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We love a random comparison as much as the next power tools website, but this one has really got us stumped.

Can someone please explain the Daily Telegraph’s front page today? We read it, and we read it, and we read it again, and we still don’t get it. What is the connection between people applying for the disability support pension and the nation’s war wounded?

Oh hang on a minute – the answer is there in the headline, SLACKERS AND SLOUCH HATS. The people who apply for the disability pension – “almost 20,000 people have joined the disability welfare line in the last three years” in NSW – must be the Slackers, while the Slouch Hats must be all those slouchy-hatted Australian soldiers who were wounded in all the wars we have ever fought.

There is a helpful photograph to help you understand that NSW Disability Support Pensioners now outnumber Australia’s total war wounded by more than 44,000:

daily tele

In another helpful comparison in their editorial, under the headline, The Nation Can’t Carry This Unfair Burden, The Daily Telegraph writes that every week around 2500 people apply for the disability support pension.

“This is a truly staggering number. It means that within fewer than 20 weeks there would be enough new applicants to fill the Sydney Cricket Ground to capacity.”

Twitter had a bit of fun:

Please join us in the comment thread below, and show us the many ways in which disability pension recipients and brave soldiers are alike. Or not.

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