grandmother with grey hair

This week in her A to Z of Beauty and Style, Mrs. Woog talks grey hair and hormones… and why there’s absolutely no point in worrying about either.


One of the more common and obvious signs that we are entering our mature age is the fact that for many of us, our crowning glory becomes looking a little less lustrous and a little more seasoned. Salt and pepper hair can arrive very prematurely if your parents passed down the dodgy grey gene. In researching for this series, I am starting to blame my Mum and Dad for everything!

Sometime, maybe in your late twenties, you will be brushing your hair and notice a silvery strand poking out. Say hello to your future.

I still recall finding my first grey hair. In fact, I found it along with a dozen others.  Horrified, I pulled each one out by the shaft, one at a time.

FACT – despite the rumour, if you pull out a grey hair, six more do not come to its funeral.

FACT – If I pulled out all of my grey hair, I would resemble Sinead O’Connor.

Here are more facts on why we go grey.

Each hair follicle contains a finite number of pigment cells, which produce a chemical called melanin. It is this melanin that determines your hair colour. As you get older, these pigment cells start to pass away peacefully in their sleep. Which is the only reason I think of why you can wake up with new grey hairs overnight.

young woman in yoga post

“That can’t be right? That wasn’t there yesterday…”

There are some things you can do to assist in the slowing down of going grey gracefully IF you prefer to remain faithful to your chosen colour. They include doing yoga (seriously! Is that the answer to EVERYTHING?) stop smoking, eat foods containing copper such as yams and turnips and stop hooking onto refined sugar and white flour.

Or you can do what I do, and turn to ye olde faithful 4.15 Iced Chestnut and let the box do the talking.

But you do not have to fake it. Many folks are embracing their lack of pigment cells and are working with it, producing amazing results!

But if you want to fight the white, cut down on your stress and up your intake of Vitamin B-12. You can always spend a lot of time and appointments visiting the specialists who can check out the function of your pituitary or thyroid glands. Or you can get all Donna Hay-esque and whip up a hearty yam and turnip stew.

Or turn to the chemist and get yourself a box of happy. Which is the cheat’s way. Which is MY way.

Going grey. Stop worrying about it, as you are only making it worse!


Once a month I walk around for a day or two with my jaw clenched. I battle the urge to yell at strangers from my car and my family tiptoe around me.

Mr. Woog may gently inquire whether I am about to get my period. This question is more than often answered with some sort of hissed out profanities. Heaven helps me if someone makes me a gin and tonic.

woman with short and grey hair


Oh, hormones, you wonderfully mysterious and sometimes unwelcome visitor. Although hormones really do not have anything to do with Beauty or Style, they can play havoc on my appearance in the following ways.

My skin can erupt in large boil-like acne around the jawline.

My hair could be sold to the Reinhart Family who could then use it to extract oil.

My stomach will bloat, making it only happy when tucked into a pair of XL grey tracksuit pants.

And my face and general demeanor will resemble that of a cat’s bum.


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