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Dear Hooplarian,

We want you to play an active part in our future.

As you know, we at The Hoopla support Australian writers in every way we can.

We take great pride in bringing you the brightest and best writers during a challenging time in Australian journalism.

The Hoopla is 100 per cent independent. We comment without fear or favour.

The quality of our writing is our number one priority and we know you share our appreciation for articles that are feisty, informative, thoughtful, brave and well-written.

We can confidently say that we lead opinion and start conversation.

It is an article of faith at The Hoopla to pay our writers for their work when some others don’t.

We respect writers’ intellectual property. We strive to pay fees that can support freelancers in a time when opportunities for paid work are diminishing.

We’d love to pay them more… and pay more of them!

However, every article we publish; every newsletter we send; our live news feed; “Your Stories”; the puzzles; the constant moderation of comments; paying editorial staff; maintaining The Hoopla office – it all costs money.

Now we are asking our ever-growing community at The Hoopla to support the fine writing on our site through voluntary contributions to our Friends of the Hoopla Fund. It’s not a subscription, just a contribution.

Over the past 18 months your clever, erudite, and thoughtful comments have sparked a lively discussion, led by our second-to-none roster of writers.

You are a crucial part of our success, and we want you to stay involved and engaged in this great online community to which we all belong.

Read an article you love? Want to hear more from the writers you admire? Appreciate The Hoopla’s independence and fierce commitment to quality?

Then we hope you will contribute to Friends of the Hoopla Fund – as much or as little as you would like. All content will still be available to you either way.

We guarantee that every cent will go directly to paying our stellar roster of writers.

Your support of The Hoopla will ensure that our voice remains strong and independent on the issues that affect us most.


Our Commitment to The Hoopla Community:

We will only ever use proceeds from the money you contribute to pay our guest writers.

We will report on this page every quarter (the first will be published in April for quarter ending March 31, 2013 – see below for first report) on how much money the fund has received, how much of it we have spent on contributors.

We have nothing to hide from you, so, deep breath, here goes… We’re getting our gear off and becoming transparent.

We are keen to get between the balance sheets with you.

And we might just be the first publisher in the world to do so!


Supporting The Hoopla is EASY!

You can make a one off payment or by small monthly contributions direct from your account.

Think of how much you would spend on a newspaper or magazine… $3 a week, $12 a month, $144 a year?

Thinking of buying the gift of independent journalism for Christmas? We’re happy to send a card to your loved one on your behalf.

It’s up to you. Pay a one-off or set up a regular direct debit that you control, not us.

Thanks for being part of leading the conversation.

A roll call of current supporters can be found here, at Friends of The Hoopla Front Row.





The Hoopla Team is happy to announce the first quarter income from The Friends of The Hoopla Fund since its launch in December 2012.

Many generous readers have made donations ranging from $3 to $500, some paying regular installments, others making one-off payments. The total received at March 31 was $5,234.

The Hoopla’s publisher Jane Waterhouse said she was delighted that so many readers have opted to take an active part in the future of The Hoopla, which prides itself on fearless, independent journalism and comment.

The income from Friends of the Hoopla supplements the existing advertising revenue based model, and goes into the fund to pay writers. Every dollar from the Fund has been used to pay journalists and contributors.




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