The Best Eye Creams

girl applying eye cream in the bathroom
There are many people out there who will tell you that you don’t need an eye cream.
That the moisturizer that you use on your face will do the job nicely, thank you very much.Why bother spending more money, yes? Yes, indeed. I think you all know which side of the equation I fall on with this, don’t you?Eye creams get a big fat beauty tick from me.

I’ve been using some kind of eye product for more than 15 years now. Has it frozen my face in time? Nah, not even Botox could do that.

What I think it has done is allow the visual part of the aging in this area to happen more gradually. This definitely has its upside and allows for fewer OMFG shocks when you happen to see a quite different staring back at you in the bathroom from that which you have in your mind.

A bit like when I reminisce about my uni days like they were yesterday. Except they were yesteryear. Ye Olde Worlde Yesteryear.

See, despite being a convert to including an eye cream in my beauty routine, I’m more of a long-term girl than someone looking for a cream to deliver an instant fix.

girl holding a skin care product

Because that’s where I think we can – and do – get a bit cynical about what products claim to offer.

To keep the cynicism at bay, here are a couple of things to consider when seeking out an eye cream that’s perfect for your eyes.

  1. What’s your main eye issue? Is it fine lines, puffiness, dark circles. Maybe you have more than one issue.
  2. What’s your budget?

Once you’ve worked out what you want your eye cream to address and go to work on, then it’s a matter of narrowing down a cream that works in your budget.

No, it doesn’t have to “match” your current moisturizer. It’s actually a big fat marketing myth that you need to use products from the same brand and range within a brand to get result.

I’m living proof of that. I trial such a cocktail of products on a daily and weekly basis that if that were the case, nothing would work for me.

But stuff does work. And consistency with product application works too.

What’s been working for me lately in the eye department?

Thalgo Silicium Eye Cream $47.20

This is an all-in-one that will deal with the trifecta of eye issues – darkness, puffiness and lines. My eyes certainly responded to it. Like all Thalgo products, the active ingredients come from plants from the sea.

The only downside for me? I’m not one for overly fragranced products and I think this one’s on the edge of overly.


Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Eye Cream $39.95

This one’s not available until February but I’ve included it here as a one to watch out for. It’s part of a whole new collection from Burt’s Bees that focuses – as you would suspect – on hydration.

Keeping the eye area hydrated helps to reduce fine lines and keep things on the bright side.



Trilogy Face Care Eye Contour Cream $44.95

This is another of what we call an all-rounder in the eye cream department. It’s got you covered on the lines, puffiness and circulation issues.

Its tube delivery doesn’t bring the instant calmness of the NIVEA one I’ve featured below but it does deliver with the formulation – and it’s perfect under-eye makeup.


Samadara Ultimate Age-Defying Eye Crème $280

Yep, hold on to your beauty hats and hide those receipts. This one’s at the luxe end of the scale. It’s made by Australian luxury chemical-free skincare company Sodashi to their most potent age-defying formula.

Specially selected plant ingredients have been blended with rose quartz crystal water – and then you actually use the two included rose quartz crystal discs to gently massage it into this delicate skin area. The whole routine is something special and a little does go a very long way.


NIVEA Anti-Wrinkle Q10Plus Refreshing Eye Roll-On $18.98

This is a morning eye product. You know… for THOSE mornings. The mornings where you may not have got anywhere near the prescribed eight hours’ sleep. The mornings where you realise that opening the second bottle of wine on a school night was not your most genius move.

The metallic rollerball is an absolute cooling winner. It will get the circulation going, de-puff almost instantly and then work overtime on fine lines.

Beauty Tip: Use your eye cream around the edge of your lips. This is the other area that is first to show some of those lovely fine (and thick) lines.

Do you use an eye cream? What’s your favourite?


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