A controversial screening of the movie Fifty Shades of Grey to raise money for the anti-domestic violence group, the White Ribbon Campaign, has been cancelled after it sparked online outrage.

The fundraiser – set up by event organiser Everbrite – caused outrage because of the way it linked the serious issue of domestic violence and a story many say glamourises an abusive relationship. In an article on our sister publication Birdee, writer Lily Edelstein described the fundraiser as “a clumsy and insensitive attempt to ‘start a conversation’”.

On Facebook, Australian comedian and feminist Kirsty Mac described the planned event as “like playing a Tarantino film at a fundraiser for victims of shootings.” The White Ribbon Campaign initially supported the fundraising attempt, but quickly distanced itself from the event after questions were raised, and a WRC spokesperson said the campaign withdrew their endorsement of the event.

Read Edelstein’s Birdee piece on the local furore over the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, based on the 2011 bestseller by E. L. James; she says the story does not represent a healthy relationship or consensual sexual practices.

And for a lighter look at the upcoming movie, watch this hilarious homage to the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer – in Lego.

What do you think about the relationship depicted in Fifty Shades of Grey?

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