Ever been stuck for something to say? You know, when your brain turns to complete mush and the people you are with start to fear you are having a stroke?

It happens to me quite frequently, and as my plate gets fuller and I am becoming more and more incapable of engaging in complex conversations, I have had to come up with some “cheat sheet” type lines, so I can smoothly glide over those potentially awkward pauses in conversations, or in my dealings with difficult people.


As I get older, my tolerance has decreased for social intercourse with complete half-wits.

But life is made up with a kaleidoscope of folk whose opinions are different to yours, or whose idea of a great conversation is your idea of hell. Perhaps you have stumbled across a group of intellectually superior beings, or maybe, you just cannot take another slinging match with an objectionable family member?

Remember these four lines and use them as you see fit. I have given you some scenarios that may be familiar to you.

“There is really a lot to consider.”

This simple line is so very varied in how it can be applied. A really good option if you are stuck chatting with a dullard. For example if you are talking to a complete bore who is waffling on and on about their choice of ceiling insulation they chose and how it was installed, and then they shake you out of your coma by asking what insulation you would choose, then this is your line.

“I have never really thought about it that way.”

This is a great comeback for someone who you have been arguing with for far too long and you just want to exit the exchange without it turning into a complete shit fight. Particularly helpful when dealing with family members who you cannot afford to have a big-time rift with.

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