5 Beauty Tips For Busy Women

young beautiful woman applying make-up

I’m no longer a Fashion Week virgin.

We’re past the half-way mark of Mercedes-Benz Australian Fashion Week and I think I’ve just about got it going on. The go-to guy… international makeup artist Nigel Stanislaus at Fashion Week with Ruby Rose.

Don’t worry, there’s no danger of being papped by an international street-style blogger any time soon. No, I’ve managed to navigate the mysterious backstage beauty world that goes hand-in-hand with fashion shows.

On one side you have the hair people. On the other, the makeup people. Models sit in rows in director chairs, rotating their svelte frames between each side, as directed.

beautiful girl having her make-up fixed

As a beauty writer, the makeup director is the guy (or girl) you want to get in the face of.

This involves a lot of unhealthy stalking and you quickly learn that undone faces are NOT to be photographed. Done faces, on the other hand, will come alive (in an I’m-not-smiling-I’m-a-model-kind-of-way) should a camera be thrust in their general direction.

I’ve been stalking international makeup artist, Nigel Stanislaus (Nigel is Maybelline New York’s makeup artist), a lot this week. In my mind, we are now best buddies. In his mind, he probably thinks I’m a crazy lady who needs to apply her makeup better.

This was probably confirmed for him yesterday when in a quiet five minutes, I grilled him for his makeup tips to help us look fresh not frazzled, when getting out the door each morning.

Here are the Top 5 makeup tips he says every busy woman needs to know:

friends talking in the bathroom while applying lip tint

  1. Wear pink. Pink lipstick. Pink blush. “I think pink makes anyone look younger. It’s soft and it’s pretty. It just matches your skin, it makes your teeth whiter. It makes you really, really pretty.”

Tessa’s recommendation: Maybelline New York Colour Sensation Lip Colour in Born with It, $16.95. Available at supermarkets

  1. When doing your eye makeup, focus a lot more on the upper lid instead of the lower lid. “You want to drag things up, not down.” Use a long-lasting gel eyeliner. “Once it dries it goes nowhere. So if you’re a busy woman, you put it on at 6 in the morning and by 6 at night when you’re pouring a wine it’s still there. “

Tessa’s recommendation: Long-lasting gel eyeliner – Mirenesse Tight Liner Hydra Gel Eye Liner, $29.95.

  1. If you are running at the door and let’s say you have five minutes, concentrate on the eyes first because you need the mirror to look and see what you’re doing. “You can put some foundation on the back of your hand as you’re going out the door as you don’t really need to see what you’re doing while applying your foundation … apply it on the way out to the car (or at the traffic lights).”
  2. Conceal blemishes with a creamy foundation. Then don’t over-powder it.  “When you over-powder it, you start to look like a snowball. And I tell the people on my team, please don’t make them look like lamingtons. My mouth will start to water.”

Tessa’s recommendation: Creamy foundation – Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Foundation, $55.

  1. Do not over-pluck your eyebrows. “If you have a brow that’s 10 years old, then you will look 10 years older. Right now the brows are a bit straighter and fuller. So it’s good to grow them out.”


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