Once the last Christmas party has been done and dusted, all thought around these parts leans towards grabbing as much beach time – weather pending – as possible.

Typically then, it’s about this time of year that I kiss goodbye to any semblance of a makeup routine.

It’s a jolly good thing I can let go of it too, because should I attempt to put on a full face, a hot, sticky Queensland summer soon lets me know who’s boss… sending everything down and off said face in under one hour.

Much as the temptation is there to drop the beauty ball completely during this time of surf and slothfulness, I don’t.

Call it vanity. Because that is what it is. I make no apologies for that. It’s just the way I’m wired.

Should you be wired the same, these are some of the little tricks and five products I’ll be calling on to see me through until normal beauty programming resumes… Probably coinciding with the first school run of 2013.

woman blending face foundation


Nars Orgasm Illuminator $48 

Yes, we all know that sex sells. So, yes it’s perfectly acceptable to have a little giggle over the name of this product. This is the original shade but you may be “pleased” to know that there is a new Super Orgasm shade now available.

What’s it good for? A little illumination goes a long way, ladies, and this one during my lazy months doubles as a bronzer and a highlighter on my cheeks. It helps me to look a bit fresh when I’m not. You know the drill.


Innoxa Skin Perfecting Foundation 5-in-1 BB Cream $24.95

BB Creams enable my low-key summer beauty approach to pull off a complexion that looks half-way ok without application of a full face. I’ve talked lots about BB Creams here and on my blog before but if you’re still new to the BB Block, they are like suped-up tinted moisturisers.

They not only even out your complexion on the application, but they also work longer term to have that effect on your skin. That’s why they’ve become cult products in Asia. They arrived on the Australian market about 18 months ago and this is the latest one I’ve tried. It’s a light formulation that sits well on your skin. With five colours available, there should be one to suit you.


O&M Style Guru $26.95

Now, at first look at what this product can do for your hair, you may not think it fits my low-key beauty agenda but I found out – mostly because of my lazy-girl beauty ways – that it does very nicely, thanks very much.

See this is designed to be a product to help with blow-drying – to pump up the volume in your hair and define curls – but what I discovered was that if you leave it in and accidentally forget to get around to drying your hair with a dryer, that it leaves your au naturel look looking a bit more like you made an effort. And if you haven’t got time to wait for any drying to occur – natural or otherwise – then it’s great for sleeking back just-off-the-beach rinsed hair.

It even smells tropical thanks to macadamia seed oil. This oil and certified organic evening primrose oil and banksia flower smooth and soften your hair … just like you’ve given it a holiday.

stylish girl with nail art


OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps $19.95

No time for a salon pedi and can’t be bothered doing one at home and waiting for the polish to dry? Have a bit of fun with these stick-on nail apps.

Yes, I admit I was also sucked in by the martini glass art because I feel it very much fits the spirit of the season but if glitter is more your thing, go for that instead. Whatever your choice, you’ll be amazed at how easy these are to apply and how long they stick in place. Depending on how you treat your nails, expect up to a week.


Baby Foot $29.95

My pedicurist put me on to this genius product. Come to think of it, she was probably offering a giant hint about the state of my hoofs? They do get pretty dodgy at this time of year when my shoe of choice is a thong.

Now, a word of warning. This product works. Really works. But you have to time your run at using it because your feet will peel like a snake shedding its skin. Only it won’t do this in one easy move … it will do it over a few days. Which really is not so attractive for all concerned. As is the two-hour period when you are sitting in plastic “socks” letting it go to work. The results, however, are worth it.

What’s your summer beauty routine look like?

Any product to share that sees you through the season?


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