Federal PUP senator for Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie, has announced today that she has two requirements for a man: that they be wealthy and well-endowed. Oh, and they don’t need to speak much.

In an interview on the Hobart breakfast radio show ‘Kim & Dave For Breakfast’, Lambie said her requirements for a romantic partner were: “They must have heaps of cash and they’ve got to have a package between their legs, let’s be honest.

“And I don’t need them to speak, they don’t even need to speak.”

She later asked a 22-year-old man called Jamie who rang up for a potential date if he had “plenty of cash”, whether he was “well-hung” and if he had “any diseases”. She also said: “I can just see my 24-year-old son. He’d be cringing by now.”

Do her comments bring the parliament into disrepute? Do they reveal a double standard of sexism lurking in our society?

Maybe. The tabloids are already suggesting as much. And perhaps rightly so.

But I’ve got four more questions:

1. When was the last time you heard a male member of parliament being asked whether he waxed his back, crack and/or sack?

Actual question to Jacqui Lambie from Kim (only after Dave suggested Kim ask this question, which she protested, saying ‘Don’t stitch me up – you’re the one that asked Jacqui [this question]): “Hairy legs, bikini line, underarms – what do you do, Jacqui and who do you do it for? Yourself, other women or men?”

 2. When was the last time you heard a male politician being asked whether he was single?

Dave: “In chats this morning, we found out something about you – you haven’t had a relationship for eight years?”
Lambie: “No, about 11, I think.”
Dave: “Eleven? 11 years, why’s that?”

 3. When was the last time you heard a male senator asked if he would like a radio show to find love for him?

Dave: “Would you like Kim and Dave to find love for you, like the Bachelorette? We find love for Jacqui.”

 4. When was the last time you heard a male senator asked whether he wanted to be a sugar daddy?

Dave: “Would you like to be a cougar, Jacqui?

When heard in full, the interview gives me the impression that Kim and Dave took Lambie for a fool and set her up to say outrageous things.

There is no doubt a federal senator asking a 22-year-old on air whether he is “well-hung” and then laughing that her 24-year-old her son says he’s “hung like a donkey” too is more than cringeworthy. There’s also no doubt that if a male politician said the equivalent of a woman (“She must have big tits and be prepared to iron my shirts”) we’d all be rightly outraged. I’m not condoning her comments, but I do think those comments should be taken in the context with which they were said: in an essentially sexist, patronising and demeaning radio interview.

But you probably won’t read that in the tabloids.

Listen to the interview here, and then let us know what you think is more shocking: the questions or Lambie’s answers?


Gabrielle Jackson was interviewed on ABC Radio Gold Coast about the questions Jacqui Lambie was asked. You can listen to the interview here.

gabrielle-jackson*Gabrielle Jackson is a staff writer for The Hoopla. Her work has appeared in the Village Voice, CNN, the Sydney Morning Herald and New Matilda. She has lived in Sydney, New York, London and Barcelona. Apart from reading and writing, her passions include politics, travel, cooking and eating. She also has a penchant for kebabs, but that’s another story. You can follow her on Twitter: @gabriellecj.

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  • Reply July 22, 2014


    I have to question her judgement. Set-up or not she should know to be circumspect. Where’s her common sense. She’s all grown-up and hasn’t been living in a nunnery. Why do politicians let these clowns interview them? Why didn’t she throw the questions back at them?

    Time women woke up. We need to show men we’re serious.

    • Reply July 22, 2014

      Gabrielle Jackson

      When are radio hosts going to grow up? It seems to be a competition to see who can be the dumbest. But yes, Lambie, should also know better. Nobody comes out looking good.

  • Reply July 22, 2014


    I reckon Clive encouraged her to do something outrageous to get PUP back into the news cycle!

    • Reply July 22, 2014

      Gabrielle Jackson

      I wouldn’t be surprised!

