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Dafni Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush Review

dafni hair straightening brush

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The Dafni ceramic straightening brush is our Editor’s Pick for a reason. Well, more precisely, for many reasons. It’s the original, and many would have you believe, still the best. This was the first, and one of the best ceramic hair straightening brushes which lit the fuse of the current boom.

To many, the very idea of a ceramic brush that straightens hair was revolutionary, and for those of us who struggle with flat irons, a potential godsend. Dafni’s ceramic brush offered low damage straightening in a fraction of the time it takes to apply hot irons. That’s why this product sold out all over the country on launch, and is still flying off the shelves today.

So, the Dafni Ceramic straightening brush was at the very tip of the wave, but has it managed to keep up as more and more ceramic hair straighteners have hit the market? We’ve put it to the test on a variety of different hair types, and got deep into the Dafni hair straightener brush review sites, to find out.


  • Unique 3D Technology
  • Maintains Optimum Temperature
  • 50 Second Heat Up
  • Protects Scalp


  • Not As Stylish As Ghd

How it works

review dafni straightening ceramic brush

Stores sold out of Dafni Hair straightener brushes australia wide as the public voted with their feet, but how did the Dafni do it? The blueprint on which all other ionic hair brush designs would be based, the Dafni utilised a lot of science, with a combination of 3D ceramic heated plates and an ion generator used to produce results no one thought possible.

Of course by now, that seems like chopped liver, with the concept having been reproduced by many of their competitors. But has any other ceramic hair brush on the market has markedly improved on the original Dafni Straightener? With 3D printed ceramic, and a whole host of other unique features, the Dafni still has a hell of a lot to offer. So we put it to the test, to find out how the classic Dafni Hair straightener brush reviews against the current crop.

Dafni Original Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush - Editor's Pick

dafni hair straightening brush review

First off, the Dafni looks the part. Simple, sleek design, perhaps not quite as stylish as some others, but very solid, and you feel the build quality when you hold it. The company claim that by simply brushing, you can straighten hair 10 times faster than with flat irons. And it’s true: they were such a sensation because they were so much faster. And today, in use, the Dafni is still one the fastest ceramic hair brush straighteners, completing the job on short hair in as little as two minutes.

One feature the Dafni doesn’t share with some newer versions is the ability to change temperatures, with the design set to maintain a temperature of 185°C. The theory is that this prevents damage to finer hair, and in this sense we think a sensible safeguard. Some variable temperature brushes can be dangerous for those of us with easily damaged hair.

However, there is a small sacrifice to be made, as the brush doesn’t always cope as well with very curly hair, which might require slightly more heat. The only Dafni Review we read with anything bad to say was from a buyer with curly hair: and even she was impressed with how well it de-frizzed.

Many Dafni Ceramic straightening brush reviews testify to how comfortable and easy to use it is, and how the bristles work through the hair effortlessly. On fine to medium hair the difference is apparent immediately as you work from section to section, with hair left silky and smooth. The original Dafni Hair brush still produces some of the best results.

Short Hair

girl using dafni ceramic brush
Excels at straightening short hair, with times as low as two minutes if your hair is very short and/or fine possible. Initially billed as the best hot air brush for short hair, and a worthy challenger to the flat irons, Dafni Hair straightening brush reviews have for years now extolled the powers of this wonder brush. Still one of the best for almost instant straightening.

Fine Hair

As above, definitely rival the best hot air brushes for fine hair. The stable low temperature also means those with easily damaged hair are much less likely to harm their hair using this, which is after all, supposed to be the point.

Thick Hair

dafni hair straightening ceramic brush product
Of the panel variety, perhaps the best hair brush for thick hair. Not quite as fast as some others, it still deals with thick locks admirably and rivals the ghd as the best round brush for thick hair.

Frizzy Hair

Not even the best heated brush for it, those of us whose hair can get a bit erratic know this makes the ‘best hairbrush for frizzy hair’ list.

Curly Hair

The only minus point is that the Dafnis are not as good as other straighteners on very curly hair. They will still defrizz and calm the waves, but they don’t make really good straighteners for curly hair, if you want a totally straight look.


Editor's Verdict

4.7 – Ionic Hair Brush At An Affordable Price

From the moment it hit the shelves, the straightening world was instantly changed. And the Dafni remains one of the best of its kind on the market. Often imitated, few other manufacturers have managed to capture the x factor that made the original such a hit in the first place.

So the message is, believe the hype: thousands of glowing Dafni Straightening brush reviews are a testament to the enduring appeal of the original, and some say best, ionic hair brush.


Dafni Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush