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I was broadcasting on ABC radio recently with my friend Angela Catterns, when we received a truly touching message which read, in part:

“Thank you, Ange and Wendy, for bringing the invisible demographic (MY demographic: the middle-aged woman) into the limelight.

“You gals understand me because you are me. You understand the trials, tribulations, joys and sadnesses of women who simultaneously juggle marriage, motherhood, empty-nesting and much-loved elderly parents.

“You have made me smile, even laugh and, beneath the surface, I sense the camaraderie of women who, despite the vicissitudes of life, are determined to see the lighter side.”

Perfect. That’s exactly what TheHoopla’s about.

Like our listener, I believe that the views and concerns of mature Australian women are increasingly overlooked in a landscape of celebrity, youth and sensation. In what many have termed “a race to the bottom”, where can we see ourselves?

Angela and I, at about the same age, often marvel at how different are our journeys. My daughter is still in primary school and Ange’s is off in another city, making her own way in the world.

We’re a diverse group, the choices we now have in how we live our lives are myriad. Happily gone are the days of politicians speaking about what “women think” as if we were a job lot.

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And yet, as our listener wrote, there is a fellowship there that’s undeniable. Now a community of wise, warm, witty and wonderful women is only a click away.

In this outing, I’m joining forces with Caroline Roessler, a fine journalist with more than 20 years of experience and former editor of the beloved Notebook magazine, and Jane Waterhouse who is the head of her own powerhouse company, Sister Communications, which specialises in marketing to women.

If you take this leap of faith with us, I can assure you that we will repay you with our time and energy in the creation of an independent, intelligent and unique voice for Australian women.

Here’s hoping that TheHoopla.com.au becomes a daily habit. We’ll be doing our best to inform, entertain and delight every one of you, every day.

We’re expecting a ride of thrills and spills, however as we are already fond of saying here at TheHoopla… Alley – Oop!

Yours sincerely,  Wendy Harmer

July 2011

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