  • Reply July 22, 2014


    Julia Gillard was asked some shockingly inappropriate questions on radio about her partner’s sexual orientation. I can’t recall exactly what her response was but it was dignified and she didn’t engage. There’s two ways to handle these sorts of despicable ‘gotcha’ situations, and today we saw the other way.

    • Reply July 24, 2014


      Hopefully she’s learning. But there’s something refreshing about her naivity and I wouldn’t like to see her managed and scripted by spin doctors the way members of this present government are.

  • Reply July 23, 2014

    Iain Macpherson

    Access to a Senate seat does not give one class or dignity.

    Crass stuff but not a hanging offence. [No pun intended.]

    Let people decide (at the ballot box) in 5.5 years whether she has done her main job.

    But, has anyone noticed just how prurient and mind-shrinking much of Australian radio and TV has brome? Use your remotes, people.

  • Reply July 23, 2014


    What’s the setup? She was asked what she looks for in a man. She is quite simply a fool.

    • Reply July 23, 2014


      The set-up is obvious. A journalist asked an impertinent question and Jacqui gave a frivolous answer and now she is being ridiculed by the media and no doubt the sniggering public. If she had turned her back and walked away she would have been condemned by the media just as Clive Palmer was when he walked away from Sarah Ferguson’s questions. I do not suggest that Sarah asked an impertinent question I am pointing out that an incompetent journalist who asked Jacqui a stupid question feels justified in broadcasting the stupid answer.that it deserved.
      She gave a sexist answer to a sexist question.

      • Reply July 23, 2014


        Sorry, no set up. Simple question, easily played, unless your are this puerile imbecile. But if you apply that standard, every question ever put to her will be called a set up.

    • Reply July 23, 2014


      I think good on her – she was only being honest and I think a lot of single mums would be saying YES! As for everyone saying that her comments were sexist and objectified men, I say SPARE ME – when men have endured the millions of incidents of everyday sexism we encounter every day, maybe then I’ll listen

  • Reply July 23, 2014


    While it is good that Lambie isn’t micro-managed by media advisers and seems to have a sense of humour, the problem with her comments is that they are sexist. A lot of men who are hostile to feminism claim that underneath all the good sentiments, all women really want men for is their money. Lambie seemed to be calling herself a gold-digger. While she’s not responsible for the prejudice of others, comments like hers reinforce common and damaging gender stereotypes.

    Good on her for being confident to talk about her body hair and the fact that she obviously enjoys sex. That in itself is an interesting change. But sad she had to denigrate men in the process.

    I wish commercial radio didn’t exist, or if has to that it exists in a limited form. It is so stupid and crass. People shouldn’t be asked those kind of questions.

  • Reply July 23, 2014


    Instead of continuously investigating our ABC and trying to get rid of it, investigate these mostly mostly male morons who are given unlimited airtime to ply their odious trade!

  • Reply July 23, 2014


    No set up here. Lack of judgment yes. Undignified, yes. She should know better. She mistook the microphone for a dating service. Good grief.

    • Reply July 23, 2014


      The set up was an impertinent question that was intended to humiliate her no matter what she said. Shame on the interviewer.

  • Reply July 23, 2014


    Why is saying she prefers a man with a large penis denigrating men? Why is that sexist? It’s her personal preference. Some women like men with a small penis, nothing wrong with that either. Again it is their personal preference.

    The same with stating she wants a man with a good income. I think most people, regardless of gender would prefer a partner with a good income. There is not a thing wrong with that.

    What she has said is not offensive, maybe inappropriate given her position as a Senator, but it is not offensive when compared to the then opposition leader who wants to be PM pimping his daughters throughout the election and making comments like “I’m the guy with the not bad looking daughters” on national television.

    (Now to plant tongues firmly in cheeks ) considering the uproar from men over this, I can’t help but wonder if maybe Jacquie Lambie has just confirmed men’s greatest fears – that despite what we women tell them, size really does matter.

