The pop of a champagne cork to me is akin to the reaction that Pavlov’s dog had whenever he heard a bell.


Historically synonymous with celebrations and festivities, Champagne can now be found replacing your rieslings and chardonnays as an everyday tipple that requires no excuse to indulge. With the price of champagne dropping as the quality continues to rise, champers is experiencing a boom in popularity.

Move over Sauvignon Blanc! There is a fancy French sister in town!


The secret is out. It is no longer seen as a ladies’ drink as more and more Australian men can be seen holding a flute in anticipation of that bubbly kick. There is also an interest brewing in matching champagne with food. Serving Foie Gras? Reach for the Demi Sec. Pondering prawns? Well, a nice cold Vintage Rosé will do the trick! And everyone who is anyone JUST KNOWS that pork and champagne go together like a dream.

But are all champagnes the same? I see words such as NV, Rosé, Doux and Vintage bandied about with gay abandon on labels, and wonder, what does it all mean?

Vintage refers to the year that the grapes were harvested. Some champagne is better to drink while they are “young” while others need a few years napping at the back of your kitchen cupboard before putting it on ice. Well-practiced palates may be able to tell whether the sun was shining a lot while the grapes were growing, or even if it was a particularly wet season.

When you see a bottle of champagne without a date on it, it is referred to as non-vintage. (NV) Champagne houses are clever like this for when a year does not yield a particularly good batch of grapes, they are able to mix it back with previous harvests which results in a more superior drop. It is a more dependable and affordable option than vintage champagnes. The taste will not vary from bottle to bottle.

 width=Find yourself with a glass of blushing pink bubbly? You would be holding what is known as a Rosé.

This pretty pink hue comes from the processing, which is known as maceration. To me the word maceration reminds me of a dance step, or something to do with chewing ones food, but it could not be further from the truth!

Maceration is when the grape juice is left in contact with the grape skins, and it takes on the delicious pink blush. This is your top pick when it comes to soft cheese consumption.

And for those who enjoy things a little sweeter, you are best off choosing champagne with the word Doux on the label. It contains more than 5% sugar while it’s dryer cousin, Brut, has less than 1.5%.

To me, champagne is a bit like sex or pizza. It is always good, but sometimes it is better than usual. Champagne drinking, to me, is a ritual. I like to pop the bottle in the freezer for 20 minutes before I plan to open it. Get that baby chilled to the max! A good friend is also necessary, as well as a nice place to sit, relax, chat and sip while the party starts on your tasebuds.

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