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Babyliss Pro Graphite Titanium Straightener Review

babyliss pro raphite titanium straightener

Product Overview





The Babyliss Pro Graphite Titanium Straightener is one of the most versatile hair straighteners on the market. It’s durable, reliable, and affordable, as well as reduces hair damage and protects your hair with ion multiplier technology. It’s one of the best choices on the market today if you’re looking for a Babyliss flat iron to curl or straighten your hair. With dual function, digital temperature control, and plenty of other useful features, you’ll be able to enjoy this tool for a long time.
  • Dual function- straightens and curls 
  • Adjustable 140°C-232°C temperature setting enables styling of all types of hair
  • Digital Display with 10 Settings For All hair types
  • 37mm Graphite and Titanium Plates
  • Ionic generator for ultra-smooth, shiny and silky hair
  • Hi-Density Dual Ceramic Heating System- 20% faster heat up
  • Warp resistant stainless steel housing for perfect plate alignment
  • Dual voltage
  • 2-year warranty 

Babyliss Pro Graphite Titanium Straightener Review

There are several titanium straighteners on the market today, but the Babyliss Pro Graphite Titanium Straightener is the first straightener to combine graphite and titanium plates. The upper graphite plate allows a reduction in friction, letting the plate glide through your hair while straightening. The lower titanium plate, on the other hand, combines with the graphite plate to produce fast heating, even heat transfer and a salon-quality hairstyle.

The Babyliss Pro Graphite Titanium Straightener is specially designed for dual function. You can straighten and curl with ease using the perfectly aligned graphite and titanium plates. The universal voltage ensures you can take it anywhere and still have fabbulous hair.

Are you looking for a flat iron hair straightener review of the Babyliss Pro Graphite Titanium Straightener? Keep reading to see how this ion hair straightener prevents hair damage and smoothens hair.


  • Titanium and graphite plates
  • Ion Boost Technology
  • Temperature Control
  • Ceramic Heating System
  • Reduces Damage, Hair Is Healthier
  • Dual Voltage, Perfect for travel
  • 2-Year Warranty


  • No Auto-Off Function

2-in-1 Function - Straightens and Curls

The Babyliss Pro Graphite Titanium Straightener is a hair straightener and curler. This hair straightener and curler 2 in 1 allows you to create any look you want with ease. With perfect plate alignment, you don’t have to squeeze the straightener tightly to get the perfect results.

Smooth, titanium and graphite plates that are perfectly aligned make it easy for hair to pass across the plates without missing sections of hair, leading to a perfectly straight style that shines. While you may want to make two passes through your hair for that extra touch, you really only need to make one when the graphite plate creates a smooth glide.

The Babyliss Pro Graphite Titanium Straightener is the best hair straightener and curler in one because there are very few titanium plated flat irons on the market that come with the same temperature controls, seamless design, and ease of use.

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Adjustable 140°C-232°C Temperature Is Ideal For All Hair Types

With an adjustable temperature, every hair type will benefit from this digital flat iron. The Babyliss Pro Graphite Titanium Straightener is a flat iron that allows you to set the perfect temperature for your hair in order to lessen hair damage from heat.

Using excess heat on your hair can be very dangerous and lead to unnecessary damage. Fine, thin, or damaged hair will benefit from lower temperatures, while coarse and unruly hair will need the highest setting. Other hair types will fall somewhere in the middle.

With the Babyliss Pro Graphite Titanium Straightener, you won’t have to worry about using the wrong setting. The digital temperature control with 10 settings allows you to choose the exact temperature settings that work for your hair. It also heats quickly thanks to those handy titanium plates!

Titanium And Graphite Plates

The  titanium and graphite plates make the Babyliss Pro Graphite Titanium Straightener unique in the sea of hair straighteners available on the market. Whether your hair is curly, frizzy, thin or fine, the graphite plate allows a smooth, easy glide while styling. The titanium plates heat up quickly as well as retain heat for an even temperature throughout.

With a choice of 25mm or 37mm plates available, you’re assured of a plate size for your hair type. Wide 37mm plates are ideal for tackling large sections of hair at once or for taming coarse, curly, or unruly hair. The Babyliss Pro Graphite Titanium Straightener gives you a pain-free experience with the option of plates that are wide enough to handle any hair type.

