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Hot Tools Titanium Flat Iron Review

Hot Tools Titanium Flat Iron

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The Hot Tools Titanium Flat Iron has many features that are useful, particularly the variable temperature setting. This means that no matter what your hair type, you can use it without either taking forever to straighten your hair or having to use more heat than you need. The Hot Tools auto shut off feature is superb as well, particularly if you’re forgetful and leave your hair straightener plugged in when you’re not using it.

  • 24k Gold Titanium Styling Surface 
  • Titanium floating plates, 25 mm wide  
  • Micro-shine technology  
  • “Gets Hot…Stays Hot” Pulse Technology – fast heat-up and instant heat recovery  
  • Digital LCD heat settings; 14 heat settings from 100 °C to 220 °C 
  • Multi-dimensional floating plates 
  • Sleep Mode; automatic switch off after 2 hours  
  • Worldwide Voltage  
  • Professional 3m swivel cable 
  • 1Year Guarantee 


Hot Tools Titanium Flat Iron Review

Every woman wants to look her best, but not every woman has the time to do so. The Hot Tools Titanium Flat Iron is for anybody who’s stumbled out the shower in the morning and just tied their hair in a bun while grabbing their coffee as they rush out of the house. A titanium flat iron can change all that, giving you salon hair without the need for a salon. And the best part? You can style your hair within minutes.


  • Titanium Floating 25mm Plates
  • Temperature Control
  • Dual Voltage
  • Auto-Off Function
  • Affordable (Below $200)


  • No Rounded/Curved Edges For Curling 
  • Only 1-Year Warranty

24k Gold Titanium Styling Surface

We all know that the type of plate found in your flat iron can have a huge impact on the final result and the health of your hair. There’s been much debate around titanium vs ceramic curling irons, with each having their own benefits for certain hair types. Some of the benefits of titanium are that titanium plates last much longer than ceramic plates and also provide an extra shine when used regularly. They also don’t rust, so your flat iron will look like it just came out of the box for years to come, unlike ceramic plates which are a bit more fragile. The reason why you need to care about the type of plate is that most plates generate negative ions, which are what protects your hair from the heat while smoothing down the hair shaft. Different plate types generate different amounts of negative ions, with ceramic slightly inching out over titanium. That’s why Hot Tools has taken titanium technology and kicked it up a notch by adding 24k gold into the mix. If you think having a gold hair straightener is going a bit overboard on the bling, the benefits of the gold mix should ease your mind. A gold-plated flat iron generates tons of negative ions which reduce frizz and static while you’re using it. The result? Softer, shinier hair with no frizz thanks to the unique combination of titanium and gold. You can see the effectiveness of this technology by checking out users’ Hot Tools Flat Iron reviews that all rave about how healthy their hair looks after using the tool. And really, who doesn’t want a gold flat iron in their bathroom?
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25 mm-wide Titanium Floating Plates

When you start looking for a flat iron, you’ll find there are all sorts of products, and it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Salespeople often want to sell you the most expensive product they have without any regard to which plate type is better for your hair. So, in the ceramic vs titanium flat iron battle, who is the winner? The answer is, it depends.

Titanium plates are great because they heat up quickly and can achieve very high temperatures. They also produce the most negative ions compared to other common flat iron plate types. Negative ions help protect your hair by closing cuticles and combating frizz. These aspects make titanium plates better for people with thick hair who don’t want to do multiple passes at lower temperatures. Ceramic plates take much longer to heat up than titanium plates, but also have a reputation for producing amazingly shiny and silky hair, particularly for people with fine hair.

The Hot Tools titanium flat iron is great because it uses floating plate technology. This means that the plates are suspended in the body of the machine and can move independently of the rest of the straightener. So if you’ve got curly hair, it will follow the contours of your hair, reducing the amount of snagging that is so common with older hair straighteners. Floating plates also heat up more evenly, so you’ll find using this straightener a breeze, no matter what type of hair you have.

Micro-Shine Technology

Micro-Shine technology is simply a fancy way of saying that the Hot Tools flat iron has gold-plated titanium plates that generate plenty of negative ions to give you a long-lasting shine and health boost for your hair. The negative ions actually help your hair proteins fold back down, which is what makes it so shiny and smooth.

Micro-Shine technology is a proprietary technology developed by Hot Tools and is used in both Hot Tools Ceramic Flat Irons and their titanium flat irons. The Hot Tool flat iron reviews show that it does actually make a difference, giving you hair that looks better and feels better. With this in mind, it might be worth a try. Is it better than other ceramic and titanium flat irons that do the same thing? It’s hard to tell.

Pulse Technology – Fast Heat-Up

One of the most irritating things about ceramic flat irons is that they take forever to heat up. This is a deal-breaker for many people who want to style their hair in the morning but don’t want to wake up at 5 am to do so. Hot Tools’ titanium flat iron plate uses pulse technology to heat the plates within seconds. Titanium plates are also really good at retaining heat, so you can take all the time you need to style your hair without worrying about your flat iron cooling down.

What’s also really useful about the Hot Tools Titanium Flat Iron is that it has an auto shut-off feature that will allow the iron to switch itself off after two hours. While this isn’t going to prevent any accidental fires, it’s useful in that it will save you electricity that would otherwise just be going to waste. This feature is particularly useful if you’re styling your hair while still half-asleep in the morning before you’ve had your first cup of coffee.

Digital LCD Heat Settings

Gone are the days of analogue hair straighteners that you had to trust were set to the right temperature for your hair. Having a digital flat iron means that you know to the degree what temperature your hair straightener is at, so you don’t risk burning or damaging your hair.

Different hair types need different temperatures. Fine hair requires a lower temperature, which will frustrate you if you’ve got coarse, thick hair. And vice versa, the temperatures required for styling thick hair will fry fine hair to bits. By allowing for variable temperature settings, the Hot Tools flat iron is suitable for all hair types, from fine to curly to coarse and thick. Even if you’re not too clued up on which flat iron is the best for your hair type, you can’t go wrong with this one.

The Hot Tools titanium flat iron has a huge temperature range, with Hot Tool Flat Iron reviews saying it can go from 100°C to 220°C with no hassle at all. So no matter what type of hair you have, you can set your digital flat iron to the exact temperature you need. Also, with the digital display, you don’t have to worry about guessing and hoping for the best.

Multi-Dimensional Floating Plates

Floating plates might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but they’re becoming increasingly common in hair straighteners. The plates in the Hot Tools Professional Flat Iron float in their frame, so they’ll naturally glide along with your hair. You won’t feel any pulling or tugging like you might with other hair straighteners.

This feature is specifically useful for people with very curly hair, which usually gets snagged in irons, leading to burning and damaged hair. The Hot Tools Titanium Flat Iron will protect your curls whenever you decide you want straight hair for an evening or two, giving you the best of both worlds.

An added benefit is that, because the plates aren’t touching the frame, they can heat up more evenly. This gives you more control over the temperature of the straightener and ensures that there are no nasty surprises with sudden hot spots.

Hot Tools Titanium Flat Iron Review

Who is This Flat Iron Best For?

The Hot Tools Titanium Flat Iron is for anybody with thick hair looking for an affordable flat iron that heats up quickly and can be temperature controlled.

Editor's Verdict
4.25 – Ideal For Thick Hair and Those On A Budget

It seems as if flat irons have gotten more and more feature-filled over the years, with keratin-infused plates, LCD screens and all sorts of fancy sounding words for what is essentially, a very simple gadget. It’s true that different plates work on different hair types, and that you should take the time and do some research by reading some of our flat iron reviews here to find out which one has the features that you actually want and need.

Ultimately, the Hot Tools Titanium Flat Iron is suitable for people of all kinds of hair types, who are looking for a titanium straightener whilst on a budget.

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Hot Tools Titanium Flat Iron