  • Reply July 23, 2014


    Utterly cringe-worthy but jokes and censure aside, I think Jackie Lambie is a really good sport. She revealed – albeit very inappropriately – she is quick-witted and honest.

    Whether it was a deliberate set-up or just catering to the public’s ever-increasing need for salacious gossip at some poor individual’s attempt, the questions were disgraceful. Reminiscent of Kyle and Jackie O’s abysmal milking of the inexperienced and gullible.

  • Reply July 23, 2014


    The PUP generally, is being lampooned for being ‘difficult.’ Expect more of this from the moronic commercial stations (prompted by the LNP Rent-a-crowd) – and sadly, sometimes, also from our Aunty.

  • Reply July 23, 2014


    Ah Jacqui. Jacqui ……. I know a lot of folk won’t like this but I AM SO GLAD you are in the Senate! Finally, someone who will give Abetz a run for his money and not take any cr**p from anyone. About time someone in the Senate told it as it is. AND I am sorry, but I did have a chuckle over this folks!

    • Reply July 23, 2014


      Wow she just keeps getting more stupid. She is now saying that because the image of Tasmania doesn’t appear on the commonwealth games swimming costume, Tasmanians will lose jobs in Tourism. And the PM himself will need to issue an apology and cash compensation.

      Actually, she’s probably been set up…….

  • Reply July 23, 2014


    If her public, candid comments affect her capacity as a senator when giving due consideration to legislation before her, then she should be criticized for that incapacity. Yes, her remarks on Kim and Dave were off colour, perhaps sexist, however she is new to the game of politics, and the double standards with which we (the public/media) hold them to.

    It reflects her naivety, and given the position she placed, some blame should be directed toward the DJ’s, who, we must remember, are not journalists, but entertainers. She will, I hope, learn the decorum necessary to perform as a senator whilst in the public/media sphere.

    As a male I accept that there are standards of behaviour to which I must adhere, and for me they are inherent. However, I must admit that I find it a little disturbing that I appear to be held to a double standard.

    So, everyone, let’s chill a little and encourage her to grow into her, very important. position. When an Australian trips we usually offer them a hand up, not a kick in the guts while they’re down…

  • Reply July 23, 2014


    Lighten up, it was funny. Good on her for being herself and not being a cardboard cut out of a politician who only says what her advisers tell her to say. We are so used to politicians obfuscating that there is a whole lot of flurry when one turns out to be a real person. If only Gillard had said what she really thought then she may still be PM.

  • Reply July 24, 2014


    Having read through these posts, I gotta say it’s a great relief to see that the rules have suddenly shifted and that objectification is back in vogue … Cos I’ve been busting to mention Julie Bishop’s perky tits ! Ha ha ha … what’s wrong ? No one else is laughing ?

  • Reply July 24, 2014

    Mr. J.W. van Egmond

    Good on you woman, men should know since you were born more advanced than they where they are aksepted. A pity you are to young for me and I am no longer in a position to brag on that part off my equipment. It must have been working at one time since I have 5 great-grand-children at present, with the 6th one on its way. As far as financial rich, the man you choose will be lucky enough to marry an overpaid politician.
    Since no politician should earn more that the average wage! Think about it would we have received a budget that stinks if they all were.
    I am free my wife passed away 4 years ago after 49 very happy years together strange enough when I talk to her now, I can still hear her answers.

  • Reply July 25, 2014


    Childish and puerilet radio yet Ms Lambie was happy to answer. My cringe factor was that once again a female presenter didn’t stop the ridiculous sexist questions – ask something interesting! Looking forward to the Minister for Women being interviewed – wink… P.

  • Reply July 28, 2014


    Women’s quiescence in the face of disrespect has become fossilised which is probably why she hit the default button when answering the question. We are just so used to it. But when all is said and done this disrespect is socially destructive and has to be countered. As Trish has pointed out, Julia Gillard demonstrated how.

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