Recently, the bonds of friendship were well and truly tested when one young fella wrote off his mate’s car.

Now this story isn’t new. We have all heard of such tales before. So what makes this example so interesting?

According to, “RMIT engineering student Brendon An, 23, gave his silver Gallardo LP 550 to Will Shao, 20, while they were in Sydney for the weekend.

“Mr Shao and a cab collided on Parramatta Rd, Camperdown, yesterday morning. The cars crashed into a wall and a pole.”


 width=Image by Gordon Mccomiskie via Daily Telegraph.

Those in the know will realise the significance of such an act, but for folks like me who don’t know their cars, you would not give it a second thought. Apart from being thankful that no one was killed.

Turns out, a “Gallardo LP 550″ is a very flash piece of machinery. In fact, it is a Lamborghini worth half a million dollars.

The the stakes were upped a bit, and the idea of forgiveness was taken to another level.

Again, this is interesting. But what fascinated me even more was the fact that Brendan An is a university student, one whose parents have very deep pockets when it comes to spoiling their son. You see, the car was a gift from them.

Now I don’t mind saying, WHAT SORT OF PARENTS BUYS THEIR SON A HALF A MILLION DOLLAR CAR? I am sure they are loaded and lovely and everything else, but WHAT SORT OF PARENTS BUYS THEIR SON A HALF MILLION DOLLAR CAR?

Immediately my mind is drawn back to my time at university. I was one of a lucky few who carried a set of keys to class, along with my portable typewriter.

The car in question was a hand me down from my parents. It was a pale green 1982 Nissan Skyline. I thought I was so fancy because the air conditioner worked. Although the tape player did die with a my treasured Salt N Pepa cassette in it.

I was 18 at the time so I proceeded to trash that car slowly.

I specialised in touch parking. This is where you use other cars bumper bars and rear ends as my guide to smoothly glide into a parking spot. The aerial was ripped off it at one point, so I drove around town with a wire hanger fashioned into a map of Australia as its substitute.

But perhaps the most notable feature, which caused me to be pulled over dozens of times by the fuzz, was a bumper bar sticker that read TAKE ME DRUNK I’M HOME AGAIN.

Yep. Pure class all the way.

 width=Over the course of…. well, my course, that little green car went from looking quite decent when I got it, to taking pride of place at the student carpark. A car park that resembled the aftermath of a very active and successful demolition derby. It was a smorgasbord of bashed up vehicles, each car slightly crummier than the last.

The way that university students cars should be.

Brendan’s fancy car cost more than they average Sydney house. But turns out that Brendan and I have something in common! Our parents both gave us our cars as a gift. And we both trashed them in one way or another, with his car ending up on the front page of the paper having been wrapped around a pole and mine sold for scrap while I was backpacking overseas.

One thing I know for sure. I will not be buying or giving my kids a car when they are older.

I can still hear my parents frustrations ringing in my ears nearly 20 years later. Of course I didn’t value something that I didn’t earn! DER MUM.

I will be watching with interest to see whether Mr and Mrs An decide to buy Brendan a lear jet to replace his Lamborghini.


Tell me about your first car. What was it?

Did you buy it or was it given to you?




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