At The Hoopla, like so many of our readers, we have an immense regard for Ms. Julia Gillard.

She achieved something many of us thought we would never see in our lifetime. And for that she will never be forgotten.

So we are proud to present a beautiful trio of portraits and an interview with PM Gillard by Anne Summers.

So many girls and women – some grandmothers, even great-grandmothers now – were raised and educated by their families with the aim in mind for them to become Australia’s first woman Prime Minister.

It was the unlikely candidate, Julia Eileen Gillard, a Welsh immigrant who came from a humble background, who got there first and deserves our  thanks and congratulations.

On the day of Ms.Gillard’s promotion to Prime Minister, she was greeted with huge national celebration. Generations of Australian women came together to say “at last”. “It’s happened… at last.”

Her subsequent demotion and decision to quit parliament was met with much dismay.

Those three years and three days in between were turbulent. And none charted those unfamiliar waters for us better than trusted navigator Anne Summers.

We owe Ms. Summers a great debt for her diligence in so carefully recording a high-water mark in Australian feminism. And, equally, the depths to which some sank.

The contribution of Ms. Gillard to the nation’s life and political discourse – whatever your voting intentions – is important.To learn from and to build upon. And to ensure that our daughters, sisters and mothers get to see a woman lead the country again.

This encounter was to be the last interview with our first woman PM still in office – which makes it, we think, most noteworthy.

gillard 2

No doubt we will hear much more from Julia Eileen Gillard. But this one’s a keepsake. Something to tell our daughters about.

They radiate the quiet dignity of a remarkable woman who cannot be airbrushed from history. No matter how much some may wish it could be done.

For a full transcript of the interview, go here.

ASR Gillard

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