“I started writing for children because someone asked me to. I thought it was a different skill set, even though it’s really not. I asked the editor to send me a bunch of children’s books that the publishing house had published. And they were all terrible. Every single one of them. Which inspired me.”
- Daniel Handler AKA Lemony Snicket.


Ho! Ho! Ho! Looking for gifts for bookish loved ones? The Hoopla Literary Society brings you season’s joy and gift ideas. This week we look at children’s books.


Picture Books

Playbook Farm (Preschoolers)

Playbook Farm takes pop up books ...

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  • Reply December 7, 2012


    What a great selection! If only I wasn’t so damn organised and didn’t already have my presents sorted I’d rush out and buy some. I love Aaron Blabey and his wacky names. That poetry book is going on my list anyway.

  • Reply December 9, 2012


    My little boy is 3.5 and his favourite books are heads ( and not a box ( both are beautiful books to touch, read and share. This year he is getting Tell me about your day, a book I fell in love with and hope he does too
    He also liked ten little finger and ten little toes and where is the green sheep.

    I got my niece and nephews a big blue hard cover book with gold embossing a few years ago- had the name ….Australian kids/ Aussie kids something from the abc shop. It had funny and serious stories and poems including a Star Trek version of the grand old duke of York. Wish I could remember its name and find a copy for my son.

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