glowing skin

How’s your skin looking and feeling today?

Has it thrown a tanty not unlike that of a two-year-old being refused a box of Tic-Tacs at the supermarket checkout? Yes, I thought so.

The seasons, they have changed and our skin is still playing catch up with the onslaught of cold, windy weather.

Where a couple of months ago you may still have been basking in a glow that screamed summer; your skin may now have flicked on the lacklustre switch.

The good news is: you can flick that switchback. And you don’t have to wait until spring to do so.


Here are my 5 steps to keeping your skin glowing all winter:

1.    Exfoliate

Skin cells are supposed to turn over by themselves every 28 days or so. This may have worked nicely and organically for you in your 20s. It doesn’t now. Dead skin cells = Dull skin. Give them heave-ho with a gentle exfoliating scrub at least bi-weekly.

Recommended product: Dr. LeWinn’s Facial Polishing Gel Gentle Exfoliant $39.95

The problem with some exfoliants is that they can be too harsh on sensitive skin. In winter, sensitive skin problems are usually exacerbated. This is a gentle solution that uses jojoba wax beads to “melt” away flaky skin. Keep it on hand in the shower.

woman holding serum

2.   Use a serum

As we age, our skin doesn’t retain its hydration levels as much as we’d like. Hello wrinkle that wasn’t there yesterday, thanks for showing up to greet me in the mirror today! In winter this is something to particularly watch out for as environmental factors – cold wind outside and warm dry air inside – are not kind.

Recommended product: Twenty8 Ester Plus (+) Face Serum $87

I’ve been using this serum for almost three weeks and my skin is very happy indeed. It’s 100% natural and chemical-free and the jojoba works and acts the same as your skin’s natural sebum, protecting your skin from the elements.

3.   Check your foundation

If your current foundation is not nourishing your skin or you’re big on mineral powders during summer (like I am), then it’s time to consider a switch. At least for a few months. You want your foundation to be hydrating as well as glowing, so look for a liquid foundation that includes light-reflecting properties.

Recommended product: Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals $86

This feels like silk going on and stays that way all day. It contains all the light-reflecting particles that I look for in a foundation, thanks to its mineral content. Apply with a foundation brush for even coverage and add a little mineral powder if you wish.

beautiful woman wearing bright lipstick

4.   Add a highlighter

I only cottoned on to this highlighting or illuminating biz a couple of years ago. Now, I almost need a highlighter intervention. A highlighter is glowing in a bottle or a stick and is always part of my makeup routine. I pop on a swipe of it at the top of cheekbones (under my eye) and blend with my fingertips.

Recommended product: Benefit Watt’s Up $53

I love the champagne tones of this and the stick applicator and sponge make it super easy to apply on the go – take with you during the day and touch up just as you would your lippy. It goes on like a cream but dries to a powder.

5.   Wear a bright lippie

For too many years I’d just pop on a slick of clear gloss as I walked out the door. Now, I’m a firm believer in Lippy Power. I could have done all of steps 1-4 above but nothing has as much impact as a bright colour on the lips. Play around with pinks, oranges, reds and find shade and tone that brings your skin and eyes to life. People will notice!

Recommended product: Maybelline NY Color Sensational Lip Color in Pink Peony, Coral Crush, Red Revival $16.95

Finding your go-to colours from a supermarket brand is a good thing – you can always keep one in your bathroom and one in your handbag without breaking the bank. I like the colour pigment intensity of these plus they are hydrating. If you want even more moisture, add a clear lip gloss on top.

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