractor bills.

I did a little research into why I might have woken up nearly a cripple and it came down to my sleep position. You see, I am your classic slide sleeper, but with a twist. I like my arms and legs stretched out. A bit like this I suppose….

I could benefit from placing a pillow in between my knees it would seem, to keep the whole alignment thing happening.


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