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Silver Bullet Ionic Ceramic Straightening Brush Review

silver bullet ionic straightening brush

Product Overview





If you’re not looking to break the bank, but still want salon quality straightening from whatever hair straightener brush you opt for, Silver Bullet’s Hybrid Ionic Ceramic flat iron brush might be for you. Brush style irons for hair don’t need to be expensive, as the Silver Bullet hair straightener brush proves – this brush hair straightener packs in all of the features you’d expect, and with a range of temperature settings, is designed to suit most hair types.

So a brush that straightens hair with heat, whatever the hair type, and at an affordable price? If you’re looking for top hair straightening brushes, it sounds a little too good to be true, so we put the Silver Bullet to the test on the most wolverine of hair, to put their claims to the test.

How it works

Silver Bullet Ionic Ceramic Straightening Brush Review 1

The Silver Bullet hybrid straightening brush uses a ceramic plate and separate ionic generator, so like the best ceramic hair straighteners it should remove frizz as it works. Temperatures can be adjusted from 160-210°C, which in theory means you should be able to straighten a range of different hair types and achieve a range of styles. So far, so good, and the LCD display is another nice touch, so you can be sure you don’t accidentally burn your hair.

Round tipped bristles are designed to not only glide through hair but protect from heat, making this on paper the best value ionic hair brush on Australian shelves. But can the Silver Bullet hair brush live up to the claims, and are their straightening brushes worth it? To find out how the Silver Bullet hybrid straightening brush reviews, we put it to the test on a range of different hair types.


  • Wide Titanium Plates
  • Rounded/Curved Edges For Curling
  • Ion Boost Technology
  • Temperature Control
  • Dual Ceramic Heating System
  • Reduces Damage, Hair Is Healthier
  • Affordable (Below $200)
  • 4-Year Warranty


  • No Auto-Off Function
  • Single Voltage - 110 Only, Needs Converter For Travel


Silver Bullet Ionic Ceramic Straightening Brush Review 2

So, we know this hair straightener comb looks great on paper, but how is it in real life? On first impressions, the Silver Bullet is not quite as stylish as some of its peers, but that’s not to say it’s ugly, far from it. It just doesn’t have the wow factor of some of our other picks when unboxing.

Many of the Silver Bullet hairbrush straightener reviews we’d read had credited it with super fast heat up times and we have to say we agree, with the lower temperature settings reached in 20-30 secs. Still not as fast as irons, but still very quick, and a potential life saver in the mornings.

In use, the Silver Bullet brush feels great, and the rounded bristles do aid a smooth flow through the hair, with ours only snagging a few times. You do need to be careful to get the temperature right, as 210° will be hot enough to damage some hair types, so proceed with caution!

The Results

beautiful woman straight hair

With a name like the Silver Bullet Hybrid Ionic Straightening Brush, we expected this to reduce frizz, and straighten. It did both of these things, but notably was not as effective at straightening thicker, wavy hair, even when used at high temperatures.

On finer hair the straightening was much more effective, and very fast, even compared with the top of the range products. On this point we were really impressed with the Silver Bullet.

It was great at calming frizzy hair, and if we’re honest we think that might be what it’s best for: a super low maintenance, and quick and easy way of taming frizzy or wild hair. Although it is an effective straightener for those with finer hair, so it could definitely be useful for those who don’t need such heavy duty straightening.

Short Hair

Silver Bullet Ionic Ceramic Straightening Brush Review 3
As we expected from the numerous Silver Bullet Hybrid Ionic Straightening Brush reviews that had already said so, straightening short hair is a breeze with the Silver Bullet. For the money, this right up there with the best hot air brush for short hair, as it has all the features you need and produces results fast.

Fine Hair

Again, Silver Bullet hybrid brush reviews told us that the Bullet would excel with finer hair, and again it turns out the public were right. The Ionic tech is also effective at reducing the static which can destroy your look, and the finish is encouragingly smooth and shiny.

Frizzy Hair

silver bullet hybrid ionic straightening brush back

Although it doesn’t straighten as effectively as we might have hoped, if you’re on a budget this is perhaps the best brush for frizzy hair. It proved to be very good at taming flyaway hair and as it’s quite gentle, hair was left looking soft and natural, which is exactly what you would want. This is a very useful brush if you need a quick and effective way of defrizzing before you leave the house, or on the go.

Natural Hair

Again, as the Silver Bullet is so gentle at low temperatures, it can be great for natural looks.

Curly & Thick Hair

silver bullet brush product
Although these still make good straighteners for curly hair, you will struggle to achieve totally flat looks if your hair is especially thick. However, if you just need something to calm or tame your hair without blowing the budget, this is a great option. The Silver Bullet Hybrid Ionic Straightening Brush is perhaps not the best hair brush for thick hair either, but as above, if you don’t want to transform your look, just control it, it’s great for the money.

Editor's Verdict

4.5 – Ionic Ceramic Brush At Mid-Range Prices
The Silver Bullet hybrid is a great purchase for many, but will not be 100% effective if you have very thick hair which you want 100% straight. However, Silver Bullet hybrid straightening brush reviews testify to its many other strengths, so for many people we would recommend. If you have short and/or fine hair it will do the trick, and if you’re on a budget, or you’re just looking for something for the odd occasion, it’s a perfect option for you.
silver bullet ionic straightening brush

Silver Bullet Ionic Ceramic Straightening Brush