Did you know that if you Googled “how to get your kids to do the housework“ you would have over ten million articles claiming all sorts of tips and tricks into getting the dunny brush on high rotation by your perpetually objecting offspring?

That is a lot of reading and information to sort through.

There are countless suggestions from well-meaning folk including reward systems; threats; withholding of favourite items until things get done; time outs and of course, turn the whole lot into a “game”.

Like that perpetually chirpy Mary Poppins would attest to.


In ev’ry job that must be done  width=

There is an element of fun

you find the fun and snap!

The job’s a game


And ev’ry task you undertake

Becomes a piece of cake

A lark!  A spree!

It’s very clear to me…


You want to know what’s clear to me?

That in 1910 in Old London Town, there was an overabundance of mind-altering substances that Mary could not get enough of. That carpet bag? Mary was packing. And not just clothes and hatstands…

But this post is not about Mary Poppins and her drug-fuelled ways. It is about lazy kids doing bugger all around the house and getting away with it.

I can put my hand up here and declare an interest. I am an enabler. I know it. I do too much for my kids. width=

They slid right out of hopeless babyhood, screeched though toddlerdom in no time at all and landed up as little people. Little inept people, when it comes to what Carol Brady would define as…CHORES! 


“I am going to continue to grow out my sideburns until you empty the bin, Greg…”


I throw it all in the too-hard basket, along with mismatched socks, bits of fluff and empty toilet rolls.

To me, it is just not worth the argument and I go about doing the lion’s share of the daily domestic duties as my kids wallow around eating grapes that I have probably peeled for them.

NOT. ANYMORE!                          

You see, there is a lady in Calgary named Jessica Stilwell who has inspired me…

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