I bet I’m not the only one who doesn’t really like to get into discussions about their weight.

Fat, skinny or somewhere in between, it can be a touchy subject and one that I think, well…

It’s a little boring to be honest. It is what it is, but we are constantly talking about it.

And what I really want to know is… Why?

Being inspirational?

I am inspired by kindness, creativity, joy and fun.

I am not inspired by celebrities who manage to get through the day existing on a small piece of grilled salmon, or the publications who then offer this tripe up as quality, interesting content.

Yes, I have totally stopped reading trashy magazines.

I felt like I was in a constant state of deja vu. And I felt really large, not to mention ashamed of my ever-present ponytail.

I squirmed recently when I watched Journalist, Media Celebrity, Radio personality, Style and Fashion Editor, Kate Waterhouse sit atop a bar stool and interview Mad Men Actress, Christina Hendricks…

Yep, THAT was a bit awkward. The question was posed, “You have been an inspiration as a full-figured woman. What is the most inspiring story that you can remember where you’ve inspired someone?”

Try as I did, there was no way I could come up with a sensible answer. And yes, I know the question was not directed at me, but it was a dumb question that featured the words INSPIRATION, INSPIRED AND INSPIRING.

Inspirational Overload Alert!

 width=Christina Hendricks is an actress whose body shape is under-represented in the film and television world. And she was visiting Australia to promote glasses.

That is it. I am sure Kate Waterhouse was as horrified by Christina’s reaction as much as the thousands of people who have watched the viral video.

There is no way, I suspect, that Waterhouse would have intentionally set out to make the actress uncomfortable.

Christina Hendricks has been “celebrated” the world over for her figure and has been held up as the poster gal for hourglass shapes everywhere… for years.

No wonder she is sick of talking about it. She is not a freakshow.

Why do we feel the need?

Christina Hendricks commented later off camera, “I think calling me full-figured is just rude.”

I don’t think that Christina Hendricks is full figured. It’s just that other actresses in Hollywood are under-figured.

See! I just did it myself!!!! AAARRGGHHHHH. Why do we need to discuss someone’s weight at all?

If you’re fat, you probably know it. You certainly don’t need others pointing it out to you. It’s a bit like when you cultivate a large pimple.

“That is a big pimple on your chin there!”

No shit! I know this. I grew it and I look at it and stress about it, and I try to cover it up as best I can. Neither of us needs reminding of it.

The formidable Jennifer Livingstone best delivered this message recently.


 width=Inspirational regardless of dress size. News presenter, Jennifer Livingston. 

Here’s a thought. Why doesn’t the media industry represent a wider variety of women?!

Short ones, tall ones, string beans, curvy ladies, pear shapes… The lot! This way, we wouldn’t feel the need to comment every time someone (who is not in the exclusive size 6 club) trots out onto the red carpet. It would just be a woman, who can then be defined by what she does, not what she looks like.

The whole obsession confuses me enormously. I’m off to eat Twisties on the treadmill.


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