It’s Hollywood’s night of nights, and throughout the day we’ll be bringing you updates on the winners at this year’s 85th Annual Academy Awards.

To get you started, here’s a little red carpet glamour as the stars arrive at the Dolby Theatre.


jess chastainJessica Chastain
nicole kidmanNicole Kidman
george clooneyGeorge Clooney and Stacey Keibler
amanda seyfriedAmanda Seyfried
jennifer anistonJennifer Aniston
anne hathawayAnne Hathaway
charlize theronCharlize Theron
naomi wattsNaomi Watts
jennifer hudsonJennifer Hudson
catherine zeta jonesCatherine Zeta Jones
dustin and lisa hoffmanDustin Hoffman with wife Lisa
olivia munnOlivia Munn
jennifer lawrenceJennifer Lawrence
helena bonham carterHelena Bonham Carter
sally fieldSally Field
channing tatumChanning Tatum & Jenna Dewan
reese witherspoonReese Witherspoon
jackiweaverJacki Weaver
kelly rowlandKelly Rowland
Amy-AdamsAmy Adams

And the winners are:

Best Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz, Django Unchained

Best short film (animated): Paperman

Best animation: Brave. Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman

Best cinematography: Claudio Miranda, Life of Pi

Best visual effects: Bill Westenhofer, Guillaume Rocheron, Erik-Jan De Boer: Life of Pi

Best costume design: Jacqueline Durran, Anna Karenina

Best make up and hair: Lisa Westcott, Les Miserables

Best short: Curfew

Best documentary short: Inocente

Best documentary: Searching for Sugar Man

Best foreign film: Amour – Austria

Best sound mixing: Andy Nelson, Mark Paterson and Simon Hayes, Les Miserable

Best sound editing: Zero Dark Thirty and Skyfall

Best supporting actress: Anne Hathaway, Les Miserables

Best editing: William Goldenberg, Argo

Best production design: Rick Carter, Jim Erickson, Lincoln

Best original score: Mychael Danna, Life of Pi

Best original song: “Skyfall” from Skyfall

Best adapted screenplay: Chris Terrio, Argo

Best original screenplay: Quentin Tarantino, Django Unchained

Best director: Ang Lee, Life of Pi

Best actress: Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook

Best actor: Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln

Best picture: Argo

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  • Reply February 25, 2013


    boring, who cares what these strangers do/win/wear!

    • Reply February 25, 2013

      Wendy Green

      It’s all about the frock!!!

  • Reply February 25, 2013

    Miss Lucille

    Jacki Weaver scrubs up alright, don’t she? Magnificent!

  • Reply February 25, 2013

    Miss Lucille

    … and who kidnapped the lovely Catherine Zeta-Jones and replaced her with that zombie?

  • Reply February 25, 2013

    jenny collins

    Helena Bonham Carter always looks hot – like a very funky “train wreck” – always surprising – always great!!!! LUV her style – always so “out there” – keep it up!

  • Reply February 25, 2013

    jenny collins

    Emily Blunt – bet she too will look amazing!! As she always does.

  • Reply February 25, 2013


    Lots of properly huge GOWNS, love it!

    There are few places to wear gowns anymore, I love seeing how magnificent they all look.

    Charlize Theron is such a goddess, she’s ways immaculate.

  • Reply February 25, 2013

    Michael Auty

    how does hoopla honestly expect any cred from readers when the “night of nights” glam fest that is the oscars becomes part of the creedo, where the women are ‘expected’ to wear the latest revelation [literally] in frocks and the men all dress like butlers; where is the equality we are supposed to be banging on about; i will read you again when a man wears a frock with some or all of his bits on display and one of these chicken livered women libbers comers to the night of nights in a suit and tie, or even just wears pants [see its no longer illegal in france now]; long and slinky clingy is the rage, then?

    • Reply February 25, 2013

      helen b

      With you Michael Auty…would like a few challengers to the status quo. However, the Oscars are about the money making business (bottom line) and that’s all about popularity and the masses projecting their dreams onto celebrities. The celebrities are slaves to the fashion industry and the popularity stakes as much as (probably more so) anyone else.

      Who teaches what beauty is? And what do accept as beautiful? What about some playful, fun outfits? Don’t we all need a laugh?

  • Reply February 25, 2013


    And while this all happens, the president of Brazil has given her approval for an enormous hydroelectric dam that is going to wipe out all tribes living on the shores of the river, flooding 100,000 acres of forest and causing over 40,000 tribesmen to find somewhere else to live. Why are we even discussing these women and these stupid dresses?

  • Reply February 25, 2013


    Oh, don’t take it so seriously! It is a ritual. Frothy and superfluous and beautiful to take our minds, briefly, off the expectations, work, children, ageing, sexism, racism, death and destruction that is everywhere. Just enjoy it, for goodness sake.
    Because I am a dress maker, I come at all this from quite a different angle and see the workman(woman)ship of the dresses and inspirations and innovations that go into them.
    Each to their own. And it so much fun to dress up a bit differently.

    • Reply February 25, 2013


      I agree, Rose….its fun to look at gowns…I actually think Helana Bonham Carter’s looks amazing, creative and expressive of her out-there style…and Ann Hathaway, Olivia Munn…all gorgeous…

      Hmm, JAckie Weaver, I believe could do with a new stylist….she looks great , but her dreess….awful….

  • Reply February 25, 2013


    Well they all look great – with the possible expcetion of HelenaBC. As they should in frocks which cost around $100k. And they are mostly very short women with timny frames who are very very thin.

  • Reply February 25, 2013


    Well I may incur the wrath of many but honestly Nicole Kidman? Lousy actor and not so good dresser either

  • Reply February 25, 2013


    Like Bjork, Helena Bonham Carter always manages to say so much about the whole process by what she wears. I love it!

  • Reply February 25, 2013

    Maureen P.

    Yay Jackie Weaver, Lisa Hoffman and Helena Bonham-Carter!

  • Reply February 25, 2013


    There was a beautiful blue velvet gown worn by Robin Roberts. I haven’t seen it in our local coverage, probably because she’s not known here, but the gown was stunning.

  • Reply February 25, 2013

    Narelle Matheson

    Come on girls and boys – it’s an American award night – not important. The girls photographed all look a sight better than anything I could rustle up! No criticisms from me. Do we get some kind of vicarious pleasure from making nasty comments about gorgeous women in expensive dresses? It’s a fun spectacle! The blokes all scrub up quite nicely, too!

  • Reply February 25, 2013

    Alice Shaw

    Naomi Watts, Jackie Weaver and Olivia Munn get my vote for best dressed with Jennifer Lawrence coming in a very close second

  • Reply February 25, 2013

    Tone May

    Oh for God`s sake! should we stop living because it`s cruel things happen in this world,someone must always whine about somethings. They look absolutely stunning! There is even Norwegians there…..^^……xx

  • Reply February 26, 2013


    Michael Auty, did you see Debra-Lee Furness, aka Hugh Jackman’s wife? She did the hot tuxedo thing, and looked as dynamic as ever.

  • Reply February 26, 2013


    Naomi and Jennifer Chastain get my vote. Naomi looked fabulous. JC looked the bomb. I thought our beautiful Jackie overdid the styling a bit but probably not her fault. Helena went as herself and good on her.

    I wonder where this dress thing will all end! I guess it teaches us one thing. Even the expert couturiers and fashion stylists get it wrong. What hope has our PM and anyone else in the public eye? Not to mention the rest of us.

  • Reply February 27, 2013


    The 2 Jennifers and Sally Field are by far the best dressed.

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