Wednesday nights are sacred in our house. Nothing comes between me and Offspring. Nothing.

I actually blame Asher Keddie.

I’ve been slightly obsessed since Love My Way first screened in 2004. Not in a stalkerish kind of way. More in an oh-my-god-how-can-someone-be-so-beautiful-and-so-incredibly-talented kind of way.

So, it was only natural when Offspring burst onto our screens three years ago that I was front row and centre cheering Asher’s character Nina on.

I think it’s because we all have a little bit of Nina inside us. Or maybe that’s just me?

And as a style blogger, I’ve witnessed an amazing desire (some would call it an obsession) by my readers to mimic Nina’s fashion style and adopt it as their own.

It started last year with this one post and kind of snowballed this season with my weekly Nina style updates.


The most frustrating thing for Nina fashion fans is that rarely anything she’s wearing on the show is actually still available to buy.

The reason: the show was shot last fashion season and the wardrobe would have been pulled together before that.

In my style books, this isn’t such a bad thing.  You don’t necessarily want to copy the exact thing that someone is wearing. Sure, by all means, take inspiration from a TV character’s style but twist it to make your own.


That’s actually an easy task where Nina is concerned. She has two signature looks.

The Nina “uniform” includes either a maxi skirt or skinny leg jeans as a base.

Both looks are what the fashiony people would term boho-luxe. A little bit free spirit but with the cash to buy nice stuff.

My shape is not one for that style of maxi skirt (don’t need more gathering on these hips) but I take elements of her jeans look and make it my own.

It’s not so much about needing Asher Keddie’s body shape to pull off this look, it’s more about feeling confident about devoting part of your wardrobe personality to a romantic boho style.

I have a multiple wardrobe personality and this style fits in nicely for casual during our mild Queensland winters.

Let me break her two looks down for you…


The Nina maxi skirt outfit

1.    Printed gathered maxi skirt.

2.    Slim fitting tank top

3.    Belted waist

4.    Layered pendant necklaces

5.    ¾ sleeve cardi or denim jacket

6.    Small drop earrings

7.    Thin printed scarf

8.    Tan shoulder bag slung across chest

9.    Taupe heeled long boots



The Nina jeans outfit

1.    Dark skinny leg jeans

2.    Slim fitting tank top in pop colour

3.    Floaty printed blouse

4.    Lightweight jacket

5.    Layered pendant necklaces

6.    Think printed scarf

7.    Tan shoulder bag slung across chest

8.    Taupe heeled long boots

Some of the labels that Offspring’s wardrobe department has dressed Nina in include:

  • D.Co Copenhagen boots
  • Nancybird – the designer was even asked to create the quilt cover for Nina and Patrick’s apartment this series.
  • Vintage Scanlan and Theodore
  • Acne jeans
  • Rare
  • Country Road
  • Zara
  • Beaumax
  • Kachel
  • Mimosa
  • Fossil
  • True Religion jeans
  • Little Joe
  • Samantha Wills
  • Wheels and Doll Baby
  • Violet & I
  • Camilla

The end result is a great mix of high and low fashion and many of the pieces pop up again from series to series. As an advocate of “shopping from your wardrobe”, this pleases me.


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