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This week on The Hoopla Highwire we asked you tell us: “What I Eat When No-one’s Watching.”

All we can say is, YIKES! (Actually, we feel a bit sick).YIPES!

Then…Recipe. Applause!

We had an overwhelming response that would surely give any nutritionist or gym hard-body a conniption. (Heh. Heh.)

On top of that, it was quite possibly the stupidest idea we’ve ever had because we now have all these new suggestions for naughty snacks.

So, because we like to share, here are some of the more stellar “what I eat when no one is watching” ideas:

Roni Jean:  A Milo sandwich!  (Hoopla: Oh, yeah, baby!)

Sally: Oh wow! I’m a popcorn freak…crazy town…  I make caramelised pecan popcorn when I really need something sweet. It’s illegal.  (Hoopla: Yes it is, Sally. We checked.)

 Susila: I used to love choccy almonds and chips (crisps). In the mouth at the same time.  (Hoopla: DO NOT kiss this woman!)

Lisa: Aherne Freddo Frogs!  (Hoopla: Simple but effective.)

Kaeri: Smiths Crisps on white bread with butter !  (Hoopla: Yes…we’ve all done this one…er… haven’t we?)

Helen:  Tear the top off a meat pie and eat first, scoop out all the filling with potato chips like a dip, then cruch up all the left over chips and pour into the pie shell, pick up shell and eat.   (Hoopla: No mention of Tommy sauce. Odd?)

kim@allconsuming: I’m contemplating whether to mention the whole soft spot for Sara Lee strawberry cheesecake, frozen, straight from the freezer.(Hoopla: We hear you#Impatient.)

Bexsta: Peanut Butter on tv snacks. ( Hoopla : Mmmm, mmm.)

Kati: Peanut butter, honey, banana and tasty cheese on white bread. (Hoopla: Kudos for Monique N’s answer: Isn’t that what killed Elvis??)

 KellieMaraee My favourite – white bread roll butter and cheese twisties. (Hoopla: Gold! Chicken Twisties just cannot be used in this recipe. We asked Heston. He said: “Nooo way.”)

 And  thanks to the lovely ladies who went to the trouble of sharing recipes:

Amere: If I want to get a chocolate fix without scarfing down a whole family block to myself, I make chocolate porridge. Add a heaped teaspoon of cocoa and if you want nutty, a good spoonful of peanut paste. The hardest bit is controlling how much sugar/honey you add. Other than that, it is a fairly healthy indulgence, and great for warm winter comfort food. (Hoopla: This is marketable! No, seriously…it is!)

lorettatolnaybolton: HEART ATTACK ON A PLATE – Grill fatty bacon, remove from tray to rest on plate (but not paper towel, don’t want to lose any of the precious lard!)
Put 2 thick cut pieces of white bread in fry pan with the bacon lard and FRY till golden.
Spread “toast” generously with sour cream and arrange bacon tower on top. Drizzle with any remaining dregs of lard not absorbed by the bread. Add salt to taste!!! ( Hoopla: Do they sell lard at 7/11?)

Vanessa:  5 minute chocolate cake in a mug. Add ingredients to large coffee mug and zap in microwave for three mins. Tis a dangerous recipe. (4 tbs plain flour, 4 tbs sugar, 2 tbs cocoa powder, 3 tbs milk, 3 tbs oil, an egg, choc chips and a dash of vanilla.) (Hoopla: This is almost Masterchef. Too hard.)

 There you have it, bilious loads of extra ideas on what to eat while no-one is watching.

You’re welcome…

You now have until Sunday night to add to this RECIPE BOOK OF HORRORS.

Don’t let us down… BURP!!


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  • Reply March 8, 2012


    Oh my Lord! I don’t have a secret indulgence at all-do I lack imagination? I do love the 5 minute choclate cake in a mug- that is a keeper!

  • Reply March 9, 2012


    I love this so much. Even though you reccomended not kissing me due to the chips and choccies in the mouth at once. I can assure you – I brush 😉
    Besides that, I thought I invented chocolate porridge! I dont add the honey or peanut butter though, but sometimes some chopped dates to add sweetness. Lord it just goes on doesnt it? Now Amere is giving me ideas!! Us Hooplarians will never get off this wicked snack roundabout….

  • Reply March 9, 2012


    Peanut butter mixed with vegemite on Sao’s. YUM!!!

  • Reply March 9, 2012

    Valerie Parv

    A friend just posted the ultimate chocolate cake recipe on Facebook, a Tim Tam Cake complete with a whole packet of Tim Tams hidden inside. Talk about guilty pleasures!

  • Reply March 9, 2012

    Jo Johnstone

    ever eaten eton mess? the ultimate dessert

  • Reply March 13, 2012


    two slices of white bread filled with hot chips.

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