If I was ever to meet the person who shelled out $60,000 for a bottle of the world’s most expensive water, I would like to think I would take great pleasure in throwing it in their face.

 width=Or maybe use it for brushing my teeth. Or perhaps do the washing up in it?

That is correct. A bottle of Acqua di Cristallo Tributo Modigliani (left) will set you back $60,000.

Not for a massive lake of it, but for a 1.25mL bottle.

This water is a mix sourced from Fiji and France, with a dash of Icelandic Glacier chucked in for good measure.

Do you ever stop and think “I wonder who came up with that idea?”. I do all the time.

Who came up with chicken salt? Why do they call them Pizza Shapes when, although delicious, they taste nothing like a pizza? And what is Equal Sweetener actually made of?

My constant ponderings keep my mind active and means that I do not have to do Sudoku like my mum. And when I saw a fridge at my local shops that had a big sign on it, my mind went into overdrive!


I had to read it twice. It took a while to connect to be honest, and then the penny dropped. Water was not just something one drinks to stave off dehydration. It is now a fashion statement. And me? I think it is a crock of shite.

I recall when bottled water started appearing in shops years ago. Who would buy water when it was free from the tap? It seems that many of us would, with half a billion dollars spent in Australia alone on the stuff.

I am one of those who on occasion drink bottled water. I cannot tell a lie. But when I think about it, I have to ask myself why? Do you know why you buy water?

At last check there were well over 3600 different brands of bottled water available and Australian catering suppliers Source Direct has upped the ante when it comes to flogging fancy water.

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