Your weekly Hoopla Horoscopes, brought to you by prophet, astrologer and natural-born storyteller, Rob Brezsny.

Week beginning November 8, 2012

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): This is not prime time for you to rake in rewards, collect hard-earned goodies, and celebrate successes you’ve been building towards for a long time. It’s fine if you end up doing those things, but I suspect that what you’re best suited for right now is getting things started. You’ll attract help from unexpected sources if you lay the groundwork for projects you want to work on throughout 2013. You’ll be in alignment with cosmic rhythms, too. Your motto ...

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1 Comment

  • Reply November 13, 2012

    Meagan Patroni

    Hi Hoopla!

    I really want to share some news with you – and invite you to share it too… so that together we can DESTROY THE JOINT!

    By now you have heard of the fall of Alan Jones…because of his abysmal comments regarding the PM* and because he thinks women are “destroying the joint.” *regardless of your personal politics, a person’s sex should never be the reason to doubt their capability.

    Newsflash Alan. Women and MEN do not tolerate sexism.

    So… here we are…destroying the joint…with burlesque!

    This event is proudly produced by Aloha Creative Productions and Australian Burlesque Calendar as a fundraiser for ZONTA – an international organisation for the advancement of women in society.

    Aloha Creative is a company directed by journalist, (event, radio & audio) producer and performer Meagan Patroni. She has been destroying the joint since her birth in 1982 – with her loud mouthed antics – determination and neglect for shutting up!

    Australian Burlesque Calendar (audience of over 100,000) is run by Dusk Devi Gold –photographer, journalist, burlesque promoter and Jedi. She has been destroying the joint since the dawn of time, with her words, actions and images and pities the fools who think being strong is a wrong.

    Unfortunately, sexism exists and it’s here, based on fear and we won’t get used to it. Ever.
    Women don’t want to be treated like men, we want to be treated like women with the same social, economic, political and human rights as any other sex that inhabits this universe.

    …and some of us feminists like having our physical doors opened for us because as Meagan Patroni says; “it’s just etiquette. I open all my own doors of opportunity.”

    Vive la difference between the sexes but ditch the inequality. We want sex without the ‘ism’!

    Aloha Creative and Australian Burlesque Calendar invite you to join us and, in doing so, stand up and show that HUMAN BEINGS do not tolerate sexism!

    JOIN US sisters and brothers, lovers and warriors! Help us build a better world by helping us DESTROY THE JOINT!

    Tickets available via MOSHTIX:

    Performers and producers are available for media!

    Contact: Meagan Patroni (Event Producer)
    M: + 61 417 915 937

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