Ion Multiplier Technology Reduces Static, Smooths and Adds Shine

The signature ion multiplier technology concentrates the production of millions of ions that help to reduce frizz for smooth, shiny results, no matter whether you’re straightening or curling.

Using heat on your hair can zap moisture, making it even more frizzy than when you started. With this advanced technology, you’ll always have the most beautiful results, because it helps to retain moisture rather than remove it.

Dual Ceramic Heating System Heats Up Fast

The ceramic heating system provides excellent heat transfer, so you experience fast and beautiful styling. It also heats up faster than most other flat irons, so you can get right to work styling your hair more quickly.

Improved technology and materials enable the Babyliss Pro Graphite Titanium Straightener to maintain a more constant temperature. While titanium doesn’t distribute heat as evenly as ceramic, this flat iron has excellent heat distribution and no hot or cold spots.

The Babyliss Pro Graphite Titanium Straightener also heats up to 232 degrees for exceptionally unruly hair and speedy styling.

Dual Voltage

While some other flat irons are great for traveling, the Babyliss Pro Graphite Titanium Straightener is no slouch. It has dual voltage, so you never need to ensure it has the proper voltage requirements for your country – pack up and head on a plane!

The 360-degree swivel cord makes it super easy to curl your hair because you can spin the iron around without the cord getting in the way. You can also move the cord to set the iron down or store it away.

Titanium vs. Ceramic Hair Irons

When choosing between titanium and ceramic, it’s important to consider several things, among which are heat evenness, heat transfer, effectiveness, durability, and ease of use.

Titanium straighteners heat up quickly and transfer heat faster. That means you won’t have to wait long for your iron to get hot. It also means you can straighten your hair quicker because the heat transfer from iron to hair happens almost immediately upon contact.

Titanium is extremely lightweight, so with a titanium flat iron, you get fantastic results without wearing yourself out. If you have particularly curly or unruly hair and normally spend a lot of time with your arms above your head while you style your hair, this straightener eliminates that issue.

One thing you have to worry about when using titanium is the risk of burning. Because titanium gets hotter than ceramic, you run the risk of burning your hair or skin if you’re not careful.

Titanium can also produce cold spots where no heat is present, causing you to miss sections of hair and have to glide over the section again. This is not a common problem, but it’s something to consider when buying titanium. However, with the Babyliss Pro Graphite Titanium Straightener, you won’t have to worry about this because it features ion multiplier technology.

Is Titanium Better Than Ceramic Flat Iron?

Titanium is also much more fragile than ceramic, so titanium straighteners tend not to be the best choice for beginners or clumsy people who tend to drop their straighteners. The great thing about the Babyliss Pro Graphite Titanium Straightener is that it has both titanium and graphite plates and a sturdy housing, protecting you against this disadvantage.

Ceramic flat irons focus on gentle, even heat. They don’t heat up as quickly as titanium, but they distribute heat more evenly across the plates without producing cold spots. The temperature of ceramic is also much easier to control.

Ceramic is highly durable, so they’re better for beginners or people who tend to be hard on their hair styling products. Because it doesn’t get as hot as titanium, you run less of a risk of damaging your hair.

The downside of ceramic is that it doesn’t transfer heat to your hair as quickly, so you have to work a bit harder at it to get the results you want. It’s also heavier, so if you have hair that’s hard to style, you may be at it for longer than you want to be.

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Who is This Flat Iron Best For?

The Babyliss Pro Graphite Titanium Straightener is ideal for those with thick, curly hair. Its titanium plates ensure fast heating times and an effortless curling experience. Travellers will also find this lightweight curling iron convenient to take on trips anywhere in the world.

Editor's Verdict
4.25 – Ideal For Thick, Curly or Damaged Hair

The Babyliss Pro Graphite Titanium Straightener is for everyone. The adjustable temperature settings, design, and added features make it ideal for all hair types, but its wide titanium plates are especially perfect for those with thick, unruly hair. Ion multiplier technology also protects your hair from damage. No matter how you like to style your hair, you can use this flat iron to do it.

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Babyliss Graphite Titanium Straightener

Babyliss Pro Graphite Titanium Straightener