Homemaker shows. You know the ones.

Where shiny, happy people show you how to make paper pom poms for children’s birthday parties as a stuffed Barossa chook finishes itself off in a fancy oven in the background.

I think that they are dangerous and I recently very nearly fell prey to their evilness.

It was last Friday Night and the combination of a rapidly diminishing bottle of wine in the fridge; me assdown on the coach suffering from mild intoxication; complete exhaustion and a lost remote control left me with no choice but to watch a homemaking show.

Those shows tend to love a makeover, like turning this….

 width=                                            Current state of the Woog Laundry…


Into this!

 width=Current state of some very anal person’s laundry.

Yes. THOSE shows.

Shiny Home Shows are developed in collaboration with plumbing, paint and hardware businesses and are designed to get you all pumped up on a Friday Night and get you out the door on Saturday to go to said retail outlets and spend money so you can make your own shabby chic spice rack.

Or inspire you to colour code your wardrobe…


…and even your bookshelf.


I sat and watched this show and for the first few minutes I scoffed, laughing at the presenters who got so excited about roasting tomatoes, dipping the end of cuttings into hormone powder before replanting them and being treated to the pros and cons of owning a Maltese terrier. (Note. They are notoriously fussy eaters.)

I rolled my eyes when a smiling presenter demonstrated how to change the cushions and throw rugs around to create ambiance and how the use of scented candles helped to heighten the sense of calm in the newly created “space”.

And then I felt an internal shift. That from one of complete surrender to inspired.

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